Ye Rishte janamo ke ( Promo )

Hi guys this is piya singing in I am new to tu guys and this my first ff so I need ur support guys pls comment positive and negative both comments accepted so pls pls support me guys and thanks for my mad house frnds who encouraged me lot for writing this ff and supported me a lot so now I will stop my bak bak and lets move into promo

Scene 1
On Road ( @ mid night)
Two mens are seen in car with tensed face one man is driving and another is sitting beside him
Person one : car ke breaks fail hogaya hey
Person two ; aba kya kare hum ?
Person One : I don’t know I am trying hard to control the car
They car is heading towards a jungle and bhoom car hits to big tree both persons head are bleeding badly 2 persons also get down by car and walks towards the jungle
Person 1 : I think before also I came here
Person 2 : I am also thinking the same
Both starts heading towards the jungle some scenes are flashing before their eyes as their eyes closed they were able to visualize that they stop at a place they sees themselves in royal attire and entering a temple with family and doing pooja when they looked at the goddess idol both holds they head as it starts hurting them and both faint there and scene freezes on them.

Scene 2 ( @ someone home)
Three girls are shown sleeping and shivering badly because of some nightmare
Girl 1 : seen running from here and there pleading for some help
Girl 2 : also seen running and pleading for help
Girl 3 : also seen running
A unknown lady tum loga chaiye kitha bhag na chate ho bhag lo lekin mujese backar nayi ja sak thi ho mein tum logo ko mar kar he rahuge mein apne badla pura kar kari rahuga mein kise ko nayi chodugiya and disappears
All girls wake up from they sleep due fear and shouts scene freezes on they tensed face!!

Scence 3 ( @another place)
A old lady seen talking to a photo agar ho raaz bahar agaye tho kya hoga agar ho waha se nikal gaye tho hum mei se kise ko nayi chodege 50 years se mein iss raaz ko chupa rahavo 50 sal se vo vahpe bandi hey agar vo wah se nikal gaye tho nayi hesa nayi hosa katha hey
A voice is heard to dadi ye budiya kab tak muje hese bandi banake rako ge muje kabhi na kabnhi tho mei lota ke ahuge mein tum sabko barbad karne and laughs and voice stops
Old lady with determined face tum vah se kabhi nayi nikal sakthe ho and scene freezes on her feared face.

So who are that 2 mend y they told they have mentioned that previously too they have visited this place ?
Who was the lady seen in they dreams and y are they scared this much??
Wht is the secret of 50 years back
Why old lady is scared and of who she is talking of and of which place she is talking of
And who that voice y she is captured
Are all this related to all ???????
So any guess guys
So done with writing so let me known guys how is it and pls pls comment

Singing Off

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  1. Nithu

    Its…nice…dear…it looks like a haunted..ff….i love…haunted stories….all the best

  2. superb start…..pls write in English……I am not good in Hindi….so I can’t understand it….

  3. Shivika

    Really vry different….interesting…post nxt one soon….

  4. SamSun

    at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaay!!!!!!!???????????????
    I am sooooooooooooooo happy and excited for this ff?????????????????????????????

    acha, coming to the promo➡ dhamakader promo, anika ke language me khidki tod!!!!! two men, three women, old lady, another women…………….matlab full on suspense and thrill and excitement and fun and on and on goes the list.

    I love the title toooooooooooooooo much ‘ye rishte janmo ke’!! kya title hai wah wah!!!

    par abhi promo padke ek hi gaana dimaag me baj raha hai. likh du?? apse bhi kya hii puchna, likhi deti hu ??

    Golmaal hai bhai
    Sab golmaal hai
    Golmaal hai bhai
    Sab golmaal hai
    Are golmaal hai bhai
    Sab golmaal hai
    Har sidhe raste ki
    Ek tedhi chaal hai
    Sidhe raste ki ek
    Tedhi chaal hai
    Golmaal hai bhai
    Sab golmaal hai
    Golmaal golmaal
    Golmaal hai sab golmaal hai
    kannada me kahu to episode bega post maad bidri pls??

  5. Excellent start… Waiting for the next episode…

  6. Hello piya , I am glad that u finally pen down ur thoughts for us ha woh Baat alag hai ki iss ke liye tumne bhahut tension li and see what’s the result ? its cool u should continue with it n I am happy ki finally u got someone whose ready to post on your behalf main Bach gayi ….well welcome to tu as well as writers group dear piya…?

  7. Its superbb……Eagerly waiting for the nxt part……… Update soon….?

  8. Sat_9492

    Superb……. Waiting for Update new episode…..

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy goddddddd!!!!!!!! Promo is just awesome,fabulous,fantastic,mindblowing,kidkitodh,dhamakedar and many more actually I am not finding more words to explain it. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz post asap. Oh and can you plz give a character sketch.

  10. Shivika22kapoor

    Okay hi ? piya di you may know me if Puvi di told you which she would have definitely done by now. So this is the first ff I am reading during my exams and it seems too be really interesting and good. The suspense with which you have started is really driving me too read it. You have wonderful skills of writing and it’s really great that you have started to write and I will love to read it ahead and want to see you unravelling the suspense. So best of luck and go ahead dear ? ?

  11. Hi piya….I love suspense…you are a very gud writer….rock on dear?

  12. Samm

    hey piya, it was a great promo. waiting for the unveiling of secrets… 🙂

  13. Nita D

    It’s awesome….
    Plz post next episode soon…..

  14. Mrunal

    heyy super promo…
    looks too interesting…

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