ye kaisa pyar hai? (Epi-7)


Hai am ci back with ma ff.Thanks 4 comments.This ff am writing in train.

The episode starts with everyone seeing suhani.Barbie get shocked seeing suhani.Dadi also get stunned.yuvraj says suhani and runs to her.He comes across suhani and happily hugs her with emotions.His eyes was filled with tears.Everyone expect barbie comes there.Bhavana also comes there calling suhani.All are happy seeing suhani.suddenly suhani break the hug and push yuvraj angrily.suhani ask how dare to touch me.who are you and who is this suhani?saurabh holds yuvraj.she is about to tell something while she saw pratima.she says aap!aap tho wahi hoona kal.Tho ye aapka kamal hai.mein ne aap se kaha tha ki nahi am not suhaniam soni.Do you understand?she is about to go pratima holds her and says. no i know you re suhani and you are angry at me.But what will be your prblm.I will solve it.I am your mam.yuvraj also comes and says haan suhani jo bhi baat hein hum use mujhe ignore math karo.I miss u alot.plz.suhani leaves and says are you all gone many time i. say i am not you people are not believing.I don’t know who is suhani?what relation you people have with her.Bt one thing am saying am not suhani.Bhavana comes and says apni di ko bhi nahi pehchanoongi.kya maaf nahi karoonga mujhe .suhani says ” kaun sa di?”aap mera koi bhi nahi hein mera.suhani is about to leave.Yuvraj stops her while barbie comes beside suhani.yuvraj says agar thum suhani nahi ho tho maro mujhe.maro.kyuki itni public ke aage mein ne thumein hug kiya.mein thumara koi nahi hoona tho maro mujhe.Suhani says “nahi kyunku mein kyu maru.mein kisiko nahi maroongi.kyunki mein.yuvraj says kyuki thum meri suhani hein and come close to her.suhani goes back and is about to go.yuvraj come across her.Barbie holds yuvrajs hand and yuvraj leaves it.actually yuvi doesn’t see she holding it.His concentration was full on suhani.yuvi says”then hit me and go.suhani says thum aise nahi manoongi.hein na?suhani slaps barbie and says ab khush mein ne. kaha na.mein suhani nahi hein.mein ne thumein nahi mara kyuki thum hein markar koi fayada nahi.thum phir aavoongi.kahathe hai insaan tab samaj jatha hai jab uske dil kareeb ka kisiko ko takleef mein dektha i think this is good.k and says hope you will not come after me.Pratima is about to stop suhani.but yuvraj stops her .suhani says aap logo ki vach se aaj mein mata rani ko nhi na mil paya.she leaves in her car.All birlas look at her.she doesnot turn back.yuvraj stays there silently looking at suhani .saurabh takes yuvraj with him.someone was seeing them.
In car. suhani’s phone rings.she. says coming.
All birlas come home with a broken yuvraj.Saurabh says i can’t believe this.suhani zinda hai.aur wo aise….pratima nods no saurabh.
yuvraj leaves sadly to his room.Barbie comes after her.Bt yuvi shut door on her face.she feels angry and insult.yuvraj remnisces their past moments and todays incident.He break into tears.he says how can suhani slap barbie.she can’t.meri suhani aisa nahi karoonga.wo kisiko nuksan nahi acha sakthi.He again breaks into tears.

Other pkace suhanis car stops near temple at a land area.there were no people near.A woman was seeing looking to the temple.suhani comes there.she calls dadi.The lady tirns.she is the same one who save suhani.The lady hugs suhani and says this was our first got suceed.heina soni no suhani.The screen freeze on suhani smiled and yuvis sad face.

precap:suhani and the lady confront their plan.

Credit to: ci

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  1. Awesome yaar, but plz don’t drag it.. I love it plz update regularly.. And you ff pic is good bt i liked the earlier one more…

  2. ya.I will try.

  3. Sry, i meant the earlier earlier one?

  4. Nicely written dear..i wish show me bhi kuch aisa hi hota..but show me to kuch bhi interesting nhi hua tha..but i like ur ff vry much..keep posting

  5. wow excellent carry on

  6. Superb……….. I like suhanis change

  7. Awesome fantastic marvelous I loved it pls write next episode iam waiting

  8. Nice ruby luved it….

    1. I am sorry ci…i like ur ff… more time i am sorryy…….

  9. jenny u r mistaken its Ci who written this not me

  10. jenny u r mistaken its Ci who written this not me hahaha

  11. Dude… Where is ur next epi.. …..

    1. sorry now at delhi.and coming late i sleep.Bt i will write epi fastly.Don’t. forget to read plz.i can’t enjoy my plz try to understand.

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