ye kaisa pyar hai? (Epi-6)


Hello am back with. ma ff.I am really happy for your comnents.It feels that you are writing whats in your mind openly.Thank you for that.sorry for the ylate.I wass busy in my study.But i will keep writing.

precap:suhani thinks to go back to birlas and take her revenge.

The episode start with. pratima come to temple and prays for suhani(eyes closed).suhani comes their and also prays beside her.she goes.pratima opens her eyes and feels suhanis presence.she goes behind a girl who is wearing same dress as suhani.she gets down stairs.A man. hit jer.she is about to fall.But some girl holds her.Its none other than suhani.pratima closed her eyes at the time she sees the girl. scolding man andan says sorry to her.she only see suhanis back but have a confusion .The man goes.suhani tooks pratimas belonging from floor and give it to suhani.pratima is shocked to see suhani.she calls suhani.suhani surprisely look at her.she asks take this and give it in pratimas hand while pratima was completely lost.suhani goes down.pratima comes behind her and holds her hand and face and hugs her calling suhani.suhani breaks the hug and says. who suhani?I am. soni not suhani snd who are you.pratima goes behind her agin.But suhani again says the same.pratima says no u r my suhani.suhani scolds her and get into her car and goes.pratima run after her calling sihani.pratima falls on the floor.

At Bh
pratima open her says suhani.All are around her including barbie.she says suhani.where is suhani.l saw her.Everyone is shocked to hear suhanis name from pratima.she get restless and calls suhani.yuvraj and all start to console her.But she didn’t.yuvraj shouts “ma”.pratima open her eyes and they hug each ither.Both cry.she says “I saw suhani”.yuvraj. consoles her and sit beside her andcares her.Sll go out of room.

All birla are discussing about pratima.yuvraj comes there and sees everyone discussing.saurabh asks “how is maa”yuvi says she is ok now.Anuj says “but maa ko achanak ye kya hua?vo suhani bhabhi ke bare mein bol rahi hum vio bhi aise.Vo itna pareshan tho kabhi bhi na tha.phir achanak kya hua?kya vo sach mein suhani bhabhi koBarbie interrupts and says suhani is dead.Then how is this possible.yuvraj look at her angrilly.Saurabh says par maa tho kaha.Barbie says”sehe is disturbed.kisiko dekh kar suhani yaad aayi hogi.vaise bhi unki halath kuch dino se teek nahi thi.sharad interrupts”kya jahana chahathi ho thum.maasi pareshan hai.par insano ko achi tarah pehchan lethi hai.samji thum.yuvraj gies from there.

In dadis room

dadi says to barbie if pratima is saying true.Then what happend?But agar ye sach hai tho ek bahuth bada tension chala haayega.Mein use marna nahi chahathi.Barbie get angry hearing this and interrupts.she says”This is not true.Mammyji ko galat femi hui.wo kaisa jee saktha hai.Dadi ask what dou mean?Barbie says nothing i have some work.she goes.Dadi get thinking.

In morning
pratima open her eyes calling suhani.she get restless andcremembers seeinf suhani.yuvraj and all come there.yuvraj ask what happened maa?Pratima holds yuvrajs hand and get down from bed.He take yuvraj along with her.Everyone ask what happened?Pratima doesn’t reply.yuvraj also ask same.He bring yuvraj to car and ask him to take her to temple.yuvraj ask ya sure but now you have to rest.This is not right time.Pratima says “this is correct time.iss ke bad aur iss ke pehle koi sahi samay nahi”yuvraj asks maa what r u saying?pratima says”haan yuvraj kahathe hai sab kismath ka kel.kismath athe hi sab teek hoga.bus intezar karna.har kahani mein aisa hai.But iss kahani ka kismat mein likhoonga.bahuth pehle der ho chuki.Iss ke pehle aur ho gao mujhe sachayi samne laani hogi.mijge parha hai aap log muhje believe nahi karoonga.Us liye apni sachayi hum samne lakar rehoonga.chalo mere saath.yuvraj goes with pratima.Everyone follows themThey reach temple.pratima comes to search of suhani.she points towards a girl and tells that its suhani.At that time everyone come there including barbie.yuvraj goes to the the girl.Barbie gets tensed.The girl turns.Everyone get shocked including yuvraj.The girl was not suhani.yuvraj says sorry to girls and come back to pratima.Dadi scolds pratima.But pratima tells i am telling true.I saw her.yuvraj. was about to say something.He is shocked to see something.Everyone including pratima looks back and get shocked.pratina smiles.They all see suhani holding thaal and wearing a gud designer churidar coming towards them.The screen fraze on stunning suhani and birla face.

Precap:yuvraj runs to suhani and hugs her.But she not respond.Everyone comes to them.

Credit to: ci

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