ye kaisa pyar hai? (Epi-4)

Hi guys its important episode don’t miss to read it.

The episode starts with suhani coming to BH. She stops seeing yuvraj coming out of the house. She get glad seeing him.she went to their flashback scene.yuvi is waiting for someone looking at phone.suhani is about to run to yuvraj.she stops seeing something.Barbie comes out with a thaal in her hand and she slips.yuvraj holds her and ask her are you k?suhani is confused seeing this.Every people come out from BH and ask barbie the same question.Everybody feels happy nothing happened to her.Barbie says “nothing can happen to me because yuvi is u right?”.yuvi says “thumhari jaan mere liye important ho.thum meri aakiri umid ho barbie.nothing can happen to you.I will save you from all problems.yuvi in mind” yes barbie kyu ki ye mere last sign hai suhani ka.Dadi says i am very happy barbie you are doing big favpur on us today.I am very thankful to you.If you are not here yuvraj will forget to live happily.Thank you.Bhavana also thank her and ask her to be careful.suhani gets confused and become sad hearing this.

Dadi continues”Go you both are already late.These are necessary for your coming life”.yuvi nods yes and take hands of barbie and carefully sit her in front seat of car.suhani is shocked to see this.she broke.yuvi and barbie go in car.All go inside expect. Sharad and bhavana.Bhavana says its good we get them married.Na tho kya hua hoga.suhani is broke to hear this.sharad also nods yes.They go inside the house.suhanis heart break into pieces hearing this.she cries vigorously.she run to road.The words of dadi,bhavana,yuvi are rolling around her ears.A car is hit her.The same old lady comes out and looks.she is shocked to see suhani.she says”oh god this is the same girl.what happened to her.she ask driver to take her To car.just then yuvis car passed them.
In car yuvi feels suhani.He stops the car and get down.At that time the ladys car go far.He misses her again.Barbie comes out and ask what happened?yuvi says nothing.come.They go.
At another house

suhani is getting attended by the doctor.Doctor says she is ok.may be she got scared and she had high BP.may be she had tension.she will be k.The lady thanks doctor.
At other place

yuvis car stop at temple.Barbie and yuvi get down.Barbie and yuvi go to temple.Barbie is about to step yuvraj says tp her”you know why am doing doing thos for my baby and suhani.Because pandit. told me that this pooja is done by pregnant lady along with their husband.But suhani is not you have to do this.Dont take this as serious.Dont expect any other thing from me.I want to clarify it.Lets come.Barbie gets angry and follows him.pandit ask yuvi to do pooja.Both barbie and yuvi doing pooja.yuvi is annoyed.He thinks suhani in her mind and says only for you suhani.otherside suhani is shaken.The lady get alert.yuvi says come back to me suhani.I am waiting for u.where are you.suhani opens her eyes.The lady smiles seeing her.The screen frrzes on suhani and barbie-yuvi doing pooja face.

precap : The lady asking suhani what are you saying.?why do you want to go there.suhani sees some determined face and says for my right and for my love.yuvi looking at suhani photo and says. come back suhani i am waiting for your love.

Credit to: ci

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