ye kaisa pyar hai? (Epi-3)


Hai guys am ci back with ma story.I was little busy in ma study.

The episide starts with Ramesh cleaning guest room and placing barbie and yuvraj things.Barbie come to him asking him to leave the room.she throws her phone and sit pn the bed.yuvraj come to her and says”don’t feel bad for maas saying.u know she likes suhani more than me.I know you feel bad.But you have to understand that i cant give you suhanis place. And i dont want to share suhanis belongings including memories with anyone.I think you understand.Barbie act sweet to him and says of course yuvraj.I dont feel bad about maa saying.yuvraj thanks her and ask jer to rest.yuvi goes.Barbie looks turns angry.

At dadis room
Dadi walks here and there and thinks”i have to do anything bring barbie and yuvraj close na tho barbie will not leaves.she stops and determines something and go out of her room.

At hospital
Suhani got consious.A old lady come to her and she asks who are you?whats ur name?where is your home?suhani says”yuvraj”
At same time yuvi in his house sitting in their room calls suhani.The old lady ask rest i will come after filling your discharge papers snd i eil leave you to your family.suhani is happy hearing that.

yuvraj feels bad for not finding suhani.At the same time dadi calls everyone to all.she says suhani aur uske bachhe ke liye humne ek pooja rqkhi hai.uvraj feels happy.Dadi say barbi and yuvi will sit in puja.yuvraj says bt dadi barbie…dadi says barbie ke ped mein bacha hein na isliye.Barbie smiles.pratima comes and says no narbie cant.suhani will be back.dadi says suhani will not come today pratima.Pratima i will also npt come if barbie sit along with yuvraj.pratima goes.Barbies happy face turns to evil.Dadi get tensed.yuvi consoles her.

At hospital
old lady come to suhani and says ur papers are can go to your family now.tell me where is your family?and how you come in forest.suhani says whole story to her.she says dont worry u r safe with me.i wll drop you to your home.The nurse comes and give suhanis dress.suhani slowly get down from bed.The lady helps her.she goes to change.The lady wait for her.she comes back.Lady asks so you are ready to meet your family specially your husband.suhani smiles.Lady says come.suhani in mind mein aa raha hum yuvraj.yuvi at other side looking at suhani says i really miss you suhani.The screen freezes on suhanis smily and yuvis sad face.

Precap: suhani looks at BH and get emotional.she open the gate and comes inside BH.she sees yuvraj coming out.she start to run.But she stops seeing something.

Credit to: ci

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