ye kaisa pyar hai? (Epi-2)


Hi am ci back with na second epusode

The episode start with suhani get consious in hodpital.she murmours yuvraj.At the same time yuvi in pratima’s room come to reality and call suhani.His eye get teary.He is hearing suhani and get restless.Nurse see sihani get consious.she go to call doctor.

At Bh

Dadi come to yuvraj.She put her hand on yuvraj.He hugs dadi.and ask why this is happening with me?why suhani left me?Mom is hating me dadi.He ask am i right ya ma is saying true?is i really ditch suhani?Dadi says” no my son you are do this for suhani and baby.u r not wrong. Pratima will understand once she accept suhani’s know this suhani is also liking this.she is proud of you.I hope so dadi.yuvraj now you have to go and take rest.Now barbie and baby are your responsibility.yvraj nods yes.Dadi continues go to room.pratima is ok now.she want go beta.yuvraj go outside.Dadi sit beside pratima and thinks.If yuvraj will go like this it will be big problem.Hope barbie handle him well.

At hospital

Doctors check suhani.she is concious and lying confysedly looking at doctor.Doctor asks sujani”how you feeling?”suhani ask” where is yuvraj. I want to see him and where are me?How i come here?Doctor ask”you are here from last two were unconsious.”At that time an old woman come to the room.Doctor continues she brought you here(pointing finger towards the lady).suhani look at her.she asks doctor”how is this girl?doc answer she is okey.After kutch time you can take her home.she thank him.Doctor goes.The lady ask suhani who are you?what ur name?suhani thank the lady and says i am suhani(in a low tune).she coughs.The lady gives her water and says Baki ab bad mein.But suhani says no i want to go my home.she try to get up from bed.but sh can’t.The lady ask her not to worry i will leabe you home.But after some don’t worry.suhani nods.

At Bh

Barbie come in front of yuvraj’s room and stand outside the door and thinks .finally i got what i want.Now see what happened to this home.yuvraj will dance on my fingers.just then she is about to go inside the room she is stopped by someone and she scardely turns and get shocked seeing pratima.How dare you barbie?This is suhanis room?how can you come here?Barbie trt to speak but pratima shout at her.All come there to see whats happening.saurabh ask what happened ma?pratima don’t answer anyone.she continues.This is suhani’s room.Barbie can’t stay here.I willn’t allow her to stay in this room.Dadi says”pratima barbi is yuvrajs wife now.she will stay with yuvraj.pratima turns to dadi. And says i don’t want to know anything.Bas barbie yehan nahi rehega means nahi rehega.Dadi says what rubbish are you saying.Then where will she stay?No pratima barbie will stay here.No dadi its no other than yuvraj.Dadi ask”yuvraj”.yuvraj says”yes dadi mein aur barbie will stay in any other come with me.pratima turns her face and goes.Dadi asks yuvaj”why will u agree to pratima.?”yuvraj says”no dadi ots not only moms decision also mine.i want t. Sray away from room.Because its suhanis room.He ask ramesh clean guest room and change my things to there and also barbie.He goes.Rags and menka taunt Barbie.All go.Batbie stays alone and is angry.she murmours don’t know what fortune got this suhani born?After her death all are loving her.I have to make everything fine.Na tho my plan can flop.I don’t give chance to suhani.The screen frazes on suhani,yuvi and barbies face.

Precap:suhani is getting discharge and she is excited to go to her love.she start to walk with the old lady.Dadi saying everyone that we are going to do a pooja for pratima sake.yu-bi will sit in the pooja.

Credit to: ci

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