ye kaisa pyar hai? (Epi-1)


This story is after yu-bi wedding and suhani’s makeover.

The episode start with suhani’s eye opening suddenly.she is restless and hence open eyes like she feel something happened to yuvi.she get panic and doctors start to treat her

pratima says i will never accept this marriage.u all are cheaters for suhani even if suhani forgive you .i won’t forgive u all edpecially you yuvraj(pointing her finger towards him) and. you barbie.
dadi ry to stop her.but she lost her control and shout at her that stop mother in law.Today i will speak only.everyone get shocked.before anyone can tell something.she faint.They all get worried especially yuvraj.they take her to room.

At dadis room

Barbi come to dadi and tells that pratima can throw her out.what will she do now.dadi says” no pratima will not because she know that you are yu wife now.barbie says(turning her face)but am i think…….dadi tutns dadi towards her and says ” No barbie .now its your responsibility to keep yu happy.once he get fine pratima will also. become make hard to keep yu happy.

At pratima room

doctor says”she is in shock and had a minor heart attack so you people has to tak. good care for her.don’t.argue with her.make hr happy.don’tdo anything or say anything that she not like).now leave her alone.she need rest.sharad goes with doctor.yuvi sit sadly beside pratima.He is totally broken.

At saurabhs room

saurabh is restless.He is walking here and there.Rags come to him.she says ” I already told you all this will happen but you people don’t believe me.just think if this is mummyji state then just think if come back what will be her state.she doesn’t forgive you all.saurabh look at her silentlt.He don’t say anything.Rags continues i don’t believe in that barbie.we don’t know what happened to suhan?is she is alive Or not .First find iut that.Then do this marriage.if this is not happen it will be very big mistake.Rags goes.saurabh start thinking.

sharad comes to yuvi and bhavana

He signs to bhavana.she go outside.He just sitting beside his mom (broken) and just looking at her. sharad says “come on guru just come mom will be alright.if you broke like this who will handle pratima?yuvi stays silently.sharad continues if you stays like this then mom will not leve me.yuvi in broken tune” No sharad no i can’t .This is all because of me.if i obey this will not happen.she will never forgive me.I don’t know when will all got fine? who will make it fine.just then suhanis face is seeing in hospital.she lies unconsiously.yuvi asks where are you suhani.just then suhanis eye opening and fingers moving like she coming to consious.The screen freeze on suhani,yuvi’s face.

precap:suhani is taken to ward.yuvi come to his room.Barbie entering his room.she is stopped by someone.she turns and shocked seeing someone.

Credit to: ci

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  1. This is better than the original one..Keep writing ci.Please make Suhani come back soon atleast in this ff

  2. this is much better than the orginal track. keep writing plzz

  3. Thank you for liking my story.

  4. nice imagination story i hope so real me bhi jaldi asa hi ho

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