Ye dooriyaan These distances Gohem RaJi Viren(Karan Tacker) SS Part 8 (Last chapter)

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Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 8

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Rashi and Gopi dress up for the Holi party..
Ahem and Jigar are lost in their beauty.Jigar goes near Rashi .
Slowly he turns his face closer to Rashi’s.He looks at her eyes deeply.

Sathiya yeh tune kya kiya, beliya yeh tune kya kiya
Maine kiya teraa intejar, itna karo naa muje pyar

He colours her passionately.
Looking at him she takes a long breath.
Sathiya yeh tune kya kaha, beliya yeh tune kya kaha
Yu naa kabhee karma intejar, maine kiya hai tumase pyar

He colours her face more and more with passionate love.
Itanee mohababt saha naa sakunga, sach mani jinda rah naa sakunga
Tujhko samloo yeh meraa jimma, mai hu toh kya hai jane tamanna

She closes her eyes melting in his passionate touch.
Abb jina marana meraa janam tere hath hai
Maine kaha naa sanam, abb tu mere sath hai

Jigar cups her face in his hands:I told you yesterday that I was waiting to colour you.I fulfilled my own wish.

She looks at his eyes.
Toh phir samhal, le me chala
Jana kaha, aa dil me aa

RASHI:You fulfilled my wish to be first coloured by you Jigarji.
He smiles.

Sathiya yeh tune kya kiya, beliya yeh tune kya kiya

She rubs her face on his face and his face becomes colourful like hers.They smile.
Maine kiya teraa intejar, itna karo naa muje pyar

They share a romantic eye lock.

itna karo naa muje pyar(Love)

Meera Vidya wished Ahem Gopi:Happy Holi Mumma papa.

Ahem Gopi smile.
Meera:Are you both not coming with us to celebrate Holi?

Ahem:Yes sure beta.
Ahem Gopi smear colour on Vidya’s and Meera’s cheeks and wish themi:Happy Holi Meera Vidya.
Meera and Vidya:Happy Holi mumma papa.

Ahem gives a sweet packet to Vidya.
Ahem:Holi sweets.

Meera and Vidya:Wow!Thank you papa.

Gopi goes near Ahem and he shows his face to her.

She smiles putting colour on his face.
He smiles.

Suna suna lamha lamha meree raahe tanha tanha
Aakar mujhe tum tham lo, manjil teree dekhe rasta

They go to the compound.
All are playing with colours.

But Ahem can’t take his eyes off Gopi.They share a beautiful eye lock.

Mud ke jara abb dekh lo, aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuchh meraa tum hee toh ho

Slowly he puts colour on her face with burning passion.

Bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
O bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja

She blushes.

He carries her in his arms.

Ahem-Gopi look at each other romantically.

Suna suna lamha lamha, meree raahe tanha tanha(Krishna Cottage).

Suddenly they break the eye lock hearing a voice.They look at that person.

It is Radha.They all are shocked.
Ahem makes Gopi stand down.
Kokila:How dare you come here?
Ahem:Are you not tired of troubling us?
Gopi:You snatched my happiness from me.Now what do you want Radha?
Radha cries:I am not here to trouble you all.I am here to apologize.
Kokila”Stop your drama Radha and get out.
Rashi:You can never stop this drama Radha?
Rashi’s mother Urmila:I have never seen a fraud like you.
Radha cries:Please believe me.I am saying the truth.I went to Tripti’s house when I was released from the jail.Tripti was staying there hiding herself from the police.But she did’nt show me any mercy.Then only she spilled out the reason for her anger towards me.She revealed that she is not Umang’s bhabhi actually,but his real wife.She had considered me only as her co-wife.Till now she was faking love to me to use me against Modis.I felt betrayed.I felt guilty for spoiling Gopi ben’s life listening to Tripti.I realized that actually Gopi bhabhi was trying to save me from the frauds like Umang and Tripti.But I did’nt believe her.Thus I spoiled everybody’s lives including mine.
Radha cries.
Kokila:How can we believe you?
Radha:Tripti was planning to harm Gopi bhabhi coming to know that she returned to Modi Bhavan.So I informed Police about her whereabouts and Tripti got arrested.

As I wished I could my Gopi Ben’s life at least once as a penalty for spoiling her life.Gopi ben..please forgive me.I promise that I will never give you any pain in future.
Gopi wept and hugged Radha.They both cried.
Gopi’s parents became emotional seeing the union of their daughters without any hatred.

The music was played.

Do Me A Favor Lets Play Holi ….(Waqt).

All are dancing.Ahem-Gopi look at them.

Ahem:Shall we dance?
Gopi:Yes Ahemji..

Jigar-Rashi,Ahem-Gopi,Ahem’s sister Kinjal and husband Dhawal,Chirag Hetal,Parag Kokila,Vidya-Meera-Tolu Molu and Kinjal-Dhawal’s son Pappu dance together.

The End

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