Ye dooriyaan These distances Gohem RaJi Viren(Karan Tacker) SS Part 7


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Got a suggestion that instead of Gohem Viren-Gopi should unite.Do u guys really want Viren Gopi together?Or want Gohem?plz reply

Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 7

Ahem gets ready to visit Gopi.
Jigar-Rashi come.
Jigar:Ahem don’t go alone.We will also come with you.
Ahem doesn’t say anything.He goes to the car.
Rashi is sad.
Jigar:Rashi…I know why you are upset.You are tensed about Ahem Gopi meeting.Right?I am also worried about the same thing.But Rashi…be strong.I can’t see you weak like this. May be this is for our good.

Silently Rashi rests her head on Jigar’s shoulder and walks to the car holding his hand.

Viren opens the door hearing the calling bell ring.He is shocked to see Jigar,Rashi and Ahem.Vanshika also comes that way.She is also shocked.
Viren thinks:Ahem also?
VIREN:Please come inside.
They all get inside.
RASHI:Viren..I am sorry.Yesterday I was quite rude to you.I forgot that you were the only person who helped Gopi when she was alone.
VIREN:Never mind Rashi.
Viren finds it difficult to face Ahem.
AHEM:Don’t worry Viren.I am not going to shout at you or hurt you.You have not done anything bad.You did a great thing by saving Gopi’s life.You protected her.I am thankful to you for that.You and Gopi have a lovely family life now with Vidya.I am happy about that.
VIREN:Why are you lying that you are happy Ahem?Atleast after you got separated from Gopi you must have realized that life is painful without her.How can you be happy when your wife is with someone else?
Ahem is so upset that he can’t say anything.
VIREN:Don’t worry Ahem.You have not lost Gopi.She has’nt married me though I wanted to marry her.Still she loves you.

Ahem,Jigar and Rashi are surprised.
VIREN:To save Gopi’s reputation I lied to others that Gopi and Vidya are mine.They were never mine.They are yours Ahem.

.Slowly Jigar and Rashi smile happily.Ahem’s eyes become wet due to this unexpected surprise .
He becomes emotional.
VIREN: Gopi was pregnant when I met her.I did’nt want Gopi’s daughter to be known as a girl who does’nt have a father.So I made others believe that she is my daughter.Even Vidya knows that I am not her father.She is still waiting for his father.
AHEM:I want to see Gopi and Vidya.
Vanshika:Gopi has gone to pick up Vidya from her painting class.
Suddenly they hear a car’s sound.
The car enters their compound.
Gopi and Vidya come out of the car.
Gopi is shocked to see Ahem along with Jigar and Rashi.
Her tears flow down.
She thinks:Ahemji hates me.How will he react seeing me here?Also after knowing that I am with Viren he will be very angry.I must leave now.
She tries to walk away.Suddenly he holds her hand.
Ahem’s lips shiver:Gopi!
Gopi is numb.She doesn’t look at his face due to fear.

Satrangi mausam ho,
Ya gham ke badal ho

Ahem kneels down holding her hand.

AHEM:I am sorry Gopi.
She is stunned.She sees pain in his eyes.

Phoolon ki sej ho ya,
Kaanton ki raahein ho

Gopi:I should say sorry.Any husband would have done the same when the wife does something careless like this.
Ahem:No Gopi.You were not careless.It was all done by Radha.She thought you were Umang’s real killer,not Tripti.So she only took Meera to the dangerous area.Purposefully she threw stones on your way to make you and Meera fall.
Gopi was shocked:I can’t believe that my own sister Radha could do this to me?
Ahem:And Gopi…we all blamed you for killing our daughter Meera who was actually alive.
Gopi was shocked:What?
Ahem:Yes Gopi.Meera is alive.
Gopi was surprised:Ahemji…our Meera is alive?
Ahem:Yes.She was saved from the river and Radha had hidden her in an orphanage.
Gopi became emotional:My Meera is alive.Ahemji…I want to see my Meera.
Ahem:Sure Gopi and we sent Radha to jail.
Gopi became upset.
Ahem:Don’t have any pity for Radha.Because of her only you were way from all your dearest ones for years.
Gopi wept.
AHEM:Gopi…I came here to take you back.
Gopi can’t believe it.This unexpected surprise makes her more emotional.

Mere hum kadam, mere hum safar
Raah mein chhod na jaana,

Ahem holds her hand and pressed his lips on it softly.
AHEM:I can’t live without you Gopi.Won’t you come back to me?

Har kasam todd na jaan

Gopi nods her head with tears.
Gopi:Life was so tough without you.Last few years I have not felt any happiness.So how can I not come with you when you call me?

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Ahem smiles with tears in his eyes.He wipes her tears.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

cups her face in his hands.He looks at her eyes deeply.
AHEM:I will never let these beautiful eyes wet again.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

They embrace each other weeping.
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

They see Vidya coming towards them.

Vidya looks at him without understanding anything.
Ahem:My daughter….

Gopi:Vidya..this is your father for whom you waited for long.
Vidya is surprised:Really?You are my father?
AHEM:Yes my daughter,I am your father.
Vidya:Where were you all these years?Did you know how sad mom and I were without you?
Ahem is guilty.
AHEM:I am sorry beta.Now onwards I will be there with you and your mom through out the life.

AHEM:Yes.And your elder sister is waiting for you in pur house.
Vidya was surprised:What?I have an eldest sister too?
Vidya:Wow..I can’t wait to meet her.
Ahem and Gopi hug Vidya.
Jigar and Rashi are very happy.
Jigar:Rashi…seeing Ahem jeeju and Gopi bhabhi getting romantic don’t you think we also should spare some time to romance?
She blushes:Jigarji…you…

He smiles seeing her shy face.

RASHI:Viren..thanks for letting us know the truth.We misunderstood Gopi.Because of you now our happiness is back.
He smiles.
Viren goes to his room and cries.Vanshika caresses him.
Van:If you love Gopi that much,why did you leave her with them?

VIREN:Maa…you only told me that love is true only when you make your beloved happy.I made Gopi happy.

Van:I am proud of my son.
Viren cries keeping his head on her lap.

Gopi and Vidya bid Good bye to Viren and Vanshika tearfully.

Jigar,Ahem,Rashi,Vidya and Gopi enter car.
Gopi:Rashi ben..don’t put Tolu Molu so away from you all.This is the age they need their parents with them.
Rashi:Now I also feel like that Gopi.Jigarji..let us take Tolu Molu back.
Jig:Ok Rashi.

They picked up Tolu Molu from the boarding and informed them that theu are taken back to Modi house.They are very excited.
Gopi and Vidya came near them.
Tolu Molu:Vidya…so happy that you are our sister.
Vidya:I am also very happy that suddenly I got brothers and a sister.
Gopi caressed Tolu Molu:Tolu Molu..I am your badi maa.
Tolu Molu hugged her:Badi Maa..
Rashi:One more happy news.Now onwards Vidya and Badi Maa will be staying with all of us.
Tolu Molu jumped with happiness.

On the way Jigar informed Modis:We got Gopi bhabhi and we all are coming there.
They were so happy that they thanked God.
Jigar:There is one more person with us.Ahem Jeeju and Gopi bhabhi have another daughter..Vidya.
All were surprised.
Kokila:I have one more grand daughter.I am so happy.Thank you Lord Krishna.

Jigar,Ahem,Rashi and Gopi reach Modi house.Gopi feels nostalgic seeing the 4 walls of the house.

Gopi’s parents hugged Gopi crying.Gopi runs to Kokila and hugs her:Maaji..!
Kokilar:I missed you Gopi bahu..I am sorry though I don’t deserve your pardon.

Gopi:Please don’r embarrass me by apologizing to me Maaji.
Kokila:Your heart is so beautiful that you forgave us easily.

Gopi smiles tearfully.
Gopi touched the feet of Baa,Hetal,Parag and Chirag.
Kokila hugged Vidya:My beti…
Gopi’s eyes searched for Meera while all of them hug Vidya.
Hetal is very happy to get Tolu Molu back.
Tolu Molu:Dadi..I had told you that we will be back soon.See we are back.
Hetal:Well done kids.
Slowly Meera comes down.Gopi sees her.

Gopi becomes emotional:Meera..

Rashi:Yes Gopi.That’s our Meeru..

Gopi hugs Meera:Meera …I’m your Maa..

Meera smiles crying:Maa…

Rashi tells Meera:Meeru…you always wanted your mother and a sister too.Right?You got your mother back.This is your sister.Vidya.

Meera:Really?Yay…I also have a sister now.
Vidya:I am so happy that I have a di like you.

She runs towards Vidya.They both go inside to play.
Kokila:Our family got it’s daughter in law and granddaughter back.Tomorrow is Holi.This Holi is special as the colours of our life are back.
Baa:Yes…We should celebrate this Holi to express our happiness.

Everyone smiles.

Rashi is folding clothes thinking of Gopi Ahem reunion.

With a smile Jigar holds her from back.

Jigar:Now my wife looks very happy.

Rashi:As if you are not happy.Jigar…we were waiting for this occasion for a long time.It’s like a dream come true.

He smiles.

Jigar:In this colourful occasion Holi will be more colourful.

Rashi:You are right.I can’t wait for tomorrow.

He pulls her closer to him.

Jigar:Me too.Because I can’t wait to colour you with my hands.

She blushes.
Jigar:You look so cute when you blush.I can’t wait to see you blush when I colour you tomorrow.
She can’t stop blushing.
Jigar smiles watching her blush.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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