Ye dooriyaan These distances Gohem RaJi Viren(Karan Tacker) SS Part 6


Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 6
Thanks a lot Varshini,Nandhini n Rianaa

Rashi loses her control and shouts:Gopi!
Jigar:Rashi!Control yourself.
Rashi:Jigarji…now please don’t ask me to shut my mouth.I need to talk.
Jigar becomes upset.

Gopi,Viren and others look at Rashi.They are shocked.Gopi becomes happy and emotional too seeing Rashi.

Gopi:Rashi ben…Devarji…

Vidya:They are my friends Tolu Molu’s parents.

Gopi is surprised:What?You have already met them?
Vidya:Yes.They took me to ice cream parlour too.
Gopi is surprised.
Gopi:Rashi ben!
Viren:Rashi?Your sister?What a big surprise!
RASHI:Stop it.
VIREN:What are you saying Rashi?
RASHI:When Gopi left the house,as a good friend you were supposed to unite her with Ahem.Instead of that you married her?
Gopi wants to reply.But Viren interacted.
VIREN:How can I send her back to Ahem?He ditched her.Not only him,you and your family also deserted her.When I met her,Gopi was broken completely.She was very weak.Did I do any mistake by keeping her here?How can I send her back to Ahem with confidence?He will insult her.That’s all.He was that cruel to her.

Vanshika:After throwing Gopi out of the house,you did’nt bother about your sister Rashi.Now you came back and blaming my son for saving her from distress?

Viren:I thought as a friend,i should make her smile.I wanted her life to be secure.So i brought her home.What mistake did he do?
Rashi does’nt know what to say.
Gopi’s eyes well up with tears.
Vidya:Mumma…do you know Tolu Molu’s parents?
Gopi:Yes Vidya.They are your Maasi and Maasa.
Vidya runs to Rashi.
Rashi becomes emotional seeing his innocent face and hugs him .


Gopi sweats:Rashi ben…
Rashi slaps her.
Jigar :Rashi…what are you doing?
Viren roars:Rashi…how dare you?
Gopi:Leave it Viren.As a sister she has the right to slap me.
Viren controls his anger for her.
Then Rashi stares at Gopi:Gopi…look at your daughter’s innocence.You are just opposite to her. I can’t believe that the same innocent Gopi I knew forgot her own husband and moved on with a new man.This time I cannot forgive you Gopi..because what you did was not right.You forgot your husband so fast just because he did a mistake once.This is not even a mistake,it is a sin Gopi.When your daughter grows up she will know about her mother’s past.That time even she won’t support you for deserting her father and marrying someone else.
Gopi’s tears are falling down.Viren feels upset seeing her tears.
VIREN:Rashi…enough…Gopi was overcoming her painful past memories.But again you reminded her of what she does’nt want to remember again.
Rashi looks at Gopi:So you don’t want to remember Ahem jeeju?Once only Ahem jeeju was in your memories and dreams.But now you don’t even want to remember him.Unbelievable Gopi.
Gopi is dying out of her mental pain.
Jigar:Rashi…Gopi bhabhi is happy here.We should not trouble them.let us go.
Rashi does’nt feel like leaving Gopi.Her eyes are wet.She looks at Gopi.Gopi’s eyes are full of tears.Gopi’s lips shiver to call her.But before her voice comes out they both step out of the house.
Gopi:Rashi ben!
Rashi turns back and looks at her with tears.Then goes away with Jigar.
Gopi says in her mind:
Rashi ben…even you can’t understand me?There is not even one moment in my life where I don’t think of Ahemji.My memories,dreams everything is Ahem.
She cries.Viren feels sad for Gopi.
She becomes so weak that she sits down.Viren sits near her.
Viren:Gopi…don’t be upset.

Gopi:Viren…I am fine.
Then she cries running away.Viren and Vanshika were very upset.
Vanshika:Poor Gopi.

Jigar and Rashi reach the hotel.They change their clothes.Jigar looks at Rashi.
Rashi is weeping.
RASHI:Jigar..we came here with lots of expectations.But..everything is shattered.How could Gopi do this?I thought Gopi loves Ahem jeeju so much that she can’t remarry.I just can’t believe that she married Viren.

Jigar holds her shoulders.
JIGAR:Rashi..don’t be upset.We need to accept the fate..we can’t ignore reality.Right?
RASHI:That’s true.But how can we tell Ahem jeeju that he can’t get Gopi back as she is Viren’s wife now.How will he react when he comes to know that Gopi and jeeju have a daughter who has been hidden from Ahem jeeju for years?

Suddenly they see Ahem at the doorway.They get shocked.Ahem is shattered.
JIGAR:Ahem bhai!
Ahem bursts into tears.Jigar runs to Ahem.He keeps his arm on his shoulder.

JIGAR:Ahem bhai….control yourself.

AHEM:I lost Gopi.It’s my fault.I broke my promise to her that I will never fight with her.I should have tried to understand her.I should have forgiven her.I became very late.

RASHI:No Ahem jeeju.It’s not your fault.Gopi did’nt understand the depth of your love.That’s why she remarried.

AHEM:You can’t blame Gopi.I was that cruel to her.Then how can she even think of returning to me?I was so foolish to think that even after behaving like that to her she will come back to me.
Ahem cries.Jigar-Rashi feel upset.
Rashi:Ahem jeeju…
Ahem:Please let me be alone.
Jigar:Rashi…we should leave Ahem bhai alone for sometime.

After some time Jigar-Rashi go to Ahem’s room.
JIGAR:Let us go back.If we stay here,you won’t be able to overcome the pain.
AHEM:But before that I want to see Gopi.
They are shocked.
Ahem:Yes Jigar.
Jigar:Are you sure bhai?Think again.

AHEM:I am longing to see her.Just once Jigar.I just want to see her at least once.Otherwise I may not be able to see her at all in future.It may be our last meeting.And our daughter…
Rashi:Vidya…that’s her name.She studies with Tolu Molu and we met her there.
Ahem wept:I want to see my daughter Vidya once.And I want to tell Gopi that our Meera is alive and Meera has’nt been lost because of her.
Jigar and Rashi feel sad feeling Ahem’s pain.

Gopi is sitting in front of the dressing table and tying her hair.Her mind was full of how Rashi blasted at her.

Viren enters the room seeing it.He feels upset.
Gopi:Viren…Rashi ben misunderstands me.She thinks that I remarried.When she burst out I was numb.I could’nt utter even a word.I want to clear her misunderstandings.
VIREN:Ok.We will meet them.As you said they should know the truth.

Gopi gets some relief.
She tries to walk away.Suddenly he holds her hand.

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
VIREN:Gopi..can I ask you something?

She raises her eye brows and looks at him.

Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

VIREN:Do you still love Ahem?
Gopi’s lips shiver.
VIREN:Still you wish to be with him?
Gopi bursts into tears turning back.
VIREN:I got my question’s answer.

Gopi:I am sorry Viren.I always end up hurting you.My love for Ahem is so strong that I can’t forget him till my death.
Viren becomes very upset.He feels that he himself is empty without Gopi’s love.

Viren’s eyes become wet.But he controls his tears.He wipes his tears quickly and smiles.

VIREN:Don’t be upset Gopi.You will get your Ahem back.

Gopi:But he hates me.

VIREN:He can’t be angry with you for so long.If he had forgotten you Rashi would not have been angry with you for being with me.

Gopi gets confused.
Viren goes to his room thinking of the moments he spent with Gopi and cries.

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan(Race2).

Gopi and Ahem think of the moments they spent together and their separation shedding tears.
Yeh dooriyan
Yeh dooriyan
Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan
Nigahon ki dooriyan
Hum rahon ki dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi paas hai
Door hai Kyun koi
Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Aa Raha paas ya door mein ja raha
Janu na mein hoon kahan pe

Yeh dooriyan
-Love Aaj Kal

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  2. Jasmine this is my favourite fan fiction here. This is the best I’ve seen here.

    I’ve decided to start my story again with a slight changes. Gopi actually dies instead of faking her death. Story will now focus on Gopi and Rashi being born again.


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