Ye dooriyaan These distances Gohem RaJi Viren(Karan Tacker) SS Part 5


Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 5

JIGAR:I just can’t believe this.Gopi bhabhi remarried?
How will i tell Ahem bhai that Gopi bhabhi is married and has a daughter also?
Rashi is very upset.
RASHI:Vidya is not Viren and Gopi’s daughter.Age wise if we look Vidya can be only Ahem jeeju and Gopi’s daughter.Jigarji..we should find out the what the exact condition is.What if things we heard are not true?

JIGAR:We will find out.Till then we should not tell anything to Ahem bhai.
Jigar looked at the lady they met on the way :Can you tell me where Gopi stays in this area?
Lady:Sure.But I don’t think that now you can meet her.Because both Gopi and Viren work together in the office.They will be at home only in the evening.
Rashi:We will visit them in the evening.
They get address from that ladyand return to the hotel they stay.

Actually Since it was Viren’s birthday Viren was on leave and Gopi was also at home.

Viren comes out of his room.

Gopi walks towards him saying “Happy birthday Viren…”

He smiles.He thinks of his Maa’s words that if Gopi remembers his birthday that means she loves him.

VIREN:I just can’t control my happiness Gopi.You remember my birthday…you always forget my birthday.But this time you remember my birthday.

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara
Gopi:Yes… I really felt bad for forgetting your birthday always.So I marked today’s date in my calendar in advance.I did’nt want to forget it this time.
VIREN:Why you did’nt want to forget my birthday this year?Because you love me.Right?

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

Gopi is stunned:Viren!What did you say?

VIREN:Gopi…I was sure that if you remember my birthday that means you love me.I was so tensed about it.But today I am so happy Gopi.You remembered my birthday to make me happy.That shows you value my happiness.Because you love me.

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan
Gopi is shocked.

Gopi remembers Viren giving her flowers and asking her if she gets jealous when girls give him flowers.

She asks in her mind:Is Viren in love with me?
VIREN:Do you know Gopi…?Since 6 years years I have been trying to propose to you.But I could never propose to you.Because I was tensed if you will reject me.

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar

Gopi felt pain in her mind for him.
Viren: No girl gave me flowers Gopi.Those flowers were brought for you only.But I was scared whether you will reject them if you come to know my real feelings for you.But since I know that you also love me now I can tell you with courage that I love you.Yes Gopi..I love you.

Tere nishaan
Be intehaan
Gopi is shocked.
Gopi thinks:Viren has been loving me since 6 years? That is why he accepted Vidya.That is why he tried to save my reputation by making the world believe that I am his wife and Vidya is his daughter.
Gopi feels upset.
Her mind says:When Ahemji,maaji and my family disowned me, only Viren was there for me.He gave me job and shelter.He and Vanshika aunty gave me a place in their family.They treat me and Vidya as their own.If Viren was’nt there,I would not have had a safe life.My daughter would not have had an identity if she was’nt accepted by Viren.So I should not break his heart.But I can’t accept him as my life partner.But if I tell him that he will be shattered.What will I do?

Anyways I should not break his heart on his birthday.
She controls her tears.
Suddenly Viren notices her serious face.
VIREN:What happened Gopi? Are you not happy?
Gopi:Why are you asking like that?

Viren:Simply.So you are happy.Right?

Gopi tries to change the topic.

Gopi:Viren…I have to do arrangements for the party.


Gopi:What Viren?

Viren goes and brings a saree for her.

Viren:I wish you wear this saree for the evening party.

Gopi:Sure Viren.

He smiles.

Gopi is upset about Viren’s love confession.It was raining.She went out in rain.

She weeps:Ahemji…what will I do?

Viren sees Gopi in rain.He smiles.He goes near her and holds her hand.

She smiles.They share a sweet eye lock.They start dancing romantically in rain.

La, la la la la la, la la la la la la la
La, la la la la, la la la la la
Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jisse apna kaha
Tu hai jahan main hoon vahan
Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza
O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah – 2

Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha
La la la la la, la la la la la
Main aawaaz hoon to tu hai geet mera – 2
Jahan se niraala manmeet mera
Mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah
O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah
Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha
Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jisse apna kaha
Tu hai jahan main hoon vahan
Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza-( Yeh Vada Raha)

Suddenly Viren becomes shy realizing that it’s only a dream.
Gopi sees Ahem before her in place of Viren standing before her with an umbrella.She becomes surprised:Ahemji..

Satrangi mausam ho,
Ya gham ke badal ho

They share a sweet eye lock.

He holds her hand.She blushes.

He dances with her.

Phoolon ki sej ho ya,
Kaanton ki raahein ho
Gopi says emotionally:I love you..I love you very much.

Mere hum kadam, mere hum safar
Raah mein chhod na jaana,
Har kasam todd na jaana

Ahem smiles.
She embraces him weeping:I can’t live without you.Don’t leave me alone.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Viren cups her face in his hands:I love you too Gopi.
Hearing his voice Gopi comes back to senses realizing that it is actually Viren,not Ahem.Viren keeps looking at her face romantically.Feeling uncomfortable she moves away.
G:Standing in rain for a long time is not good.We will fall sick.So let’s go inside.
They both go inside.
Gopi is very upset.She thinks:Hey Kanhaji…being lost in Ahemji’s memories i said I love you to Viren.Now he will be thinking that I really love him.How will i tell him that the words which I uttered were not for him?

In the evening Viren goes to Gopi’s room.

He sees her wearing ornaments.He keeps looking at her beauty in the saree he gifted her.

She turns back and gets surprised to see Ahem there.
Ahem smiles:Gopi…you look gorgeous in this saree.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

She blushes.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Suddenly she realizes that it was not Ahem,but Viren.


Viren:Gopi…you look very beautiful in this saree.My selection was right.

Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe

She gives a pale smile to him.

He keeps looking at her.

Choole mujhe iss kadar
Be intehaan

She turns off her face seeing Viren’s eyes fixed on her.

Viren’s birthday celebration in the evening…

Gopi brings a cake.Viren smiles seeing her bringing cake for him.

Vanshika Viren…you are lucky…Gopi baked this cake specially for you.

Viren looks at Gopi happily.She smiles slightly.

Jab saanson mein teri
Saasein ghuli toh


Viren cuts the birthday cake and gives a piece of cake to Vanshika and Vidya.

Then he turns his face towards Gopi.He feeds her cake with his hand.

Phir sulaghne lagey
Ehsaas mere mujhse
Kehne lagey

Gopi feeds him back.

Haan bahon mein teri
Aake jahan do
Yu simatne lagey
Sailaab jaise koi
Behne lagey

The music is going on.

Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
Tumhe dekha toh jaana ye
Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon (x2)
Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri
Tumhe jeene main aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon(Race 2).

Vidya:Viren uncle and…
VIREN: Why are you not dancing with me now?
Gopi has no answer.
Viren:Please dance with me Gopi.
Gopi is in dilemma.
Slowly Viren holds her hands and dance.Gopi can’t refuse it in front of others.

Jigar and Rashi reach their house.They are shocked to see Viren and Gopi dancing together.
Zameen se aasmaan tak hum
Dhoondh aaye jahaan saara
Banaa paaya nahi ab tak
Khuda tumse koi pyaara

(Sanam Re).

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  2. Ohh so this is how it is written before dat vidya is viren’s child…to save gopi’s reputation viren gave his identity to them…

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