Ye dooriyaan These distances Gohem RaJi Viren(Karan Tacker) SS Part 4


Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 4

Viren takes out some flowers.
VIREN:These are for you.
Gopi smiles:For me?
He nods his head with a smile.
She takes them from him.She caresses them:So beautiful.
Viren’s eyes are fixed on her.
Gopi:Why these flowers…?
He closes his eyes due to tension.

Viren:I..I…I got these flowers from a girl.
Gopi bursts into laughter.
Gopi:Earlier also girls used to be after you with flowers.But you were so tensed that you used to give all the roses to me.
He tells in his mind:Those flowers were always for you Gopi.But I never got the courage to tell you that.

Jigar,Ahem and Rashi go to Nainital.

RASHI:It’s such a beautiful place!
JIGAR:Yes..really beautiful.

They walk enjoying the beauty of Nainital.
Jigar caresses Rashi’s hair romantically.She blushes.
Ahem sees Gopi standing behind the tree.

Saans me teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, Mujhe saans aay

Ahem can’t believe his eyes.Gopi is also stunned to see him.


Saans me teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, Mujhe saans aayi

Feeling guilty and emotional Gopi tries to walk away.Ahem holds her hand and pulls her closer.

She stares at him unbelievingly.

Rooh ne chhu li jism ki khushboo tu jo paas aayi
Tu jo paas aayi, tu jo paas aayi

Ahem:Why are you going away without even talking to me?
Gopi:Because I don’t deserve you and you hate me.

Ahem:No Gopi.You were never wrong.It was me who was wrong.Let us forget the past and move on.

Saans me teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, Mujhe saans aayi

She can’t believe it:What?
Ahem:In your absence I realized your love.I missed you a lot Gopi.

Kab tak hosh sambhale koi
Hosh ude toh ud jaane do

She is stunned.

Ahem:Come back to me Gopi.I love you.I can’t live without you.

Gopi becomes very emotional:I love you too Ahemji.

Dil kab seedhi raah chala hai
Raah mude toh mud jaane do

They embraced each other emotionally.

Tere khayal me doob ke aksar achhi lagi tanhaai

Gopi:Please don’t leave me again.

Saans me teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi

They both are lost in each other.

Mujhe saans aayi, Mujhe saans aayi – JAB TAK HAI JAAN

Jigar and Rashi look at Ahem.
JIGAR:What happened to Ahem bhai?Whom is he talking to?
RASHI:That is what I can’t understand.
JIGAR:Ahem bhai is not in this world.He has been surrounded by Gopi bhabhi’s memories.Poor guy.
Jigar:Ahem bhai!
Suddenly Ahem realizes that it’s only a dream.
AHEM:Yes Jigar.
JIGAR:What are you doing there?

AHEM:Gopi…she was here…

JIGAR:You are dreaming Ahem bhai …

He is embarassed.

Jigar gives a cover to Rashi.
Jigar:Wear this attire.We are going out.
She is very happy.
She wears it.
Seeing her his face blossoms.
Rashi:Now don’t tease me that I look weird.

He stands closer to her.
Jigar:My wife looks so beautiful.

Rashi blushes.

Rashi::How can I not look pretty in the costume my lovely husband gifted me?

They both smile romantically.

Jigar:This earring has to be changed.
He made her wear new earrings. They both go out and enjoy the beautiful areas of Nainital.

At night…

Jigar:Rashi…you look tired.You did’nt enjoy our outing?

Rashi:I really enjoyed a lot.Holding your hands and walking is always beautiful for me.

They smiled at each other.

Jigar:But it’s true that you are really tired of walking during side seeing.So don’t walk anymore.

He carries her in his arms.

Rashi:Jigarji…why are you doing so?

Jigar:Why?I can’t carry my wife even when she is tired?

She smiled.

They share a romantic eye lock.
Ahem who comes there sees it.

He thinks:Wish Gopi was with me now.

He leaves from there.

Rashi keeps her face on his chest.

Rashi:I’m so lucky to get a husband like you.You value even the silly part of mine.

Jigar:You are my treasure Rashi.Nothing of you is silly.You are completely precious.

She becomes emotional.

Jigar places her on the bed and does oil massage on her legs.She smiles.

Jigar:How do you feel now Rashi?

Rashi:When yo touched me itself my legs became fine.

Jigar:Really?Then can I touch all your parts to make you completely fine?

Rashi:You naughty…I am going to sleep now.

Jigar:Ok.I’m letting you sleep now only because you are tired.Don’t think all nights you will be permitted to sleep.

She blushes.

Gopi puts Vidya to sleep.

She freshens up and goes to the dining room to eat something.Viren sits near her.
VIREN:Gopi..can I ask you something?
Gopi:Ya.Ask Viren.

VIREN:You did’nt feel jealous when I received flowers from that girl?

Gopi giggle:What rubbish!Are you crazy?Why should I be jealous?You are always kiddish.

He laughs.

Gopi:You always make me laugh through your stupid jokes.

They laugh again.

Viren’s mother Vanshika sits near him.
VANSHIKA:Did you confess your love to Gopi?
VANSHIKA:Beta…you met Gopi when she came to your office begging for a job.When you came to know what happened to her you pitied her.She became close to me also.When I had heart attack it’s Gopi who took me t hospital on right time and saved my life.That moment itself I decided to make her my daughter in law.Your pity turned into love.As you were grateful to her for saving my life you made her stay in our house as our family member though she hesitated first.Since then you have been trying to propose to Gopi.Till now you could’nt confess.
VIREN:I get nervous when i try to propose.
VANSHIKA: If you become late…you may lose her.
VIREN:But Maa..I am scared.What if she does’nt love me?

VANSHIKA:Tomorrow is your birthday.If she remembers your birthday and celebrates it that means your birthday is important for her.That is… she loves you.
VANSHIKA:Don’t worry.Everything will be fine.

The next morning…
Jigar and Rashi get ready to go for break fast.
Jigar knocks at Ahem’s door.
JIGAR:Ahem bhai!
Ahem opens the door.
JIGAR:Come..let us go for breakfast.
AHEM:You both carry on.
JIGAR:You are not coming?
AHEM:No Jigar.I don’t feel like eating anything.

Jigar smiles:Ahem bhai is really excited to see Gopi.He will eat only if he finds out Gopi.
Ahem is shy.
JIGAR:Don’t starve.You eat breakfast.
AHEM:You both go.I will take bath now.After that I will have my breakfast.
Jigar and Rashi go for breakfast.Jigar ordered for traditional breakfast.Rashi beomes dull listening to that.

Rashi:Jigarji..we came to a stylish resort and you are ordering traditional Indian breakfast?
Jig:Then what do you want Rashi?
Rashi:Order Italian breakfast.

Jig:Italian?Have you ever eaten Italian breakfast?
Rashi:No,but I can try it here.So you order Italian breakfast for me.Nothing else.
Jigar orders for Italian breakfast.Rashi starts eating it and shows a dull face.Jigar feels like laughing.
Jig:You did’nt like it?
Rashi nods in ‘no’.
Jigar laughs:I knew that you won’t like it.That’s why I ordered Indian breakfast.But see you wanted Italian only.
Rashi:What to do Jigarji?
Jig:Don’t worry that you will have to eat it.I will order Indian food for you.
Rashi:Thank you Jigarji.You are the best husband.
They smile.He orders for Indian food and they have it.
Rashi:Jigarji,I have taken Gopi’s present address from Vidya’s school diary.Let’s follow it.
They trace Gopi’s house..On the way they stopped the car and asked a lady on the way..

Rashi:Do you know where Gopi Modi stays?
Lady:I don’t know any Gopi Modi.Here one Mrs Gopi Singh Vadhera stays..
Rashi and Jigar stare at her.
Jigar:What Gopi Singh Vadhera?
She:Yes.She is our neighbour.Mr.Viren Singh Vadhera’s wife.
JIGAR:What nonsense!She does’nt know our Gopi Bhabhi.Rashi…I think we mistook Vidya’s mother fpr Gopi Bhabhi.Her mother is not Gopi bhabhi.It’s just that her mother’s name is also Gopi.Sad for Ahem bhai.Now what will we tell Ahem bhai?
RASHI:Jigarji..calm down.What if she is talking about our Gopi?
JIGAR:Rashi..This Gopi is Viren Singh Vadhera’s wife.
Rashi is also tensed about that.

Rashi:What if Gopi is now that Viren Singh Vadhera’s wife?
Ahem became upset.
Rashi:If it’s true,then what will be Ahem’s condition?He will be more upset than not able to find Gopi.

Jigar:Oh no…we will have to find out the truth now.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  1. I think gopi is not married to viren but just she has changed the name as gopi singh vadhera . ur ff is very nice please update next epi soon


    why dont u update everyday…its fab…u should make it a little crisp but its epic…u knlow my my sis wrote this ff-kaise ye ishq hai…even though she 1 st timer it was epoic..u should make it crisp!but are gopi and viren married…?bec ur title says gohem and raji ?so gohem?or goen?plz reply and thankq jasmine rahul for always supporting my and others ffs u are fab thankq

    1. jasmine Rahul

      its gohem the real pair

  3. Love this. This is my favourite fan fiction here to be honest? please continue

    1. jasmine Rahul

      thanks a lot.
      i’m waiting 4 ur ff.sad that v r not getting daily updates like b4.missing ur ff very badly

  4. And jasmine a mega episode coming for my fan fiction next weekend. Much waits for Parvati and Gopi in Dubai. There will be many twists.

  5. Janki Devi story will be extended. Parvati will have a secret enemy. A new vamp will be introduced in Dubai!!!

  6. When Parvati was living in London the vamp responsible for putting Parvati into coma will return in Dubai. Shes a new character. Shes a power hungry woman. I’m still working on a past. Because of this new vamp Gopi will find it hard to return to India in 18 days to get Jigar released.

  7. Very glad to see jigar and rashi’s romance and their nok jokes?…. what nice moments and all we missed in saathiya serial,, those are all i am feeling now after a long time….pls update it daily dear jasmine☺☺

    1. jasmine Rahul

      i too miss raji romance.thats i added it in my ss

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