Ye dooriyaan These distances Gohem RaJi Viren(Karan Tacker) SS Part 3

Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 3
A speech competition in school.

Gopi who was among the audience wishes hier “Best of luck” with her thumbs.

The girl smiles.She gives speech.Later they announced the winner:The first prize goes to Vidya Sharma.

Tolu Molu:Our Classmate Vidya won prize.Cool she is.

Vidya runs to Gopi with the trophy.
He:Mumma..I won it.
Gopi hugs him.
GOPI:My Vidya is the best.
Vidya smiles.

GOPI:See…Like I promised you I came here to watch your performance.Happy?
Vidya:I am happy.But I would have been more happier if my dad was also there with me.

Gopi becomes dull.She is upset.
Gopi:But mumma is there for you.Right?

Vidya:But I want Papa too.
Gopi becomes sad.But she hides her pain.
Gopi:Come…we will go.
Tolu Molu noticed Gopi.
Tolu:Molu…Vidya’s mother looks like Badi Maa.
Molu:I also felt like that Tolu.She looks like Badi Maa whom we have seen in photos.
Tolu:All are searching for Badi Maa.And she is in Nainital.
Molu:Good that Dad and mom put us in this school.
Tolu:Yes.We will inform them.
Molu:But only on weekend we are allowed to talk to our parents on phone.
Tolu:Ya.We will wait.What else to do?
Molu:Or should we do anything naughty?So that our parents will be called here and they will come here.Then we can inform them now itself.
Tolu:That’s a good idea.But if we do that sometimes we will be thrown out of school.We need to be here itself to reach Badi Maa.
Molu:You are right Tolu.And we will inform this to Vidya after we will confirm that it’s Badi Maa.

Tolu Molu made friends with Vidya and they became very close.
On weekend…
Tolu Molu talked to Jigar Rashi on the phone:Dad mom..please come here soon.We miss you both.
Rashi:We too miss you.
Tolu Molu:Then please come here once.
Rashi:Jigarji..let’s go there.I miss my kids.
Jigar:Yes Rashi.We will go.

Jigar Rashi went there and hugged Tolu Molu.
Tolu Molu:Mom dad..we saw Badi Maa here.
They were shocked:What?
Tolu:Yes..she is our classmate Vidya;s mother.
Rashi:How can you be sure that it’s your Badi Ma?
Molu:That’s what we felt.
Vidya came:Hey Tolu Molu…
Tolu:This is Vidya.Vidya..this is our mom dad.
Vidya smiled:Hi uncle aunty.
Rashi and Jigar looked at Vidya emotionally.
Rashi:Beta…what’s your mother’s name?
Jigar Rashi were surprised.Rashi kissed Vidya emotionally.
Tolu Molu smiled.
With teacher’s permission Jigar Rashi took Tolu Molu Vidya out for having ice cream and dropped them back at school.Rashi told Tolu Molu secretly:Don’t tell Vidya about this now.After finding out Badi Maa we will surprise her.Ok?
Tolu Molu:Ok.
Jigar Rashi kissed them and bid Good bye.
Jigar:Rashi…why did you tell them not to tell Vidya?
Rashi:Jigarji..we don’t know what is Gopi’s condition.I thought first we should tracing Gopi properly.If Gopi wants to hide us from us then if Vidya tells her that she met us what if Gopi hides herself again?
Jigar:May be you are right Rashi.

Jigar and Rashi tell the family members.
Jigar:Ahem Bhai…Gopi bhabhi is there in Nainital.Tolu Molu saw her there.
Ahem and others can’t believe it.
Kokila:My Gopi bahu is in Nainital?
Rashi:Yes Kakiji..Tolu Molu recognized Gopi as they have seen her in photographs.They can’t be wrong in recognizing her.
Baa:Thanks to thakurji.
Ahem is excited.
AHEM:Jigar.I can’t wait to meet Gopi.
Kokila:Me too.
JIGAR:We will go to Nainital. itself.
Meera:Can I come?
Ahem:Why not beta?
Kokila::But Meera has to go to school.
Kokila:You all go.Let Meera be here with me.
Meera feels sad.
MEERA:Papa! can’t bunk your classes.You have to study well and be a good girl.Right?
She smiles.
Kokila:You all go and bring my Gopi Bahu back soon.
They smile.

Due to over excitement Ahem skips break fast.
Kokila:Ahem dihkra…Eat and go to Nainital.
Ahem:No mom.I can’t wait to see Gopi.

Kokila:Anyway you will see her there.but don’t go there with empty stomach.
She feeds him with her hand.
Jigar -Rashi smile seeing it.
Rashi:Ahemji is so excited.Can’t wait to see my Gopi.
Jigar smile.
A handsome man gets out of the car.He goes inside his house.
He tells himself:Today I will propose to Gopi.
Gopi comes out of her room.
Gopi:Hi Viren..I will bring tea for you.
VIREN:I am not in a mood to drink tea.Gopi:Then?
He looks at her deeply.

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

He takes out some flowers.
VIREN:These are for you.

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

Gopi smiles:For me?
He nods his head with a smile.

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

She takes them from him.She caresses them:So beautiful.
Viren’s eyes are fixed on her.

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar(Race 2).

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  1. Woww! I was yearning for a fan fiction where vidya, meera, tolu, molu are little kids and a story was happening btwn them and their parents…so first of all thanks a lot jasmine rahul!☺☺ Gopi is not married to viren?? Then why vidya’s name is given as vidya sharma??

    1. jasmine Rahul

      Thx a lot 4 supporting my FF.

    2. jasmine Rahul

      sorry,its a typing error.what i wrote in the previous part was the right surnameits vidya singh vadhera

  2. ur ff is very nice . so gopi is not married to viren . why was vidya called vidya sharma I did not understand please reply

    1. jasmine Rahul

      Not Sharma,its a typing error.Its Vidhya Singh Vadhera

  3. ananya sachedev

    update?why is vidya called singh vadhera ?r u going to reunite GoHem ?
    nice ff

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