Ye dooriyaan These distances (Gohem RaJi) SS Part 2


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Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 2

After 7 years…

Rashi is in the drawing room.Suddenly Jigar comes running to her and embraces her from her back.


JIGAR:Rashi… I am so excited Rashi.Guess what?

Tomorrow Ahem bhai is returning back from the US.

Rashi is surprised:Really?

JIGAR:Yes Rashi.

Rashi:I’m so happy.Finally you are getting to see Meeru too.

Parag and Kokila came surprised.

Kokila:Lord Krishna heard my prayer.

Ahem:Tomorrow is Ahem’s birthday also.There should be a surprise birthday party for him.He will be really happy.

Rashi smiles.
JIGAR:Hope Ahem bhai is fine.After that heart breaking incident he went to the US to forget everything.I hope the US life has helped him to move on.
Rashi’s face becomes dull.
JIGAR:What happened Rashi?Why is your face is looking dim?
JIGAR:No.I can really read out your facial expressions.Something is bothering you.Tell me Rashi.

RASHI:Jigarji…you are happy about your’s brother’s return.But i…I am sad about my sister.I don’t even know where Gopi is.
Rashi’s eyes become wet.
R:Living away from Ahemji and Kakiji even for a moment itself is a big pain for her.Now it’s been 7 years since she left this house.Poor Gopi..I want my sister to be back like you want Ahem here.
Rashi is really depressed:I want Gopi back Jigarji.
Jigar becomes upset.

JIGAR:Rashi….Don’t worry…God will really hear your prayer.Gopi bhabhi will come back.

RASHI:She won’t come back Jigar.Because Ahemji kicked her out of this house cruelly.

She won’t come back unless Ahem calls her back.
Jigar becomes upset.

RASHI:But I want to at least see her.I just want to know at least her whereabouts.I don’t even know where she is.

She is really frustrated.

Jigar wipes her tears.

JIGAR:If she does’nt come I will find out her.Happy?

RASHI:But you tried to find her many times.Still you could’nt find her.Then how can you assure me again?Please don’t give me false hopes just to pacify me.

She goes away shedding tears.Jigar becomes upset.

Jigar goes to pick up Ahem and Meera from the air port.
Jigar runs to him and hugs him.
JIGAR:Ahem bhai!We missed you a lot.
AHEM:Missed you all.That’s why I came back.
Jigar kissed Meera’s cheek:You have really grown up.

Ahem and Jigar enter the house with Meera.Ahem is surprised to see the decoration.
Parag and Kokila come with tears in their eyes.
Kokila:Ahem dikhra..
Kokila hugs Ahem and cried:Missed you a lot.
Ahem:Me too mom.
Kokila kissed Meera:Meera…your Dadi thirsted to see you every moment.
Meera:Me too Dadi.I want to sleep with you…I want to listen to your stories.I want to eat your food.
Kok:Yes sure..I will do everything for my darling.
Rashi:Give me a hug to your Maasi Meeru
Rashi hugs Meera.
Ahem hugs Parag,his aunt Hetal and uncle Chirag.
Ahem:Why the house is decorated?
Suddenly they wish:Happy birthday Ahem.
They hug him.Ahem also becomes emotional.
Kokila:Ahem dikhra…we missed you a lot.Please don’t go back.
He weeps.
Suddenly Jigar Rashi’s twins Tolu Molu came:Chachu….
Ahem hugs them and

gives them chocolates.
Tolu Molu:Thank you chachuuuuuuu.You are so sweet.
Tolu Molu went near Meera:Meera di..we missed you a lot.
Meera:Me too missed you both.
Ahem cuts his birthday cake.Everyone sings the birthday song for him.

Ahem is sitting on the sofa thinking about Gopi arranging cake for him specially on his birthday.He smiles with tears in his eyes.
Rashi goes near him.
RASHI:What are you thinking Ahem jeeju?
RASHI:Your eyes can’t lie Ahem.The tears in your eyes make me understand that you are missing Gopi.
He wipes his tears.Ahem does’nt say anything.
RASHI:We can never be happy without the person we love.I know that the lonely life in abroad has made you realize how much you love Gopi and that you can’t live without her.Am I right Ahem jeeju?I know that you came back to find about her whereabouts.
He is emotional.
He sheds tears.
AHEM:You are right Rashi.I did a big mistake by throwing her out of my life.I became cruel to her.Now I want her back.

Slowly Rashi smiles with tears in her eyes.
RASHI:Then go and find out Gopi Ahemji.

AHEM:Yes Rashi.I will bring Gopi back.

Jigar ,Kokila and others smiled.

Rashi:See Jigarji… Ahemji is incomplete without Gopi.
Everyone becomes happy.

Kokila becomes emotional:If I had supported her that time now she would have been in our house with all of us.

Everyone becomes upset.
Hetal:Kokila..Don’t think about the past now Think about the happy future with Gopi.She will come back .Our Ahem dikra will surely find her out this time.

Kokila tries to smile:I also hope so Motta bhabhi.

Meera plays a lot with Tolu molu.She really enjoyed being pampered by Kokila.

Ahem enquires about Gopi and comes back with disappointment.
Rashi runs to him:Ahem jeeju…did you get to know about Gopi?
His face is dull.
Ahem:No Rashi.
She becomes upset.
Ahem:Maybe we are not destined to live together.I only pushed her out of my life.So God won’t return her to me that easily.
Jigar:Don’t be a pessimist bhai.I promise you..I will find out Gopi bhabhi for you.
Ahem is happy.
Ahem:Really Jigar?
JIGAR:Don’t you trust your brother?
Ahem smiles:I trust you more than myself.I am sure that you will do that for me.

Jigar smiles:Yes..I promise..I will bring Gopi bhabhi to you.
Ahem:Thank you so much Jigar.
He hugs Jigar.Jigar smiles.
Jigar goes inside.
Rashi can’t believe Jigar’s promise to Jigar:Jigarji…Why did you promise him that you will find Gopi?Last 7 years we tried our best.But we did’nt get any news about her.Ahemji also tried a lot to find her.Still he could’nt find her.Then how will you find her?
Rashi is upset.
JIGAR:Rashi…trust me.I will find her.Ahem bhai’s come back itself is a good sign.So I am sure that God will show us a way to find Gopi.

As Tolu Molu are very naughty Jigar Rashi decide to put them in Nainital boarding school.
Hetal hugs Tolu Molu and cried.
Tolu Molu:Don’t cry Dadi…

Hetal:Why are you both sending my sweet kids to boarding?
Rashi:Only then they will learn discipline.They are too naughty to handle.
Hetal:But they are kids Rashi..
Rashi:But they have taken PHD in naughtiness.
Tolu Molu whispers in Hetal’s ears:Don’t worry Dadi.We will come back soon.We are so naughty that we will be sent back soon.
Hetal smiles.

Tolu Molu join Nainital school.

A speech competition in school.A little girl appears on stage.

Gopi who was among the audience wishes hier “Best of luck” with her thumbs.

The girl smiles.She gives speech.Later they announced the winner:The first prize goes to Vidya Singh Vadhera.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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