Ye dooriyaan These distances (Gohem RaJi) SS Part 1


Ye dooriyaan These distances Part 1

Though I have written one shots on Gohem and RaJi before this is my first SS on them.SNS ffs which I read recently on IF and TU inspired me to pen down this SS.Please support me.

Modis went for picnic.Gopi was advised by her mother in law Kokila not to go to the dangerous area at the picnic spot with Meera.But Gopi’s sister Radha who was jealous of Gopi wanted to take revenge on her thinking that she is the one who killed her husband Umang purposefully placed Meera on the dangerous area.Gopi went there to take Meera back.Gopi took Meera in her hands.Radha followed Gopi.
She said in her mind:I won’t let you have your beloved daughter Meera.

Radha put stones on her way and made Gopi fell down.While Gopi was slipping down Meera fell into the river near by.Gopi burst into tears while Ahem,Jigar and other men jumped into the river to search for Meera.
Rashi tried to console Gopi:Gopi…don’t lose hope.We will get our Meeru.
Gopi:Rashi ben…

Gopi cried hugging Rashi.Rashi was in tears.
They could’nt get Meera and so everybody assumed that Meera is dead.Kokila and Ahem put the blame on Gopi.
Kokila:I had told you not to let Meera go to the dangerous area.But still you were so careless that you did’nt notice that Meera went there.
Gopi wept.
Kokila:Because of you we lost Meera.
Ahem:Because of you,I lost my Meera forever.I hate you Gopi.I don’t want to see your face again.
Gopi was shattered:Ahemji…Maaji…
Ahem:Get lost Gopi.Don’t come again.
Koki:I agree with Ahem.
Gopi was broken down completely.

Rashi who was Gopi’s cousin as well as Ahem’s cousin Jigar’s wife said:No Gopi can’t go.
Jigar:Bhai..don’t take any hasty decision.
Ahem:Don’t interfere.Gopi has lost her place in my life and heart.
Rashi:Kakiji..can you let your dearest Gopi Bahu go?
Koki:Gopi is not my dearest bahu anymore.So she can go anyewhere.
Rashi became upset.
Gopi:I am responsible for losing Meera.I deserve this.
Rashi:No Gopi.It’s nothing like that.It was just an accident.

Gopi:Yes Rashi ben…Maaji and Ahemji are right.
Gopi ran out crying without being able to bear anything.

After a week…

Radha talked to Tripti whom she thinks as Umang’s sister in law:Bhabhi…good that you ran out of the jail.Modis accused you of killing my Umangji and put you in jail.Now I took my revenge.I planned Meera’s accident and Gopi Ben is misunderstood by everyone.She is kicked out of Modi house.

Tripti smirked:Well done Radha.
Rashi who passed by was shocked to hear it and took it’s video.
She went to the drawing room weeping.
Rashi:Kakiji…Ahemji..Jigarji..Mummiji…Baa…everyone..listen.You all kicked out the innocent Gopi.Right?But the real culprit is living here happily.
Koki:Rashi..what are you trying to say? always stood for right things.But now you did the biggest sin and you will not be able to bear this pain.
Rashi:By screaming..things won’t change Kakiji.Believe me.Gopi is innocent.The real culprit is someone else.I have proof.

Koki:Ok..then show us the proof.
She showed the video.All were shocked.Radha came there sweating.Kokila cried slapping Radha:Because of you I tore my Gopi bahu’s heart for which Lord Krishna will never forgive me.
Ahem:Radha…because of you I lost my Gopi and Meera.You will rot in jail.
Radha was scared:Please don’t call the police.Meera is alive.I will give you back.
All were shocked.
Radha:Some people had saved Meera and I had got information regarding that.So I took her and put her in the orphanage.
Ahem:Instead of informing us you put Meera in an orphanage?So cruel you are!Jail is the right place for you for torturing our Meera.

Rashi slapped her:While our Princess Meeru is living like an orphan you are leading a lavish life here.

They called Police and brought back Meera from the orphanage.They got emotional seeing Meera and kissed her a lot.
Ahem said in his mind crying:I am sorry Gopi.I did’nt understand your value.I will bring you back and apologize to you in every way.
Koki:If Gopi bahu was here she would have been so happy.But I kicked her out.
Ahem became upset:I will bring your Gopi Bahu back mom.

Everyone smiled tearfully.
Rashi:Gopi will come back.I will give her a warm welcome.
Jigar:Yes Rashi.

Ahem and Jigar searched for Gopi.But they never got her back.All were upset.

Ahem:I have decided to leave this place for abroad with Meera.
They are shocked.
Kokila:What are you saying?
Ahem:If I stay here I will get crazy.Gopi’s memories will haunt me.

Jigar:But bhai….don’t take hasty decisions as usual.Please don’t go.

Ahem:No Jigar.I have to go.Please don’t stop me.
Jigar ,Parag and Kokila are upset.
Kok:I lost my Gopi Bahu.Now you and Meera too…
Ahem:You have not lost me and Meera.We will be visiting you all once in a while.And because of us Gopi lost her family.So we don’t deserve any happiness which was denied to Gopi.This is a punishment for us for kicking out Gopi.
Kok:Yes Ahem are right.
They all wept.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  1. plz try to finish SNS …cz its becoming more and more boring and untolerating….nd specially i dnt want c devoleena to b grandmother…she is still young she can rule as a young charecter

    1. jasmine Rahul

      This is a FF.This topic is not related to the show

  2. Meera brought back safely… And radha exposed…nice twist…and its great the story started from the modi house wer ahem and jigar are already married to gopi and rashi and gohem has a child meera…completely diffrent frm other saathiya ffs….really i am looking out for the next part…wer is gopi living?? Is ahem really going abroad?? Pls continue this ff as
    a long one…i wud love to read more of it….really nice work jasmine rahul???

    1. jasmine Rahul

      Really thx a lot 4 this detailed comment.This was rly encouraging

  3. Its really something new as we saw that after meera get lost gopi goes for 8 years….but you change the track…its good…updt. soon…

    1. jasmine Rahul

      thx 4 ur detailed analysis.hoping 4 the same response in future too

  4. Really good…continue

    1. jasmine Rahul

      thx 4 reading my ss

  5. This is great jasmine keep it up

    1. Jasmine I know I said I would upload a chapter today but I am busy studying
      However next Sudha Khana will return it is revealed she was the one who looked after Radha. Paridhi did not know about her mother’s intentions Radha was kept in Dubai for 29 years in her new avatar. Sudha has also kidnapped her sister Urmila and will aid Radha.
      I promise it will be uploaded soon…

      1. Sudha will be played by Monica Bedi aka Guman from Saraswatichandra.

      2. jasmine Rahul

        waiting 4 ur update friend.thx 4 having a look at my ss.hope u will give detailed review on each chapter

  6. Jasmine part 9 has been submitted. Biggest twist so far in the track. I am sure you all will love it.


    love it plz upload

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