Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 8)


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Chapter 8
Just when the catterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly !!

Karthik’s POV.

Blinded by bright light I closed my eyes a multiple times. I couldn’t adjust to it well. I rolled around in the very cosy bed. About one thing I was sure, wherever I was, I wasn’t in my room. I groaned and tossed and turned trying to remember what all had happened last night. That’s when it clicked – I was in Naira’s house. And this was her room.

Cursing I sat up straight. I remembered dozing off in her arms. But as I woke up she had disappeared. I wondered whether it was a dream. Suddenly the door clicked open revealing Naira. She looked cute in her spongebob pyjamas and an oversized T-shirt.

“Morning !!” She chirped looking for something in her drawers. I tried to smile but failed miserably as a strong pain shot through my head.
“Hangover ?!!” She asked taking a pile of clothes into the bathroom. I nodded.

“You have had a really rough night.” She said.

“No not really.” I smiled at the events from the night before. She rolled her eyes and handed me some tablets with a glass of water.

“Its Crocin. Especially for hangover. It will help you with the head ache.” She said.

“Yeah.Thanks.” I said gulping down the medicine with the water.

“Well I m not touching alcohol again.” I muttered. Her musical laugh echoed in my ears.

“You better not. I m gonna head down and prepare breakfast for you. Freshen up and join me.” She said and exited the room.

The headache seemed to be fading now. I entered the kitchen only to find Naira struggling with the eggs. The whole house was silent. Just the sound of her breaking the eggs filled the room.

“Where are uncle, aunty and naksh ?!! Do they know I was here the whole night ?!!.” I asked leaning on the counter beside her.
“Mumma and papa have gone to a wedding while bhai has gone to Krishna. Its already 12 o’clock. And nobody knows that you were here the whole night except you and me !!” She explained. I nodded as she was getting irritated with the eggs not breaking.

I admired her. The way she bit her lip when she was concentrating on the eggs. The way she struggled to move her hair out of her face. She was having a real hard time cooking due to those few strands of hair.

“Wait.let me do that.” I said and tucked those few strands behind her ear. She smiled and continued with her cooking. Something about her was odd that day. She looked different. I gently tilted her face so that she was facing me.

“What ?!!” She asked. That’s when I noticed the bruise on her cheek. It was clearly visible and it looked really bad.

“What happened to your face ?!! It looks pretty bad.” I asked examining the bruise. She flinched at my touch and quickly pulled back.

“Yeah I had a fall in the bathroom this morning. It was pretty bad and embarrassing.” She chuckled to herself. She couldn’t even lie properly for God’s sake. I knew it wasn’t an accident.

“Really ?!! Can’t you lie better Naira ?!!” I asked. She avoided me completely like I wasn’t present there at first place and headed to the refrigerator.

“I m not lying. Really I slipped over some shampoo.” She mumbled. To me this girl was unbelievable. I could clearly make out and I certainly was not that dumb to believe that a fall in the bathroom can lead to such a serious bruise.

“Who did this ?!!” I asked straightaway.

“What ?!!” She froze in her spot, while I tried to think of all people who could harm Naira like that. Only one person crossed my mind, Rithvik. I vaguely remembered them fighting about something the night before.

“Did Rithvik do it ?!!” I asked.

“Do you want some coffee to go with the eggs or should I make tea. Do you like green tea ?!!” She blabbered completely ignoring my question. She looked through the cabinets. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“Don’t you dare to avoid me like that. Tell me did he do this ?!!” I asked. I was 99% sure that Rithvik did this. But still I wanted her to say it.

“He did.” She said. Before I could react she continued “We got into a fight last night. But he didn’t mean this to happen I know. He was drunk.” She said. That wasn’t a valid explanation. Even I was drunk. But I hadn’t crossed my limits.

“I can’t believe that.. You are still supporting him after he did this to you.” I gritted. I could feel the anger boiling inside me.

“I m not supporting him Karthik. It was a mistake from his side. We’ll sort this out.” She argued. Who forgives a mistake like this ?!!

“Don’t tell me you are planning to forgive him after this shit.” To that she just shrugged. It was like the Naira in front of me was a different person altogether. She was never like this before, so submissive. At that point I knew that there was no point in arguing with this girl. But I was definitely going to beat the shit out of Rithvik !!

“Why are you so submissive ?!! Since when did you start tolerating this bullshit ?!! like seriously Naira that asshole hit you !! Wake up and look what the heck have you done to yourself !!” I yelled. She seemed to be taken aback by my sudden outburst.

“No Karthik !! Just stay out of my life !! I know exactly why are you doing all this and its only because you want Rithvik out of your way !! You want to have your chance right ?!! Well you are not getting that so stop interrupting in my life.” She yelled.

Her words hit me hard. I was hurt, but more than that it came as an insult to me. I was only trying to keep her safe but she had taken the argument to a whole new level. Never even for a second I had a thought that there was my advantage in getting Rithvik out of my way.

She gasped as those words escaped her mouth. She looked sorry. I sighed and was about to leave. She tugged on to my arm.

“No no…no no… I didn’t mean that. Please.” She cried holding on to my arm. I was too angered to even look at her.

“What’s left ?!! This is what you think of me.” I said trying to get out of her grip. But she tugged at my shirt and pulled me close.

“Look at me.. Please I didn’t mean that…” She pleaded. Her voice cracked with every word that came out of her mouth. But I refrained to look at her.I knew my anger would vanish if I look at her.

“Karthik . . . I really didn’t mean that…” She cried and cupped my face. I sighed.

“Forget it Naira. You have changed. I don’t even know who you are anymore.” I said.

“No please listen to me. Please just listen to me once.” She cried while I pushed her away and walked straight out of the house. I walked only to be greeted by someone who was unexpected and uninvited , Rithvik.
His black BMW stopped abruptly in front of me and he hopped out of it. A huge grin plastered on his face as his eyes laid on me. “Hey man Where did you disappear last night ?!! Didn’t expect to see you here.” He said. How could he be so normal after whatever happened last night ?!! Like nothing had happened.

“I wasn’t feeling well. So I just drove home.” I replied. I was blunt for I just wanted to rip this guy’s head off. He truly disgusted me.

“Oh what are you doing here ?!!” He asked as Naira walked out of the house. There were tears in her eyes. She wiped them off quickly as she spotted Rithvik standing with me.

“Rithvik ….” She trailed off.

“Baby I m sorry for whatever happened last night. It was just an accident.” He said rushing to her side. I controlled the urge to kick his nuts.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. Just leave okay ?!! Its over.” She said.

“Wait what ?!! Are you breaking up with me ?!!” He was bewildered. Like breaking up with him was a crime. But I was glad to see Naira standing up for herself. That was more like my Naira. Karthik’s Naira. Her mendhak’s Naira.

Rithvik took a quick glance at me and then back at Naira. “Can we talk about this in private ?!! Please babe.” He said.

“No .. Please..There’s nothing left to talk. Just leave Rithvik.” She said backing away from him. This triggered his ego obviously.

“Are you avoiding me now Naira ?!! How dare you !!” He spat.

“Oe. Take it easy tiger.” I stepped in. Naira did gesture me to back off but it wasn’t time for me to stay quiet.

“Karthik. Please stay out of this.” Rithvik warned.

“I would have if you hadn’t done whatever you did last night.” I said.

He was taken aback as he looked at Naira. “You told him ?!!” He asked. I rolled my eyes at how obvious that was. She nodded.

“You are such a sympathy gainer Naira. I should have known it. I should have seen the ‘real’ you. What are you gonna do now ?!! Woo him with the crocodile tears of yours ?!! I was right, yesterday night. This is why girls like you are called sl*ts. All you can do is jump from one man to another. bl**dy gold diggers–.” And before he could complete his sentence I pinned him to his car showering him with punches.

“How dare you say such things to her ?!! I swear Rithvik if you ever cross her path or touch her against her will I ll do something you will regret for the rest of your life.” I threatened him.

At the same time Naira pulled me away from him. He, who seemed to take in whatever had just happened regained his posture and stood in front us.

“Oh. . . This is the reason why you are breaking up with me. He is the reason. Heck I should have known it.” He growled. “Okay then !! Let’s see how long does this last. Trust me mate, once she finds out someone better than you. You will be out of the picture just like me.” He added provoking me more.

But Naira placed her hand on my chest stopping me from attacking him again. “Just leave.” She said. He shook his head looking at both of us.

“You are gonna regret this.” He spat before hopping into his car and driving away.

Once he was out of sight Naira almost fell on the ground when I held her up. Before I could, she gave in and came into my arms. Her cries broke my heart into pieces. I felt like someone had ripped my heart and taken it out of my body. It was terrible. But I had to comfort her and I did.

“Hey its okay. He’s gone. Its over. . .” I said. She clung to me like her life depended on it. Finally she let go probably feeling exhausted.

“Are you okay ?!!” I asked.
She nodded. “Yes.. let’s get back inside.” She said.
I wiped her tears before leading her inside. She looked so dull and pale. I had to lighten her mood.
“So where were we ?!! Yeah eggs I would like some coffee with that. Oh please make it fast. I m starving.” I laughed as she walked into the kitchen like a turtle.

“Do you need any help ?!!” I asked. She smiled weakly and shook her head. It was like she was with me physically. But mentally she was still outside the house where all of it happened. I took her hand in mine and made her sit on the chair. I crouched in front of her.

“Why are you sad now ?!!” I asked.

Her face cringed as tears threatened to spill again.”I don’t know Karthik. I trusted him. Yes he was sometimes rude to me. He made fun of me. But I had never thought ever that he would raise his hand on me. How could I be so stupid that I could let him to take control over me. The truth is I myself don’t know who I am anymore !!” She said.

I sighed and cupped her face. I wiped her tears first and made her look at me. “You are strong and resilient Naira. You can stand up for yourself. You are happy, fun-loving and carefree. You are the same Naira whom I have loved.” I said.

“You are wrong. I have lost that Naira. She’s dead.” She said.

“She’s not. She is still there in your heart. Don’t let your fears or whatever’s there troubling you take over you. I know my Naira is not weak. What you did today, standing up for yourself takes a lot of courage. I m proud of you for that.” I said hugging her.

She sniffed and nodded. “But Rithvik -”

“He’s gone. He won’t be coming back. And trust me as long as I m there no one can dare to touch you.” I assured.

“Thank you Karthik. But I never meant that when I said you to stay away from my life.” She said.

I smiled. “I know. C’mon now say goodbye to those tears. I m starving.” I said. She smiled as I accidently touch her bruise causing her to flinch.

“Does it hurt ?!!” I asked as I kissed her bruise

She smiled and shook her head. “Not anymore.”

Precap : Naksh,keerti and kaira double date. Keerti and naira bonding. Naira deciding to take revenge !!
Soo peeps how was this Chapter ?!!
I hope Everyone is happy about Naira breaking up with Rithvik.I am creating a base for kaira’s relationship. I would also like to tell you that I will reveal the reason for naira leaving Karthik in the 10th Chapter. Its just one more Chapter to go….After that kaira will be together !!
Any guesses people ?!! Why would naira take revenge and on whom ?!! Let me know what you think.
Also peeps tonight at 9 there is a christmas special episode on star plus where in kaira will also be a part of it. There are some performances of the whole Yrkkh family as well. So do watch it !!
Do comment. Keep smiling and keep watching Yrkkh.

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