Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 7)


Hello Everyone.
Chapter 7
Because I missed you like the moon misses the sun at night…..
Naira’s POV.

A sharp pain shot through my head. I felt dizzy. I held my cheek. It stung. My eyes were filled with tears as I dared to take a glance at Rithvik . My hands and feet were as cold as ice. My whole body shivered as he stared at me nastily. I was scared of him.

“This is what you get for rejecting me. sl*t.” He growled in anger and walked away. I was left alone, trying to process what just happened to me in the past few minutes.

As I recollected the events of the night, I remembered, getting into an ugly banter with Rithvik in front of everyone. I refused to dance with him and walked out of the club. Of course, he had followed me. We fought and thus, I was presented with this bruise on my face.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that Rithvik would lay hands on me like that. He hit me. He abused me. I was shocked to see him behave in such a nasty manner. He was drunk.

I wiped my face with the sleeve of my top .I decided to leave for home, on the way out of the club I spotted Rithvik grinding with some girl, getting all touchy. I felt disgusted even by the sight of him.

While I was outside I ran as fast I could, irrespective of the direction I was going in. I could notice an empty road ahead with not a single soul nearby. I ran and ran and finally halted. I was panting and crying at the same time.

“Naira ?!!” A voice startled me. I looked up to see none other than Karthik. I was baffled. What was he even doing here ?!! I wondered.

“Karthik, what are you doing here ?!!” I was interrupted as he approached me.

“You are crying. Why are you crying ?!!” He asked. A strong smell of alcohol drifted from him as he came near me. That’s when it hit me,he was drunk. Another shock for me in one night. Karthik never dared to touch a drink.

“Are you drunk ?!!” I asked him. Well obviously he was drunk. He couldn’t even stand still in a place. He stumbled a little as I held him by his shoulders.

“Why are you drunk Karthik ?!! Don’t you know you are not allowed to drink ?!! And why are you out here all alone ?!!” I asked. He looked baffled like he had no idea what I was talking about.

“Why are you crying babe ?!!” He asked with a cute little pout. The way he called me ‘babe’ made my heart flutter. But at that time, I couldn’t think of anything than my worsened situation.

Tears welled up in my eyes again and within seconds I cried my heart out again. Seeing Karthik had made me more emotional. I wanted him to be sober to lend an ear but he was f**king drunk, for crying out loud.

His face scrunched and he looked worried as my cries got louder. I was thinking about whatever had happened back in the club.

“Please don’t cry. .” He said barely above a whisper. He was a little hesitant first, but soon wrapped me up in his arms.

I felt safe and warm and loved. I belonged to him. I had missed his embrace, his cologne, his voice and every little thing about him. . . He rocked me back and forth. “Don’t cry please. I feel terrible when I see those tears in your eyes.” He whispered in my ears while his voice cracked at the end.

I pulled back myself and wiped my tears in front of him. “Okay okay. No more crying. But tell me, please, why would you drink so much ?!!” I asked.

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and smiled like an idiot. “Just like that. I needed to tell. . . no. . . I needed to ask you something.” He said. He fumbled with his words as he was too wasted.

“Okay. Well you can ask me later. Anything you want. I have to get you home now.” I said.

“But I want to ask you something now !!” He whined like a five year old kid. Handling him sane was much easier than handling him wasted.

“It can wait.Karthik c’mon now !!” I said.

Not to my surprise that guy just shook his head and took a seat in the middle of the road folding his legs and crossing his arms across his chest. I knew he would do something like that. I rolled my eyes at his immature gesture.

“I don’t want to go home now.” He stated.

“Then where do you want to go now ?!!” I asked.

“To your room. Its much. . .cosy and homely with you around.” He pleaded. And Oh, those puppy eyes of his always work. I sighed and finally gave up.

“Fine c’mon.” I said and helped him up. He carried on with his random talk and chatter as I put him into the car and drove to my home. . .

Carefully without making any noise I snuck into the house with a half unconscious Karthik , following me. He tugged onto my finger as I led him upstairs.

“Where am I ?!!” He asked in a drowsy voice.

“Shh. My parents are sleeping. Keep it low !!” I ordered and tip toed upstairs. But much to my bad luck this guy had to do something to put me into trouble.

“But I m sleepy !! I want my mom…” He exclaimed a little too loud. I flinched and pinned him to the wall clamping my hand over his mouth. Our faces were just inches apart.

“I told you that my parents are sleeping. You better behave and sleep here without any complaints right now !!” I whisper-yelled. He said something that I couldn’t fully understand. I ignored his muffled words as he took my hand off.

“But I m thirsty. . .” He said. I groaned. He was such a drama queen. Nevertheless, I was in love with him. I liked pampering my ‘Frog Prince’ at times.

“Yeah. So there’s a whole bottle of yummy water in my room. Now shut up and walk with me.” I ordered causing him to frown.

“You are rude.” He huffed.

“No. I m not. Anyway, please walk with me ?!!” I pleaded batting my eyelashes even though he couldn’t see me clearly. He nodded.

“That’s better.” He smiled.

“Take this blanket and go to sleep.” I said in a very tired tone. I was dozing off standing. He sighed and plopped down on bed. I tucked him into the blanket and was about to leave when he caught hold of my hand.

“Don’t go. . .don’t leave me again.” He mumbled. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to slip away from his grasp but he held my hand close to his chest. Also, I did have an urge to go and fall asleep in his arms.

I don’t know what took over me but I decided to follow my instincts.I had forgotten everything that moment – the vow to never see him again, our break-up, everything. . . I made some space for myself beside him as he wrapped his arms around me. My head rested on his chest listening to his heartbeats. I felt so complete.

“I love you Naira.. . .” He said patting my head and planting a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you too Mendhak. . .” I said and closed my eyes. . .
Finally a Good Night came in my life after two years of many Rough Nights.

Precap : Kaira kitchen moments. Karthik and Rithvik face off. The most awaited break up !!
Hope you all loved this episode. Added some kaira romance. I know it was a short update but I promise the next one will be a big one. Finally naira will break up with Rithvik in the next Chapter.
Soo peeps please have some faith in me. I have had a plan set in my mind about how the story would turn out and thus I need some patience from you all. I know all of you are impatient to know the reason of their break up and I would reveal it really soon. Don’t be upset with me !!
Also watch star plus tomorrow night at 9 . Its a chritmas special episode and kaira would be a part of it !! Watch today’s yrkkh as well, since the singhania’s would be taking naira’s marraige proposal to the goenkas. Kaira marraige coming soon peeps !!
Do comment. Keep smiling and watching Yrkkh !!

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    1. Vrushy

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