Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 6)


Hello Everyone.
Chapter 6
You may have a thousand lovers but nobody will love you like I do.

Naira’s POV.

I was lying on the couch thinking what just happened to me ?!!
On one hand, I was happy that he was with me but on the other hand I was bound with my vow not to see his face again. My life sucks….
I walked towards the window of my bedroom and there I remembered what had happened five years ago. That was our confession night….

I was sitting in my room all alone and I checked my phone on the nightstand and I was again disappointed.

No call from him. Neither a message. Karthik never does that. He never ignored me. Even if he’s busy he tells me that he won’t be able to talk. His sudden ignorance is worrying me.

I sighed and sinked back into my bed. I was annoyed for my best friend…my only friend is ignoring me. Suddenly I was startled as something hit the windowpane lightly.

I look out curiously to see, little balls of crumbled paper being thrown inside my room. A few are lying on the carpet and more are being thrown inside…

What the hell…

I hurry towards the window to look down. My eyes widen as I see none other than Karthik standing down. One paper he had thrown hits my nose. He is about to throw another paper ball but stops as soon as he sees me gazing down.

He flashes a smile waving frantically at me. Only one question pops out in my mind –What the hell is he doing here nearly at midnight ?!!

“Karthik !! What are you doing here ?!!” I ask as I m bewildered.

“Get aside I m coming up.” He says not caring to answer my question. I m confused as he climbs up the pipe straight up to the first floor.

“Hey.” He says once he is up hanging from the window.

“Are you crazy ?!! What in the world are you doing here at this hour of night ?!! What if bhai or papa see you ?!!” I ask.

“Well. That surely is a very good way to greet your best friend. But my hands are killing me so pull me up.” He says. I shake my head and pull him inside.

Once he is up, he pants and straightens himself dusting off the dirt from his clothes. I notice him wearing the shirt I had gifted him on his birthday. But I don’t care about that.

All I know is that he was ignoring me all time. He got me worried and sick with his unusual behaviour. I hit his arm and push him away before he could say anything.

“Ow. Why would you do that ?!!” He exclaims rubbing his arm.

“Dont even ask why. How dare you to do this to me ?!!” I say hitting his arm again.

“What are you saying ?!! Are you crazy ?!! Naira stop it !!” He exclaims but I don’t listen to him and keep on hitting him with whatever I get in my hand.

First its a pillow, then its a teddy, then its a quilt, then a book…and finally he holds my wrists tightly restraining me from making any further damage to my own room.

“Shit. What’s wrong ?!!” He asks completely taken aback by my outburst.

“You ask me what’s wrong ?!! What’s wrong is that you have been f**king ignoring me. Where were you since a long time ?!!” I demand.

“Uh..well…I was at…home.” He mutters. Liar !!

“Don’t lie.” I state. He shyly rubs the back of his head and looks down at me.

“ I m sorry. I just wanted to surprise you with something. So I didnt tell you !!” He says sheepishly.

“Guess what ?!! You did surprise me by showing up at my window at such an awkward time.” I say annoyed.

“I m sorry Naira. But hey. I got something for you.” He says. I cant help but look at him. Only I know how much I had missed those eyes of his.

He reaches his hand to his back pocket and pulls out something. Its sticky ?!! He shuts his eyes once he takes it out.

“Oh heck” he curses. I understand its a chocolate. That too a squished and soft one. Its completely molten. I supress my smile even though I find it really sweet of him to get me a chocolate. “I m so sorry. It was supposed to be good.” He said.

“Did you come here just to give me a molten chocolate ?!!” I ask.

“No..not at all. I actually wanted to apologise for not answering your calls.” He says. “Naira. I want to confess something to you…” His eyes are locked in mine. His intense eyes are making me go weak on my knees.

“What is it ?!!” I manage to say hiding my nervousness. I was never so nervous around him. Then why now ?!!

“Naira you know we have been friends since a long time. There’s nothing you don’t know about me. You have stuck by my side however the times were — good or bad. You have seen me rise and fall. You are my best friend. But I don’t know how, when and why I started developing feelings for you.” He says. He’s not joking. He’s freaking serious.

I stare at him with my jaw dropped. I can’t believe whatever I m seeing and listening. And I do certainly have a clear idea of what’s gonna come next.

“Karthik I –” I wanted to say something so badly but I had officially run out of words. He interrupts.

“Let me finish it.” He comes closer to me. He sighs deeply and says “I love you, Naira. And its not some sort of crush or something. I really, really,really love you with all my heart. I don’t know about your feelings, but I can’t hide mine anymore. I just want you to know whatever you chose will be fine with me…..”

I m speechless. This man..my best friend is in love with me. How am I supposed to hide my feelings ?!! Especially when I m feeling the same thing. I had to let him know.

“I know its okay if you don’t feel the same for me. I understand ..” He rambles nervously as I cut him off with a slight peck on his cheeks.He looks at me shocked. But then probably he see’s my answer in my eyes and hugs me tightly. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Screw the butterflies I could feel the whole zoo in the pit of my stomach !!

I pull away only to be captivated by those eyes of his again. He is smiling as if he has conquered the whole world. I can feel the heat rising up my cheeks.

“I love you mendhak. I always have and I always will..” I say. He presses his forehead against mine.
“You don’t know how happy you have made me today.” He says.
“If you don’t mind I would like to have that molten chocolate now. That’s my favourite.” I chuckle and we both laugh silently …….

Those were the days when happiness was at its peak. But what am I doing right now ?!!
I can’t spoil his life and take that risk again. Sorry Karthik, I have to do this for YOU. . . I love you. . .

Later that night Rithvik and I were supposed to go to a club. He had come home to pick me up and as we were leaving, we saw bhai returning from Krishna. Rithvik asked him to join us and he was only too happy.The only reason I was ready to go to the club was that I wanted my mind to get off that kiss. But my luck turned out against me as soon as I learned bhai has invited Karthik as well. Great. Just great.We reached the club.

“Hey buddy !!” I heard bhai’s voice coming from a distance. I saw Karthik giving him one of those manly hugs.I wanted to hide somewhere. I chose to stay out of sight and went to the bar to sit on one of those stools.

From corner of my eye I could see karthik looking around. Obviously he was looking for me. The moment he spotted me in the crowd I tore away my gaze from him.

Then when I was least expecting I felt someone grip my hand. It was Rithvik.He gently led me to the dance floor where people were grinding against each other.

“Rithvik I can’t dance.” I protested.

“C’mon Naira. Just one dance. Don’t play a party pooper.” He insisted.
“I need to use the washroom. Excuse me.” I said and left a baffled rithvik behind.

I went straight out of the club. “Okay. Don’t be a coward. Go in. Have fun. Don’t think about him.” I chanted to myself while pacing around impatiently.

“Think about whom ?!!” A voice from my back startled me. I abruptly turned back to see bhai standing there.

“Nobody bhai !!” I said trying to change the topic.

“Karthik. Isn’t it ?!! You were thinking about him.” He stated. I sighed as both of us sat down on the footpath.

“I don’t really know what happened between you two ?!! You never told me the whole thing. But all I know for sure is that he really loves you. You won’t get someone better than him.” He continued.

“I have hurt him way too much.” I said.

“I don’t know about that. Only you two can figure about what’s actually between you two. But all I can say is that I know what you are going through right now. I just want you to know whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, I m there for you.” He said.

“Yeah anyway. I think we both should go inside.” I said. We walked inside.
Karthik’s POV.

Loud music blasting through the speakers fueled my anger. I sat away from the party like a loner. People were dancing, laughing and chatting over a drink. While I was sulking in my own sorrows.
Naksh came and sat next to me.I looked at Naira past Naksh.She was swaying with Rithvik. His hands rested on her bare waist which was exposed by the crop top she wore. The way he touched her skin I felt like ripping his head off.

“Stop looking at them.” Naksh said interrupting my thoughts.

But then again I looked at Naira. She was now arguing with Rithvik. She pushed him away and walked out of the dance floor.

“She has moved on. Why can’t you do the same thing ?!!” He asked. I cocked my head at one side and looked at him as if he was crazy. The answer was evident in my expression.

“Because I love her. I will always love her. Everytime I ask her about why she left me she starts avoiding me.It hurts.” I said.

“Well if its bothering you so much,I think you should talk to her about it. You certainly do have a right to know the reason behind this. Ask her karthik.” He said. I chuckled.

“I would have gotten my answers two years back itself if it was that easy. But it isn’t. She’s not gonna say it. But I can see how much she’s hurting herself as well.” I said.

“Yeah. I saw that too. She does think about you. She does have feelings for you. I have noticed the way she looks at you. But you have to clear things with her buddy. Let me give you a tip. Girls prefer guys who talk to them first and not the other way round. Just try once. You might get your answers this time.” He said.

Maybe he was right. . . No he was damn right. I had all the right to demand the answers. She was not the only one in the relationship. It was the both of us. It was Naira and Karthik. I had to talk to her in order to clear my mind.

“You are right. For the first time you have helped me in real.” I said.

“What the f**k ?!!” He asked, offended.

“Just kidding. I am gonna go and talk to her right now.” I said a little too enthusiastically.

“That’s my boy. Man up, dude.” He cheered and pumped his fist in the air like I was going to run a marathon. I got up from my seat with immense courage but it all vanished as a sudden feeling of nervousness washed over me. I sat over again.

“I can’t do this.” I muttered.

“Where did the confident Karthik go ?!!” He asked.

“Screw confidence. I can barely stand in front of her after what happened yesterday.” I said and immediately regretted. I wasn’t supposed to bring up the ‘kiss’ in front of Naksh.

“What did you two do ?!! ” He said a little cautiously.
He looked at me to speak up. How was I supposed to tell my best friend that I kissed his sister when she is already in a relationship with some other guy.He waited for me to open my mouth but then finally gave up.
“But I do have a solution to all your problems.” He added and abruptly got up from the seat. Before I could react he was dragging me somewhere.

“What the hell are you doing ?!!” I asked as he pulled me away with my arm.

“You my best friend need some encouragement to talk to her. And I know exactly what can help you.” He said and dragged me towards the . . .bar ?!!

“No no no no. Don’t even think about it. I m not drinking.” I warned.

He took some drink from the bartender.

“Dont worry. Its not that strong. You ll be fine.” Naksh reassured.

“Are you mad ?!! I m not getting wasted. How can you even hand me a drink ?!!” I asked. He scoffed.

“Nothing is going to happen. Its just a little vodka. Plus if you get too high I ll be there to handle you.” He said.

“That’s what I m worried about. Just keep that back.” I ordered. He shook his head mumbling a no. Before I could protest he handed me the drink. I eyed him for a couple of seconds and then gave in.

I gulped down the drink in one go. Soon I was craving for more. “One more.” I ordered. Naksh looked at me bewildered.

“One is enough you know.” He said as I gulped another glass. I ordered another.

“Karthik that’s enough. You don’t want to end up here lying like a dead man. Do you ?!!” He asked.

“No just chill out. You only told that I needed help. Here I m taking some help.” I said. Like that I was soon six drinks down.

“I m not to be blamed for your hangover, you idiot.” He said. Everything around me was staring to get dizzy.

“Don’t worry I m okay. I need to talk to Naira. Where is she ?!!” I asked.

“I think you should ask her when you are sober.” He suggested.

“No you know. I can’t do that properly when I m sober. I m this little puppy when I m in front of her who can barely talk. I have to do this tonight.” I slurred and wandered off looking for Naira.

Precap : Bad Rithvik. Naira crying. Drunk karthik. Some cuddles !!
Big hello peeps !!
I know there was not much of kaira in todays chapter but then I wanted to show their bonding with naksh. How naksh would be one of the reasons of them being together !! Don’t worry next chapter would be full of kaira.
As for the role of Rithvik, karanvir bohra has been selected !!
Do comment. Keep smiling and keep watching Yrkkh.

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