Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 43)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 43
I will walk with you forever,
But if you don’t walk with me than I will walk with all your memories forever !!

Karthik’s POV.

What do I do with my life ?!!

Three years ago, when Naira left, at least I had a little hope somewhere that she would come back to me, and she did.

But this time I was hoping against hope. I knew there was no hope, and that she was not going to come back to me. Even if she did, how was I supposed to forgive her ?!!

Okay, I understood everything she went through. She had problems recollecting things and getting her life back on track, she was frustrated with no memory of her past, and to add to that, I left her when she needed me there. But does that mean that she should go and fall in love with somebody else, even when she knows that I was waiting for her !!

No. She was wrong here, and yet, in the end, the truth remained same — I loved her. It had been two days and I hadn’t stepped out of my room. It sucked. I tried to hate her, I tried to destroy all memories of her,but I couldn’t, for I loved her truly. But, now I was not going to fight for her. Not anymore. There’s a limit to everything and this time she had crossed it.

Naira’s POV.

Call him ?!! No ?!! Yes ?!!

I debated as my finger hovered over the call button on the screen. I wanted to call him so bad. I needed him and the person I was planning to call was Rithvik.

He had no clue about the big lie I had told. He had no clue Karthik was back,and I guess he needed to know. It was just me and him who knew the truth. Truth that I was not in a relationship with Rithvik nor was I in love with him, and now, I needed him to play along. I knew that I was caught up between a web of lies, but I had to do it in order to get away from Karthik. He had to know what it felt like when you’re being cheated.

I finally called Rithvik. . .

“You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend ?!!” Rithvik asked, quite taken aback.

“Just pretend, okay ?!! I know I’m asking you for too much and its okay if you can’t do it.” I said, followed by a long pause.

“Okay, I am in.” He said.

‘That didn’t take much.’ I thought. Just as I was about to thank him, he spoke in between.

“You know it’s not really bad idea. But what if we don’t pretend ?!! You can be my girlfriend for real.” He said. I sighed.

“Shut up, Rithvik. I thought we had a talk about this before.” I said.

I knew Rithvik liked me or maybe more than that. But I had no such feelings for him, and I had told him not to bring up that topic again. He seemed to understand but he always kept on telling me the reasons to date him.

“Okay, okay. I will.” He said with a sigh and hung up.

Great. Here I was dealing with remembering my old life, and my feelings for Karthik, and there was Rithvik convincing me to be his real girlfriend.

As I was about to take a shower to clear my head, my phone buzzed.

Bhai calling… I answered.

“Hey Naira.Tonight, I have invited some of my friends to our house.We’re celebrating because I have like got this huge promotion that I have been wanting since long. Everybody is gonna be there, and you’re gonna show up too. No excuses. I want you to be there as well so if you have any plans then cancel them !!” He said, all in one shot. I didn’t even get to say a good hello.

“Okay, hi, first of all, and secondly, congrats on the promotion. Thirdly, I’m sorry. I can’t be there. I have some plans for the evening.” I said. Everybody in bhai’s friend circle probably hated me, and by everybody, I meant Karthik.

“If you won’t be home than I am cancelling the celebration. I want my sister to be a part of my happiness as well. So better say yes.” He said, dead serious.

This was his blackmailing shade. He knew I would feel bad if he doesn’t celebrate his promotion because of me. Thus I had no option left but to say yes !!

“No, wait !! No. I’ll be at home. You are soo bad bhai !!.” I said, faking anger !!

“That’s better. Now everybody will arrive around 7.Keerti and I would be home before that and don’t worry we will pick up something to eat on our way back home.” He said, and I expected him to hang up. But to my surprise, he didn’t. He was dead silent for a moment, and then suddenly spoke up, startling me.

“Can I ask you a favour ?!!” He asked.

“No.” I said. I knew he would ask for something that I am not willing to do !!

He snickered. “I’m serious.”

“Alright what ?!!” I asked giving up.

“Invite Rithvik as well.” He said.

I almost choked after hearing that. Why does he need Rithvik ?!! I mean they don’t even speak to each other properly. I thought. Besides, whatever happened with Karthik, I seriously didn’t expect bhai to invite Rithvik.

“Invite who ?!!” I asked making sure I had heard the right name.

“Rithvik. I would’ve invited him only if he would’ve answered my calls. It’s nothing related to whatever issues you, Karthik and Rithvik have. I just wanted him to come, that’s all.” He said.

I sighed. Convincing Rithvik to come was easy. Asking him to pretend to be my boyfriend,even more easy. But acting like a perfect couple in front of Karthik, was not as easy as I had thought.

“I’ll ask him, but I’m not sure. Are you sure you really want him to come ?!!” I asked.

“Ofcourse, I do.” He replied.

All I thought was – why ?!!

“Can I ask you something bhai ?!!” I asked, really curious to know the answer to my question.

“Anything.” he said sweetly.

“Why are you doing this ?!! I mean, considering how bad girlfriend I was, how much I hurt your best friend,you behave so nicely with me. You didn’t even scold me for what I did to Karthik !!” I asked.

He was silent for a moment and then spoke up.

“ How stupid can you be ?!! I’m still by your side, because I know it very well that you’re going through a rough patch right now. You’re not the bad girl who breaks someone’s heart like it’s nothing. You’re good and pure. I know that, because I have know you since like we were in diappers !!. And I also know that something has changed you. I don’t know what, but something has. I don’t know about the others, but I still have faith in you. I’ll always have.” He said.

I didn’t know whether to be happy that somebody actually cared or to be sad that I lied to somebody who cared. I wanted to ask him everything.

Why did Karthik cheat on me ?!! Does he even love me ?!! Was I not good enough for him ?!! And so many questions. But I didn’t. Or rather, I couldn’t.

“It feels good to know that there’s somebody out there who actually cares.” I said.

“Why would you think that nobody cares ?!! You’ve no idea how much Keerti cares about you. How much mumma and papa have been worried about you.How much I care for you.” He said. What was the point in everybody else caring when the one I wanted to care, didn’t.

And as if he read my mind he continued. “Oh and in case you don’t know,the one who cares the most is him. Karthik does not hate you, Naira. He can’t. He loves you too much. He may not talk to you or pretend to be happy without you, but from inside, he cares. He too knows that.”

“If he cared them why did he…” I said, but he cut me off.

“He left because that deal was important !! Every single day, he called me to ask about you. He missed you like hell !!” He said.

Really ?!! I had heard that from Karthik too. All I wanted to ask, was that, if he cared, then why did he cheat ?!! Why did he sleep with someone else ?!! Rithvik had told me all about it.

I was about to ask bhai the same question, but all I heard from the other end was a beep. Did he hang up ?!! The line was silent, and I looked at my phone’s screen. Switched off !!

Battery dead. I rolled my eyes and cursed the stupid device before plugging it to the charger.

I had to take a shower, and most importantly, I had to inform Rithvik all about the last moment celebration thing.

I hope it all to end soon !!

Precap : Karthik – Naira – Rithvik in the same room. Kaira fight. Naira running out of the party !!
Well whenever I have written about a party in my ff, it has never ended on a good note. There is ought to be some Tamasha in my parties so you can expect some shocks and Twists in this party as well !!
Only 8 more chapters to go……
Sorry peeps I couldn’t reply to your comments yesterday but I will surely do it today. You can expect 2 more chapters from me today as I will be home all day watching India V/s England match. Are any of you cricket fans ?!!
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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  1. Amazing Chapter…a bit emotional…
    Naira is so confused….
    Can’t wait for the ‘Tamasha’ it the party…
    Keep writing and smiling…
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    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!
      The ‘Tamasha’ coming up.
      Will post next Chapter today itself !!

    2. Oh and my favorite player is Yuviiii

  2. Akanksha

    Wow, Vrushy!! It’s getting interesting day by day….eagerly waiting for the party dhamaka

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      1. Fenil

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  5. AnikaSaini

    Bit emotional but episode overall was fab ….yeah me too a bit cricket fan ☺☺…

    Eagerly waiting for next episode….this tym rithvik must get 10 slaps✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋and a number of punches????? ….

    Waiting for naira misunderstandings to be sought nd happy kaira

    1. Vrushy

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  6. Vinni05

    I will walk with u forever………….. these lines r touched my heart
    Just awsome waiting for next part
    I’m also circket fan

    1. Vrushy

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  7. Hales

    Nyc one yr ..finally naira is realusing a bit …i cant even imagine tgt naira thinks kartik can cheat on naira n tht too by sleeping with some other girl!! I mean its kartik who waited for so many yrs n all ..m excited for tamashe wali party!?☺

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Actually she doesn’t remember anything and that’s the reason she believes what Rithvik says as Karthik was not there when she needed him the most.

  8. Amazing episode. Eagerly waiting for kaira reunion. Also, I am a great cricket(sports) fan. And my fav is Virat Kohli.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Kaira will be together soon.
      I love virat kohli <3 <3

    1. Vrushy

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    Awesome episode Vrushy!!!!
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    1. Vrushy

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      Kaira reunion coming your way soon.

  10. Farin

    What will I say dear..was busy in exam since two..jus eventered TU and read all your chapter since 30…I am very sad that I couldn’t comment,dear…

    YOUR ALL PLARTS WERE JUST OUT OF THE WORLD..i loved them..Btw,kaira reunion must be very unique,full of angst, passionate,s*x,romance everything..Its a much awaited moment..

    And I am great fan cricket??

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
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