Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 37)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 37
It might take a day, it might take a year…..
But what’s meant to be yours will always find its way !!

Karthik’s POV.
I sighed and laid back on the couch. One problem hadn’t solved but another had come up now. I was going to New York for three weeks. I had to. As much as I dreaded going there, it was my dad’s dream deal. I couldn’t leave my dad’s dream. I loved him but I also loved Naira. It seemed really tough to leave her alone after the accident.
As I was thinking about how and when to tell Naira about it, my phones ringtone brought me back to life !!

‘Jaan’ calling.
I had to tell her that I was leaving which was really a difficult task. Really difficult.

“Hi listen, I need to talk to you.” I said as soon as I picked up. But I couldn’t hear her.All I heard was noises of car honking, people talking.

“Naira, are you there ?!!” I asked.

“Karthik !! Where are you ?!!” She asked and I could sense something was really wrong.

“I’m home. But wait, where are you ?!!” I asked.

“I dont know !! I came here to the… I don’t know what place this is but I’m lost !! I can’t find a way back and I don’t know what to do !!” She cried.

Shit. . .

I quickly got up and grabbed the car keys.

“Naira,just calm down.okay ?!! Don’t worry, I’m coming !! Just tell me, where are you ?!!” I spoke, as calmly as possible, while wearing my shoes.

“I don’t know !!” She yelled.

“Okay, okay. Listen. Just tell me the landmark like a store nearby, or a café, a mall or anything you see.” I said, rushing out.

She paused for a moment and I guessed she was looking around.

“Yeah, yeah there’s a park over her. Lakeside park !!” She said.

I let out a sigh of relief, as I realized that it was the same park where Naira and I used to meet before.Where I had taken her before she was supposed to go to london. It’s sad, that she didn’t remember it but all I could see now was her. She was probably freaking out there alone and I had to go and find her.

“Okay, I know that place. Don’t worry, okay ?!! I’ll be there in fifteen minutes, maximum. Just stay there and wait for me !!” I said as I drove to the Lakeside park.

It was almost 10:30 pm.I looked at both the sides of road, for Naira.

I parked my car outside the park,which was closed, but Naira was nowhere to be seen.
‘I told her to wait here.’ I thought.
Just then I heard some noise !!

The sound which seemed like someone was sobbing. I followed it and there I was near a small, dark bench.I could easily see a girl, sitting on the ground, holding her knees to her chest and crying. It wasn’t too difficult to guess who it was.

“Naira ?!!” I said slowly. I didn’t want to scare her or startle her !!

She snapped her head up as soon as she heard my voice. Her eyes were red and puffy because of crying. She quickly got up as I opened my arms a little, as if inviting her in. She ran and just held on to me tight.

“I’m sorry.I don’t know how I got lost. It’s just that I came out for a walk and forgot the way back home. I didn’t know whom to call.I’m sorry !!” She cried. She looked really scared.

“Hey, it’s okay. It happens. You’re okay now, I’m here and you’re safe. Don’t worry.Relax.” I said, rubbing her head, trying to calm her down. But she just held on and cried.

I let her do so. Because, sometimes when you cry, you let all your worries and pain and suffering flow away with the tears. You feel lighter. You feel good. Like a huge burden has been taken away from your shoulders. So this is nothing to be embarrassed about this is nothing to feel bad about. This is something to feel proud about – that you’re strong enough to cry your heart out, let the tears carry away your pain, and then move on with life.

Naira had calmed down after a while. She cried, I held her. I didn’t say anything. I knew she only wanted to be comforted and I did that.

“I’m sorry. I must’ve freaked you out. I’m sorry for the trouble.” She said, looking at me.

“I understand and there’s nothing to be sorry about. You just got lost and asked for help. That’s it. It’s okay.” I said putting an arm around her shoulder and leading her back to the car.

As we stood outside, I opened the door for her. She didn’t go in, she stopped and looked at me. For a moment,Just for a moment, I thought my old Naira was back.

“I never thanked you, Karthik. I’m just so grateful to have you.” She said.

A smile formed on my lips as she continued.

“I say it all the time that it’s hard for me to cope up with this situation, but I never thought how hard it is for you. I mean just knowing the fact that the person you love doesn’t remember anything about you. I don’t know how you deal with it.” She said. I didn’t know what to say to her now.

Naira came a little closer, closing the gap between us. Resting her hand on my cheek she said,

“Those eyes of yours,they’re so beautiful. But they’re not happy. That smile of yours,it could light anybody’s world. But it’s just a show off. A mask that you’re wearing and I don’t want that. I may not remember anything about you,about us,but that look in your eyes,its like you’re always searching for those lost memories in my eyes.And when you don’t find them,you hide it with a smile saying its okay. Why would you do that ?!!” she asked.

My heart just skipped a beat after hearing those words. She knew me so well !!

“Because I love you. I always have. I can accept the fact that you don’t remember me. But I can never accept the fact that your heart doesn’t remember me. I know, it does, because there was a time you loved me. And I believe, there will be a time, when you’ll love me again.” I said. I didn’t even realize that a tear had slipped down my eye. She smiled and wiped it off with her sleeve.

“I really hope that time comes soon.” She said.
I kissed the top of her head and she hopped inside. So did I, as I drove her back home.

We stood outside her house as suddenly something struck me. The trip !! Dammit. I hadn’t yet told her about the trip, and now, after what happened today, I felt even more miserable. More irresponsible and heartless to leave her alone again.

“Naira ?!!” I stopped her midway as she was walking in her house. I guess I knew what was going to happen next.

“I need to tell you something.” I started. She nodded as I took a deep breath. Here I go.

“I’m going to New York for three weeks.” I said hoping she wouldn’t hear the last part. But as I saw her face, it was blank.

“When ?!!”She asked bluntly.

“Tomorrow.” I said trying to make out whatever she was thinking. But it only came harder to me as her expression changed from blank, to sad, to angry. Yeah, she was angry !!

She turned her back without saying anything and started walking back.

“Naira,stop please.I’m sorry, okay ?!! I should’ve told you before…”I said but she cut me off.

“Did I say anything ?!!” She asked again in the same blunt tone. But she was clearly not okay.

“No.” I said.

“No. I didn’t. Because you’ve already made your decision.” She said. It had started, She was angry now and I couldn’t see anything good ahead of this.

“It’s not like that !! I’ve to go because it’s my job !! I’ve to attend this meeting. I hate to leave you but I can’t stay back.” I said.

She sighed.

“Fine.You know for those last twenty minutes back in the car, I felt like I was getting hope. I was so sure that you were not leaving me alone,never. But guess what ?!! You just did !!” She said, while I just stood there, trying to explain myself. There was no use anyways, because somewhere she was right.

“Jaan, don’t say that. I haven’t left you. I never will. I’m just away for a few days.” I said.

“Three weeks is not a few days !! Just go Karthik.I guess I was wrong in trusting you. Just go !!” She said. My heart ached after hearing that. She was pushing me away !!

“I can’t leave like this. I need to make sure you’d be okay.” I said.

She laughed lightly, like sarcastically and said,

“You would be leaving me, and you really want me to be okay ?!! because I won’t be okay !! I just need you, okay ?!! Please, just stay.” She pleaded.

“I’m always there for you.” I said holding her hand. But she pushed me away.

“No !! Not like this !! I want you here, with me. You promised you’d always be there and now you’re breaking that promise !!” She cried.

And before I could speak, she wiped her tears, brimming from the corner of her eye, and composed herself.

“You said you love me right ?!! Then you’ll have to choose it’s either me or this work.” She said.

Oh God, why ?!! It’s impossible to chose. What do I say to her ?!! It’s my dad’s last dream. What do I do to make her realize how much I love her ?!!

I kept quiet, while she just looked away, probably realizing what my silence meant. It meant, I’m going to fulfil my dad’s last wish, and I’m not leaving it. But why she couldn’t understand that I love her, and I would never even think about leaving her.

“See ?!! I knew that. So don’t worry. Go. But don’t you ever dare talk to me again. I thought we had something. I thought maybe we could just work things out but I dont think that’s gonna happen.” She said.

No way. No. She can’t just leave me !! What is wrong with her !! I love her for God’s sake.She should see that too.

“Please don’t say that.Don’t do this to me again. I can’t live without you, Naira. I love you.” I said. She gave me a hard and cold look, which hurt me like a thousand knives stabbing my heart.

“It’s over.you ended this before it started. Goodbye Karthik.” She said and turned her back, walking away.

I stood there like a statue, frozen, yet numb and weak. I didn’t know what to do, where to go.
I was just lost.

Precap :Miserable and angry Naira. Sad and heartbroken Karthik. Naksh cheering up his best friend. Naira meeting Rithvik. Rithvik messing up Naira’s Mind.
So what would you choose ?!!
Your love life or your professional life ?!!
Well in my ff karthik’s dad died when he was really young. Hope you all don’t mind !! Actually I couldn’t think of his role in the plot. His dad means a lot to him and thus he wants to go to New york to fulfill his dad’s dream.
Next part will have some emotional drama and how kaira are coping up with the situation !! Also some cunning nature of Rithvik will be shown.
Do watch todays Yrkkb as Kaira would exchange rings today !! can’t wait for it. Also tomorrow is Yrkkh’s Birthday. It will complete 8 years tomorrow. A proud moment for us !!
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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