Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 36)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 36
I owe everything to her. She kind of puts my life into perspective !!

Naira’s POV.

As me and Karthik walked inside the house. Bhai and bhabi were now fighting and yapping each other’s ears off about which movie to watch.Keerti bhabi suggested ‘DDLJ’, and bhai ofcourse denied.

“Do they fight like this, always ?!!” I asked Karthik who acted as if it was no big deal.

“All the time.” He replied.

Bhabi’s head shot up as she heard Karthik’s voice. She got up to greet him. Right now, I was surrounded by two cute boys and a mad girl !!

“Finally you showed up !! Naira was so nervous before you came. She must’ve asked me a hundred times – will he come ?!! When will he come ?!! What if he doesn’t come ?!!” Keerti bhabi said in an over dramatic tone. You weren’t supposed to say that !!

I sighed and looked around the room and everywhere but at Karthik. I knew he was already looking at me, making me more and more nervous.
He laughed once and asked, “Really ?!! Was I missed that much ?!!” I flushed red and punched his arm playfully.

“Missed ?!! Dude she planned this whole sleepover thing only for you. Only so that you won’t be anymore stressed out because of that nightmare you had.” She said waving her hand in air.
Karthik’s eyes widened and his jaw practically dropped after hearing that. I just wanted to go and hide myself underground !!

Keerti bhabi,who was obviously unaware of whatever was going on, went back to where bhai sat. I guess I knew this was gonna happen !!

“So you did all this for me ?!!” He asked. For no reason, my heart started thumping. I had nothing to say now.

Yes, I did it for him. But I didn’t have courage to speak up.

“Thank you.” He spoke, probably understanding my condition. The corners of his lips turned upwards, and he gave me the sweetest smile ever.

“No that’s fine !! I mean, you were there for me when I needed you last night, so I couldn’t really let you be alone when you needed someone.” I managed to say after gaining my voice back.

He nodded and just pulled me into a hug. A really warm, cosy and friendly hug. I could hold onto him forever, but that’s just impossible.

As soon as he released me, we heard loud noises. I rolled my eyes to look at the oh-so-perfect-couple, fighting.

“You don’t want to see ‘DDLJ’ because you know, Naksh you cry like a girl !!” Bhabi said. Bhai, who was so confident some time ago hesitated for a moment.

“I dont. It’s just a really,stupid film.” He said.
Bhabi smirked and snatched the DVD from him. Karthik and I sat on the sofa, waiting for the argument to end, as he put an arm around my shoulder. I smiled and snuggled up to him. We were clearly not interested in taking part in the conversation or the argument going on. But bhabi wasn’t going to let go so easily, was she ?!!

“Naira you tell me which one’s better –DDLJ or this rubbish !!” She said pointing at the two DVDs. One was DDLJ and the other was Dhoom !!

“Dhoom ?!! No way !! I better watch DDLJ” I said.

On that, Bhai snapped. “How boring. What about you, bro ?!!” He asked, looking at Karthik, who seemed least interested in the conversation. But now, I was kinda involved. I didn’t want to see Dhoom at any cost !!

Karthik looked at Bhai, then at Keerti bhabi and then at me. I don’t know what he saw but I was practically begging him with my eyes to say ‘DDLJ’.

He stared at me for a good five seconds and then looked back at Bhai.

“ I vote for DDLJ” He said. He looked at me at the last part and winked.

I blushed, as Bhai made a gagging sound. Bhabi did a little happy dance, and put the movie on.

Three hours and none of us had moved from our seats. I was snuggled up on the couch with Karthik, while Bhai and bhabi were snuggled up on the beanbag. I could hear faint sobs from there. No doubt it was Bhai. He was so adorable sometimes !! I felt sad for a moment that I had no memory of the last time when he had cried watching this movie.

As soon as the movie got over and the screen turned black, I sighed.

Eventually, we were back to normal – joking around and stuff. I came out of the washroom and ducked suddenly, as I saw a small cushion being thrown at my face. Thankfully, I ducked, but it hit Bhabi at her face.
oops !! And the person who threw it was bhai.

I laughed as bhabi looked at bhai with a what-the-hell expression. She picked up a pillow lying nearby, and aimed it at bhai. Karthik was nowhere around as they continued with their pillow-fight. It was fun !!

I sat aside, enjoying every bit of the fight. Bhai was continuously attacking bhabi with a pillow while she guarded herself with three little cushions.

Suddenly my eyes fell on a big fluffy pillow lying beside me. ‘Why not have some more fun ?!!’ I thought and picked up the pillow.

I aimed it at Keerti bhabi and threw it at her, but to my bad luck she didn’t even notice. How could she ?!! The pillow didn’t even hit her !!

Yes, it didn’t. In fact, it hit somebody else and that was none other than Karthik. He was standing in between Bhabi and me,with his back facing towards me. I gasped as soon as I realized what had happened.

He turned around and I actually froze on the spot. He was walking towards me slowly as he picked up a pillow and smirked.

“Oh no. No listen Karthik, I didn’t mean to hit you.” I tried convincing him to stop, but he just walked closer.

I took a step backwards and kept walking away from him, but he was only coming close.

” I’m sorry !!” I said walking backward until I felt something crash against my back ,a wall.

Great. I’m dead !!

Before I could say anything else, he stopped. He stopped a few feet away from me. I sighed with relief,but how wrong was I ?!!

He smirked, as I looked away and then suddenly threw a pillow right at my face. What. The. Hell.

“Hawww !! You’re so dead.” I said grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him. Well, he caught it. But I wasn’t giving up.

I threw another pillow at him. Poor Karthik failed to catch it and got hit on the face. I laughed harder as he almost jumped on me with a pillow.

Soon we were not only throwing pillow at each other but we’d also created a big mess in the house.

I don’t know for how long the pillow fight went on, but undoubtedly, I was having the time of my life. I felt alive and, hopeful. All was going to be okay soon or so I thought…….

Precap : Naira lost and crying. A confrontation.A though choice for Karthik. What will he choose ?!!
So its an end to the happy chapters. From the next Chapter onwards I am going to keep on introducing twists. The next 3 chapters will be full of shocks and surprises !! Hope you will like all of them.
Also do tell me how this Chapter was ?!! I tried to write a mixture of fun and romance. Also there was a part of Naksh and Keerti as well.
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching yrkkh !!

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  1. Vinni05

    It’s a fun romantic chapter just enjoyed while reading waiting for next chapter

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you like it !!
      Will post next one by evening.

  2. Fenil

    cute chp vrushy….i really like it

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  3. Lasyashree.10

    Vrushy…..yaar hats off to you talent in wrinting????

    Supa episode ya!!!♥️??

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  4. Hales

    It was awsum n loved the way u mixed fun n romance…seeing naira blush n being so girly is rare in show so i liked tht part too..cant wait to know wats the next surprise ..n i think jo bhi ho kartik will choose naira over n over again n again?

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Yeah in the serial karthik blushes more than naira 😛 😛
      You will get to know about the surprise in the next chapter !!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Tvfan1

    eagerly waiting dear, GREAT..more twist? hm…..

    P.S. my sis, crazy fan msged u..she has got know reply and annoying me..plz if u hv time check it out dear,,

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Yeah more twists and shocks coming up in th next chapters !!
      Oh, i am sorry. Actually i havent checked messages since many days. Will check them right now !!

  6. The lines were good ” I owe everything to her. She kind of puts my life into perspective !!” but I don’t like the last part it was good naira mistakenly throw pillow to kartik but I don’t think so kartik will also throw pillow at her because he loves her they are lovers not friends but about the chapter it was good

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      as for the later part, in my ff kaira are best friends turned lovers so they do all the fun stuff without any hesitation !! Thats the way i have written their relationship that they share utmost comfort with each other and never have the fear that the other will judge them !!

  7. Akanksha

    Lol…naksh was sobbing, seriously!!!!! ???….but whatever I’m just eagerly waiting for the twist nd surprise..so plz don’t keep so much of suspense as I’m gonna die from it…plz plz post asap

    1. Vrushy

      i find boys who cry during a movie cute !!
      yeah, you will get to know about the twists in the next chapters.

  8. Aadi

    Awww.. Such a cute pillow fight .

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  9. That was the funniest chapter ever..
    My favourite parts were Naksh crying…I mean what can be more cuter than that…
    Also the part where Naira hits the wall says I’m dead….ahahah
    Keep up the good work…
    Precap was amazing…
    Love you anf keep writing…..❤

    1. Vrushy

      Yeah, even i find boys cute when they cry !!
      Thank you for all the appreciation !!
      Glad that you liked it

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