Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 22)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 22
True love means not having to pretend !!

Karthik’s POV.

Hand in hand, we walked past the stores, as Naira kept blabbering about what kind of dress she wanted. Seriously, shopping with this woman is a really tough task.
‘How do they manage to go through all the shops and pick only one dress at a time ?!!’ I thought.
We were roaming around in shops since last one hour, and Naira was being too choosy. She couldn’t even pick up one good dress for the occasion.
What was the occasion ?!! A simple dinner party at our house, where only our families were going to be there.
“Naira, are you done ?!! I wanna go home.” I said as she pulled me into another store.
She showed me all kind of dresses, and all I did was, nod at everything. She finally picked up a few dresses, and went inside the changing room.
I sighed and sat on a little chair in front of the changing room. I switched on my phone and started doing random stuff on it. Now, I knew what a guy goes through, when he takes out his girlfriend for shopping.
‘What have I gotten myself into ?!!’ I thought.
But whatever it is,she did look good in all the dresses she tried out. Damn !! She looked beautiful in anything she wore.
Everytime, I looked at her, I felt like I’d fallen in love with her all over again. No matter how much we fought, we always knew how to make up with each other.
Suddenly, I was snapped out of my thoughts as Naira came out with all the dresses she just took in. Out of them, she selected the black one.finally.as we moved towards the counter.
I dropped Naira at her place, and drove to mine, where everything was almost set. I entered the house and was greeted by Keerti and Naksh.
“Hey man !! Ssup ?!!” Naksh asked.
“Just dropped Naira off. These girls and their shopping, I tell you.” I said rolling my eyes, when I felt somebody smack my shoulder.
“Shut up !! At least we girls look good in what we wear. Look at you guys,you have like only two pairs of jeans.” Keerti said.
“Anyway, you guys chill. I’ll go and change.” I said and went upstairs to change. The clock showed 8 pm, and Naira was here, along with Akshara aunty and Naitik sir.
The moment she came, I swear, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her hair was set free and the dress fit her perfectly.
That’s when I understood that two hours of tiring shopping wasn’t a waste. Everybody was busy talking among themselves. Mom was talking to Naira’s parents,Naira and Keerti were talking about something really boring while I and Naksh were aside talking about life and random stuff.
“Bro, can I ask you something ?!!” Naksh asked. His loud, high-pitched voice was suddenly low, and it was difficult to hear him in all the chaos because trust me, a old family friends get together with lots of food and family is always this fun.

“Anything,Naksh. But a little louder.” I said.

“Yeah. I just wanted to ask you about Rithvik .” He said. Rithvik that name rung bells in my mind.
After that incident at Naira’s house, where she broke up with Rithvik and I ended up punching his face, I’ve not been in touch with him. Neither has Naira,not that I expect her to.

“Lets hear it.” I said trying to sound normal. I was actually not even a bit interested in talking about somebody from my past and ruining my evening.

“Well, I met him yesterday.” Naksh said, while I kept looking at him as if it didn’t really matter to me. To be honest, it didn’t. But the thought of Rithvik back in my life,or Naira’s life didn’t seem good.

“So he was like asking about you and Naira, and I told him that you guys are happy and all.” Naksh continued.

“And he said that he was really happy that you guys are back together. He just wants to meet you guys and apologize, I mean, that’s what he said.” He spit out.

Apologize ?!! For what ?!! Hitting my girlfriend ?!!

But before I could say anything, I felt Naira’s arms wrapped around me.
“What’s up ?!!” She asked placing her lips on my cheeks.
“Jaan, not here.” I said pushing her away gently, as I realised we weren’t alone. She pouted and moved away. I smiled and looked at Naksh, who was talking to Keerti.

Now, even though Rithvik’s topic was closed, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was back in Udaipur. He was back to meet Naira, to apologise to her. No, I was glad that he had realized his fault, but then something inside me was constantly bugging me.

‘ I should give him a chance.’ I thought. But I was not sure about it. I was still upset with him, I didn’t know about Naira, but I was. It seemed really difficult to trust him again !!

“Mendhak !! What’s on your mind ?!! C’mon !!” Naira’s voice rang in my mind, snapping me put of my thoughts.
She was no longer next to me. She stood in front of me with a confused expression and behind her I could see everyone else on the table, ready for dinner.
“Yeah, sorry, come.” I said getting up and walking towards everyone. We sat down with everybody, Naira across me.
She was constantly smiling, and I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful smile. It made me forget about every freaking problem in the world.
“Naira, beta we’ve already decided the date for the engagement, which is exactly three weeks from now. I hope its okay with you ?!!” Mom asked.
“That’s okay. I already told you guys to plan everything. I’m okay with anything you decide.” Naira said.
With that my mom was overjoyed. So were Naira’s parents. From across the table, I could see Naira smiling and then, she winked at me.
She gestured me something with her hands, something like look down or something.
I didn’t get it, so I just gave her a blank look. Soon, she got a little irritated as I didn’t understand what she was trying to say. I was about to ask her, when I felt a light kick on my left foot. What’s going on ?!!
Confused enough, I looked under the table, but there was nothing. ‘Who kicked me ?!!’ I wondered, and looked back at Naira.
An evil smile played on her lips,it didn’t take much time for me to realize who just kicked me. Ofcourse, it was her. I smiled and shook my head, trying to concentrate on what others were saying. But she wasn’t going to let go so easily.
The next thing I felt was, her soft skin brushing against mine. Her feet were near mine, and she kept on kicking them continuously. I couldn’t feel much because of the shoes I wore, but I decided to play along.
This was getting quite fun.I removed a shoe, as our feet touched. We kept playing like that, kicking each other, with those mischievous looks on our faces. Forget the dinner, I was more interested in this little under-the-table romance of ours.

After the dinner, I got up to wash my hands.Naira was done, so was everyone else. It was just me, who was eating like a turtle.

As I was walking towards the washroom, I felt something weird. I was wearing only one shoe !! I looked down at the weird sight, and realized that everyone else was laughing behind my back.

“Hey Karthik, where’s your other shoe ?!!” Keerti asked, as everyone laughed. I looked at Naira, who was laughing along.
What am I a joker ?!! I gave her an I’ll-deal-with-you-later look, and walked away, not wanting to get more embarrassed.

Naira left with her family after having the dinner. While everyone was busy saying goodbyes, Naksh walked upto me.

“Chal then, see you. Had fun.” He said, engulfing me in a bro-hug.
“Yeah, thanks for coming.” I said.

He smiled and then added hesitantly “Look don’t think about Rithvik too much. That chapter is over now. Just forget him.” He looked really concerned this time. He was always this goofy, fun-to-be-around -with guy, but when it came to giving advice, he was the best.

“Yeah yeah. Don’t worry, I won’t. Just don’t tell Naira about this.” I said.

“Yup..” Naksh said with a little laugh and bid a goodbye one last time, before going out with Keerti.

Mom was still talking to Akshara aunty, while Naitik sir went out to get the car, I guess. Out of nowhere, Naira appeared in front of me.
“Hi.” I said.
“Hi nahi bye.” She said. I rolled my eyes as she wrapped her arms around me. I held her so close and tight, inhaling her scent. It felt so right, everytime I held her in my arms.
“Bye Jaan.” I said planting a kiss on the tip of her nose.
“Bye good night. Have sweet dreams about me !!” She said waving from a distance and left along with her mom and dad.

Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about how everything is perfect in your life. You’ve got a perfect family, perfect job, perfect friends and a perfect girlfriend. That’s what was happening, I was feeling complete…finally and I hoped for this feeling to never end…..

Precap : A horror movie. A food fight !!
So the engagement date has been decided !! Also kaira vivah has started in the show as well. There was also a mention on RITHVIK in this Chapter. What do you think, should kaira trust him again ?!! Should kaira forgive him ?!!
There is also a twist waiting for you all in the upcoming chapters. Also to inform you all I won’t be ending this ff atleast for the next 10 chapters as I have a plot in my mind and thus will add it in this ff !!
Hope Everyone is ohkay with it. I have almost written the first Chapter of my new ff and I will post it soon. Depending on the response I will decide whether to write it or not. So overall a lot of work coming yout way from my side !!
I am feeling much better than yesterday and all thanks to you peeps for showering so much love.
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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