Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 20)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 20.
Every moment spent with you is just magical !!

Karthik’s POV.
6 months later.
“Come on. You are already 10 mins late” Naira screamed at me !!
“I just need to see off the clients. If I wouldn’t then it would seem really un professional.” I argued. We were standing outside my cabin. The clients who had signed the deal waited for me to see them off.
“5 mins. That’s it !!” Naira ordered.
I walked inside the office and shook hands with the clients. I escorted them to the office gate and went inside my cabin again to grab my cell phone. As I was walking out of my cabin,I stared at Naira who is visible through the glass window of my cabin, my nose pressed against the glass. My breath fogging it, like a little kid outside a toy shop.
Naira pumps her fist in the air and she is doing a little victory dance. My office staff is looking at her but she looks too happy to get affected. I know what all this is about !! Its our six month anniversary today. Actually it should be three years and six months since we were together before as well. But then who keeps the count of maths when you are in love.
So coming back to the point. Naira wanted to celebrate this anniversary inspite of my saying no to her. But then miss stubborn had gone all out and made arrangements for us. I so wanted to kill this girl at times !!
I got out of my cabin and as soon as she spots me,she stands straight, smiling, lady like.
“Let’s go ?!! ” I asked her.
“Yup” She replies.
She walks ahead of me. When we get to the car, she aks me for the keys as she wants to drive. I let her have it as she is very much happy today and I don’t want to spoil it. She drives us to a nearby cafe.
She ordered a Blueberry Pastry for us and cut it while singing ‘ Happy Birthday to you’ since she knew no songs about anniversary celebration. People in the cafe looked at us and I had blushed profusely.
“You are such a brat !!” I said.
“Its not my fault that my boyfriend spoils me so much ” she replied.
” Why shouldn’t I ?!! For me you are the best thing in the world. My life sucks without you. I have even experienced it. I panic everytime I leave you. I wonder if it would happen again, if you would meet me again, if you would still smile after seeing me, if you would still laugh at my jokes. ” I shared all my feelings about her.
“Awww…. See this celebrating the anniversary idea was not so bad. You have said the sweetest thing to me right now.” she said.
” Not only that I have had half a mind to kidnap you, take you to my house and chain you there to make sure you never leave !!” I added.
” You know you are a little crazy in your head. But I like you for that !!” She laughed off.

Precap : The Proposal !!
Sorry for keeping this short. I am down with fever so couldn’t write much. But since I am in bed all day I promise the next one is longer and also a bit special.If possible will post it today itself.

Also this is my 20th chapter and it wouldnt have been without your love and support. So thanks to everyone out there and i really really am grateful.to you and love you peeps.
Ps : I want you all to know that naksh and Keerti have married in these six months. They didn’t want a huge ceremony and thus had a simple court marraige.
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!


  1. Soumya

    It was small but very cute di😊…love their bonding😍Happy to see them togetherπŸ˜ƒhow r u now??get well soon☺

  2. Twana

    Wow Vrushy.. although it z short the scene was awesome😍😍😍
    Get well soon!!!!!!!……… well write only if u can bcoz when u hv fever, taking adequate amount of rest is a must!!
    So don’t make urself busy with anything… get rest n get well soon!!!

    • Vrushy



      Thank you πŸ™‚
      Glad that you liked it !!
      Well I don’t really have anything else to do, so I am just writting as much as I can !!

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