Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 2)


Hello everyone.
Chapter 2
Even if you leave today, we are destined to meet tomarrow !!
Karthik’s POV

Isn’t two years long ? No its not, for others. But for me two years seemed like two decades. Every day, every moment, every second without her felt so incomplete and long enough. If given a choice I would have preferred starving rather than living without her, Such was her influence on me.

Everyday I used to ask myself “What are the use of achievements I had achieved – Business Executive of the year being the latest. Whenever I stepped on the stage for any award my eyes would search for her in the crowd. And as my eyes weren’t able to find her my heart, it would ache. The heart break had ripped my heart. No one could fix it back except her.”

I was still living in the memories I had spent with her – the way she uses to cheer me up.The way she used to tease me by calling me mendhak.The way she smiped. All her lectures. It was only because of her that I got serious about my career. I missed every inch of her. Her kisses, our hugs.

But one day she left me. I decided to move on, so that my heart wouldn’t break more. But I found, it had already shattered into as many indivisible pieces as possible. Deep down inside, I wasn’t willing to move on.

As I was about to head to take a shower after a tiring day Naksh called. “Hey Karthik , you coming to tonights party right ?!! ”
Well Naksh was not only naira’s brother but also my childhood bestfriend. We went to the same school. Sat on the same bench. Ate from the same tiffin. You get the drift right. I had met naira for the first time in his birthday party. We had connected with each other quite instantly and naksh had been only too happy. Some years later when I had told him that I had fallen in love with his sister , he had given me a blank look. But then he laughed his guts out and told me that he had know it all along. He knew about all the things between me an naira. After she left I had gone to him to ask for the reason of her leaving me like this. He didn’t know !!! So this girl had left me without a reason..

“I don’t know bro. I m just knackered and I dont feel like partying. You guys carry on though.” I sighed

“Bro, I m also tired. But maa and papa have thrown this party at our house so I can’t get away with this. I need some company otherwise I would be bored to death. Would you leave your best friend to die for ?!!” He protested and I decided to give in. The drama queen that he was.

“Fine. I ll get ready and come.” I said to him and I could feel him doing a happy dance in his mind.

I plopped on my bed and then got ready in a handsome tuxedo. The tuxedo looked good but I wasn’t in the mood.
I drove to the singhania sadan. Two years ago when naira had left me I was petrified to enter this house but then on akshara aunty’s insistence I had come. That’s when I got to know that naira had got admission in one of the biggest dance school’s in london. She had told me that she was applying for it. It was her dream. I was happy for her. I was happy that atleast one of us had got what he wanted. Me knowing that she wouldn’t be there and I would not have to face her was a bit soothing.
I parked my car and walked towards the door. As soon as naksh saw me he came running towards me.

I got a warm greeting from him. I gave him a bromantic hug.

“come in. Why are you still out ?!!” He exclaimed and let me in. Looking at his body language I knew that he was hiding something. He was being nervous and was talking way to sweetly with me. This happened when he kept something away from me. Being his best friend I knew this habit of his.

I followed Naksh to the balcony and he stopped me at the doorstep. He turned towards me and said ” Don’t kill me for this karthik. I swear its for your own good !!”
Ohkay now I was nervous as well. What was he upto ?!! He took me forward and said ” I want you to meet someone “.

We entered the balcony only to be greeted by a girl. Her back faced us and her long pitch black curls flow down her waist. She was wearing a little black dress and the moonlight falling on her fair skin only made her look more beautiful. Her curls and figure seemed vaguely familiar to me.

Somehow, I felt I knew her. You know sometimes people whom you have meet for the first time tend to give you familiar vibes like you have met them before. That’s how I felt. I looked at the floor.

“Naira.” Naksh called her out.

Still facing the floor I snapped my head up. Naira, it was the same familiar name which had been running through my mind since a couple of years. My heart started racing like never before. I silently prayed hoping it was someone else. Not the girl, with whom I was still in love with, not my Naira. Not my jaan.

But destiny had always had different plans for us. Much to my dismay she turned around. It was her. Naira, my Naira. Her beautiful smile faded as she spotted me. We were meeting each other after almost two years !! I observed that she had not changed a bit. She was still the beautiful, headstrong women with an attitude. She still had that aura around her which made me mad after her !!

My face and my body stood frozen trying to comprehend the present situation. As we both were lost looking at each other. I saw a guy coming to her side and sliding his hand on her waist. He had observed my glare on naira and this was his way of claiming his right on her.
Ohhh, So she has moved on. She has found someone for herself. Here I was being an idiot and still hopping that she would come one day and we would be back together.

I was happy that She was back. She was here. But she was with him……

Precap : Naira remembering a past date with karthik. Kaira confrontation about why she left him !!
Thank you everyone for all the love you have showered. I know the chapters are a bit dragging but I want the story to unfold slowly. Isn’t it said that the journey of falling in love is more beautiful than love itself. So I want to make the journey one of the best.
Also form the next chapter there would be some flashbacks of when kaira were together. Naira or karthik will be remembering their past memories with each other. As the track is a bit depressing so I thought to add such moments as it would bring a flick of happiness while reading.
Chaloo bye people. Keep smiling. Also keep watching Yrkkh , interesting tracks coming up !!

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  1. Hey I have a doubt previous episode u mentioned sanskar ??? I thought naira loved someone was it mistake ???
    Sorry if I got it wrong

    1. Vrushy

      No she isn’t in love with someone. Actually the reason has not been revealed yet. You have to wait for a bit more time !!

  2. Hales

    Nyc but eagerly waiting for kaira to be together cant see them separated…overall u write awsum ?

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      They will be together soon but till theni would show some of their past moments to compensate !!

  3. Loved it vrushy it was amazing can’t wait for next chapter and don’t worry cause Maza taab hi ayga jab story khulegey

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      The story would surely unfold in the next two chapters !!

  4. It was a pleasure to read it. When uploading next part

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Will upload next chapter today itself !!

  5. It was awsome di…but pls kaira together soon

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Don’t worry kaira will be together soon !!

  6. Ayesha Mohammed

    It’s interesting!! And you are keeping suspense what separated them and the new guy… Excited but pls unite Kaira soon and hope we get next part asap

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Will upload the next chapter tonight !!

  7. As always Nice vrushy..!!!!!!
    Heart touching n creating visual imageries in my mind!!!!! Like yesterday!!!
    Love the story!!!!! Yeah It is a bit dragging!! But good in its own way!!!
    Two years!! How Karthik would have survived!! Feel soo sorry for him..Still having Naira in his mind!!!!!
    Keep it up Vrushy!!!
    Waiting for the nxt ep!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      I will make sure that it won’t be dragging in the future.
      Still glad that you liked it !!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

  8. Awwww that’s so cute. I must say Vrushy di you are awesome writer. And I am feeling obliged that why didn’t I read your previous FF. Well I must Kartik’s mind is so strong he still remembers happening of Naksh’s birthday?????

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  9. Why is my comment not published??

    1. Yes it has got published now

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