Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 19)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 19
Because I am ready to spend every walking moment of my life with you !!

Karthik’s POV.
I glanced at my watch one more time. I did so again and again and again. I am growing more and more and more impatient as every minute is passing by.

Just as I am about to call Naira, my eyes land on a figure walking towards me. My lips curve into a perfect smile as I spot Naira walking from a distance . She smiles back at me.

Once she reaches, I pull her in a warm hug. “You look beautiful.” I whisper in her ears sending shivers down her spine. She pulls back. Her cheeks are rosy as she blushes at the compliment.

“Shall we ?!!” I asked putting my hand out. She links her hand with mine and we start walking down the street.

As we walk towards our destination,Naira looks at me lovingly. It’s making me feel more and more conscious, even though I like it when her eyes are on me.

“What ?!!” I ask Naira.
She shrugs. “Nothing.just.thank you.” She says.

“For what ?!!” I ask being totally confused.

“For coming into my life. For not leaving one chance to prove how much we love each other. For forgiving my big mistakes which I always regret. For accepting me the way I’m and for giving me so much respect. I love you.” Naira says with tears threatening to roll down her eyes.

I broke into a smile and wiped them off before they could roll down. “I should be the one, thanking you. You’re my jaan, Naira. You’re all I ever wanted. Whenever you’re here, by my side, holding my hand I feel like there’s nothing I have to achieve now. I just want you to know that I love you more than anything else in the world. We’ll be together, yeah ?!! Forever and always.” I explained my thoughts to her.

“Always.” She repeats my word as I pull her closer in a hug. We walked to the nearest mall to her house. Basically Naira had been complaining about how she missed london and she had to stay in India because of me. When I had asked her what did she miss the most. She had answered ‘snow’. Well here we were at the snow world. Afterall every wish of hers was my command.

“Are you sure you can skate ?!!” I asked Naira for a thousandth time. She noded her head vigorously, again. I am really scared of this whole ice-skating idea.

“Tie those laces, mendhak.” Naira said.I nod and tie the laces of my black skates.

“Are you ready ?!!” Naira asked excitedly. I am unsure, yet manage a slight nod.

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna be fine. well, unless the ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water. I hope you can swim being a mendhak.” Naira jokes. But unfortunately, it turns out to be very serious statement as I look on terrified.

“Can this happen ?!!” I ask. I am mortified at the moment. My eyes ready to pop out of their sockets. I just want to run away from the place. Naira laughs and shakes her head at my cute expression.

“No. That never happens. I was just pulling your leg.” She laughs. I roll my eyes and poke her shoulder. She can see the nervousness on my face. Clearly, I dont want to do this.

“Okay, just take a deep breath, alright ?!! Breath in. Breath out.” She comforts me first. I do as I am told.

“Okay. Good now. Rule number one. keep your legs steady. Do not change your direction unless you’re at the end or someone is coming between you.” Naira instructs. I nod.

“Rule number two.Pull all your weight on your feet. Just your feet.” She adds. I nod again.

“Good and don’t let go off my hand.” She says finally. I nod again and catch a hold of her hand. Naira smiles and gives my hand a little squeeze.

I put my left foot on the ice platform first and fumble then and there itself. Naira holds me uptight. With great courage I land my right foot too. Now I am just standing on the hard ice with my skates on.
“Okay. Good now. Try to walk first.” Naira says.

“Walk ?!! I thought you’ve to skate.” I say.

“Baby steps, remember ?!! Now try to walk. It’s slippery, I know. But you’ll be fine.” Naira assures. I walk slowly, like a penguin. I am very cautious as my grip around Naira’s hand tightens.

“Great now try to skate.” She says. And finally, after a lot of attempts I am able to skate like a pro. Naira releases her hand from mine.
“See ?!! How am I doing ?!!” I ask hopefully.

“Perfect !!” Naira beams. But before she can complete her sentence my leg slips and I am on the icy floor, hitting my bottom. Naira bursts into fits of laughter and skates towards me.

I nervously run a hand over my head. “It’s okay. It happens. C’mon.” Naira puts her hand out for me to grab on. I get back on my feet, while she continuously laughs.

“Stop laughing. It wasn’t that funny.” I huff.But she laughs harder.

“Stop it Naira. It really hurt my bum !!” I complain. Naira pulls my cheeks hard, finding me too adorable at the moment. “You’re too cute.” She exclaims.

“So are you.” I finally give in and pull Naira in my arms. She locks her arms around my neck while I do the same by putting my arms around her waist. I plant my cold and soft lips on hers making her shiver. It’s cold outside. But in her arms, I feel the warmth of her love.

Precap : Six months later. Anniversary celebration !!
So this was my first update for 2017. Happy new year to Everyone.
I assume that most of you know what a snow world is. Its usually found in malls. It a small world created by artificial snow to give it the feels.
How was this update ?!! I am going to write few more small chapters that would have Kaira’s sweet moments and then there’s a twist coming your way.
Also can’t wait for tonight as its going to be Yrkkh first episode in the year 2017. Our serial has come really a long way !!
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh.

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  1. It was awesome di just love it…. their moments were amazing

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  4. Happy new year☺
    It was so cute episode..my memories of visiting snow world in mumbai revived today….

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      Yeah, can’t wait for the grand kaira wedding.

  6. Happy new year dear??
    Wow the first episode in new year was fab…nd thanks coz of u today I revived my memories of visiting snow world in mumbai’s phoenix city mall .

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    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

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  9. Cutieeeeeee…. Actually u r the cutest one as u r the author na…… Cute, Romantic, Beautiful chapter ?????????
    Loved Kaira Moments!!!!!
    As always awesome n mind blowing!!!!
    Kaira moments r soo sweet ??
    Well done Vrushy!! KEEP IT ALL UP.
    Ur first update for the new year is superb!
    Keep writing!!

    1. Vrushy

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  10. Good lines ” Because I am ready to spend every walking moment of my life with you !!” everyone need it but some lucky get

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