Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 18)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 18
Together for a moment called forever…..

Naira’s POV.
Without Karthik the whole house feels so silent and lonely. After the night when we confessed our love to each other and promised to be together no matter what happens, he had to go to Delhi for an impaortant work. He was the entrepreneaur of the year afterall. I didn’t even get to see him off. He called me to inform me and assured me to be back soon. Its been three days since then.

As I was missing him I thought about what did I actually miss about him ?!! There’s no one to crack silly joke with me. There’s no one to call me ‘babe’ after every five minutes. There’s no one to cuddle with me in the cold nights.

I sit on my bed in the room and all of a sudden feel lonely. The moments me and Karthik had spent together come flashing in my mind.I am missing him way too much.

My eyes start to water even by thought of him. He is miles away.

I let out a loud sob, and clutch the pillow tightly against my chest. As soon as my eyes land on a hoodie kept near the bed, I grab it too, holding it too tight.

It’s Karthik’s hoodie which I had lend from him. It somehow makes me feel better. Like I am holding Karthik in my arms.

But that’s not enough, isn’t it ?!! I start crying and curl up on the bed hugging and crumbling the hoodie with my arms.

Meanwhile, there’s a slight knock on the Window. I obviously don’t hear it between all the crying.
After about five minutes, the window is opened from outside and the person hanging from the window is none other than Karthik !!

His eyes widen with shock as he sees me curled up on the bed with a hoodie.His hoodie. He is speechless. His heart breaks to see me like that.

Immediately, he rushes to my side and scoops me in his arms.

“I missed you !!” I say.

“Aww. Jaan, I missed you too much !!” He says, engulfing me in his arms. I can feel his warmth and scent again. And its helping me heal. I am comfortable again.

I smile slightly burying my face in his chest. He rocks me back and forth. Its all like a dream come true for him as well as me.

“Thank you for coming.” I say.

“How could I leave you alone ?!! I was missing you like hell, you know that ?!!” He asks pulling back and cupping my tear stained face.
” I love you.” I say.

“Yeah, well. I love ‘me’ too. But just look here. What you’ve done to my hoodie !!” He exclaims in pure horror, taking his hoodie in his hands.

“Yeah, I mean miss me, Naira, but don’t kill my hoodie by crumbling it. That’s why I wasn’t ready to give you this !!”He adds.

I shake my head as he holds his hoodie in his hands like its a person who is dead.

“Stop it now !! And cuddle with me.” I say.

He looks up at me and flashes a smile like he’s been longing to hear what I had just said.

“Anytime ma’am.” He says and opens his arms, inviting me in. I hold onto him tighter as he plants a kiss on my forehead.

I finally feel completely happy. All that matters is that one Kaira moment of love and togetherness……

Precap : The missing london factor.Naira’s wish Karthik’s command.Snow world !!

As many of you wanted me to continue with this ff so I would be writting some more chapters of this ff. I want all of you to love me and support me like you have always done.
As for the new ff, will start writting it whenever I get time. But then its on hold for some time !!
Happy new year in advance to Everyone who reads my story. I love you all !!!
Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh.


  1. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Omg!! This one was so awsum! I really like the best couple time anyone could spend is by cuddling…this was so perfect dor kaira…i wished it was more longer! But nvm ..i really loved it vrushy!😘..happy new year in advance yr ❤

  2. Tvfan1


    |Registered Member

    Okay this was awesome!! And it’s important to get on with ur studies first..don’t you think, before love? Maybe kaira will go to London together? Idk let’s just keep reading

  3. Sophie

    Loving this…more than any other FF’s…
    Keep writing..you are going to go very far dude…
    I don’t get the precap…if you don’t mind can you plz explain it…🙂
    Happy new year 🎉

  4. Twana

    What a cute chapter!!!! 😊😊😍😍😘😘😘
    Sorry for being late Vrushy…..
    Happy New Year Vrushy!!!
    May this new year bless u with many awesome writing skills n creative ideas… n of course a successful life!!!!! ❤❤😘😘🎆🎆🎇🎉🎊🎉🎊
    Keep Writing Vrushy!!

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