Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 15)


Hello Everyone.
Chapter 15
I choose to be your best friend but falling in love with you was out of my control !!

Karthik’s POV.

I stood at her doorstep, thinking whether I should ring the doorbell or not. It was quite possibly Naira’s last day in town. I was sure to do everything I could, to change her mind. But all I could think of, was her decision at the end of the day.

I found some courage and rung the doorbell. No one answered. My impatience started to kick in, as I rung it again and again. I could hear some shuffling from inside, soon, the door opened.

“Hi !!” Naira said. She was in her old baggy pyjamas and an oversized tee which happened to be mine. I remembered her burrowing it on the day of the accident. Her hair was tied in a messy bun. It looked like she was just out of bed.

“Hi. How are you ?!!” I asked pulling her in a hug. She embraced me back and smiled.

“Better. Please come in.” She said and moved out of my way. Her mumma was sitting on the couch talking to someone over the phone. I waved at her who gave me a smile and I walked upstairs with Naira.

“Do we have to go ?!! I mean can’t we stay back and chill.” She said. I kinda saw this coming. This lazy bum was never going to take any efforts.

“Yes we have to go.” I replied folding my arms across the chest. Her pout became cuter as I started melting even more. I knew her tricks and I kept myself from falling. But what do I do ?!! She was capable of making me fall in love with her again and again.

I suppressed my smile which was creeping up my face. “Please ?!! I’m tired.” She whined batting her perfect eyelashes. I chuckled and looked away shaking my head.

“No.” I said. She frowned.”Go get changed.” I concluded.

“You are so mean !!” She pushed me gently.

“Well you’re meaner !!” I pushed her back. “Please go now. You look horrible.” I teased. She huffed and playfully hit my chest, before walking in the bathroom to change.

It didn’t take even whole ten minutes for Naira to come out.As she came out wearing a ripped jeans and a casual tee I couldn’t help but admire her chic style. No make up, no high heels. She wore sneakers instead. She took zero efforts yet looked beautiful. ‘Now thats my Naira.’ I thought.

“Let’s go ?!!” She asked. I nodded and hopped inside the car after her.Naira kept on bugging me with her questions. “Where are we going ?!!.” She asked.
“It’s a surprise.” I replied.

“But at least tell me what’s the surprise !!” She whined like a five year old kid. I chuckled.

“What’s left in the surprise if I reveal it to you now ?!!” I said and switched on the radio. I didn’t say a word about where I was taking her. I just wanted to make the day memorable for her. I had to win her back. No matter what.

Naira’s POV.

Oh how I dreaded surprises.

Karthik hadn’t said a word about where he was planning to take me. Being a curious person I’m, I must have asked a thousand times. But all he said that it was a surprise I was going to like. But he had a point. Surprises aren’t meant to reveal.

Suddenly the car came to a halt. I looked outside the window to see a market.
“What are we doing here ?!!” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He smiled and got out of the car. I followed him.

As I got down I took in the amazing aroma of aloo vadi that were being fried in a shop. There were so many little roadside stalls lined up, all of them specialised in different food items. Somewhere, a group of friends hung out at a tea stall. Somewhere there were old women bargaining with the vendors for vegetables.

The whole scene was so familiar to me. The place used to be like our adda, where Karthik, bhai and I hung out. My eyes automatically looked for that one little shop which sold my favourite pani puri. I couldn’t spot it anywhere though.

“What are you thinking ?!!” Karthik asked me and nudged me, snapping out of my thoughts.

“This is amazing !! I missed this place.” I smiled.

“Me too.” He replied.

I looked around once again for the pani puri shop. But since I couldn’t find the shop anywhere, I assumed, that it must’ve closed down.

“So don’t you want to eat your favourite pani puri ?!!” Karthik asked. My eyes beamed at the mention of the delicious food. I nodded vigorously causing Karthik to laugh. I tugged to his arm, as he led me a little far away, at the end of the road. That’s when I realized that the shop hadn’t shut after all.

We sat in front of this little shop. Now you don’t really get Pani puri in London. And even if somewhere, you find it in a restaurant, where the taste of it sucks. No one and absolutely no one could beat the taste of Indian pani puri .Just as I was about to eat it,Karthik stopped me.

“How can you forget everything ?!! That’s not the way we eat Pani puri.” He said with a tinge of disappointment. I was confused. “This, my love, calls for a competition.” He added.

Ah. . .no way. . .

I sighed and smiled lightly. “Nope, just eat it.” I said.

“Why are you scared Miss Naira ?!!” He smirked raising his eyebrows up and down. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t just sure whether I’d be able to eat even a plate. But obviously his words stabbed my ego and I couldn’t say a no to him.

“Alright !! Let’s do this.” I said as he provoked me even more.Karthik flashed a smile, raising his brows in amusement.

“That’s the spirit !! Ready ?!!” He asked. I nodded as he counted one to three.

As soon as he said three the both of us attacked the plate and started eating like we were starving since ages. The Pani puris never tasted so good. I had almost forgotten the taste of it. And oh that spice. . .my mouth was on fire. But nevertheless, I was not the one to give up. I ate as much as I could.

Soon I was done with one plate. So was Karthik. No words were needed to say how we felt. I was just craving for more and I guess, so was he. We asked for one more plate and ate in the same speed. In no time we had finished that as well.

As the number of plates increased on the table our speed decreased. I was staring to feel the grumbling in my stomach, which indicated that I was full. Nine plates of pani puri.that’s how much I had consumed. I was currently eating the tenth one with the speed of a turtle. My eyes watered due to the spice. And I could see Karthik’s condition was no different.

I stared at the one last Pani puri on my plate. I could see Karthik too also had just one left. If I ate it before him, I would win. If I failed, I would lose. It was a do or die situation. I wanted to win so badly. But I was full. Stuffed. I felt heavy and I could barely move. Still being the stubborn one I had to pick up the last one from the plate.

I stared at it disgustingly, not wanting to put that in my mouth. No matter, however yummy it was I just couldn’t. As I was about to eat the last Panu puri, I had a nauseating feeling washed over me. It was clear, I couldn’t eat. I heaved a deep sigh and kept the Pani puri back on the plate. Meanwhile,Karthik ate his very easily

I lost to him.

“I can’t eat anymore.” I said.

“So you lose ?!!” He asked. I nodded unwillingly. That moment he cheered and got up from the seat to do a little victory dance. It caused him to get weird stares from the people around. I quietly giggled to myself.

“Okay. Now stop dancing. what are you, ten ?!!” I asked pulling him down.

“Maybe. But you lost and that’s something to celebrate.” He said.

“Yeah. Yeah.” I muttered as he led me to the car. Just when I thought that we would head home he surprised me by saying that there was another surprise waiting for me.

I was excited. But I was also scared.He was too much into thrilling stuff. I just buckled up and let him take me to ‘wherever he had planned’. . .

Precap :Karthik taking Naira to their special place. Karthik crying and Naira running away. Naksh scolding Naira for her childish behaviour. Naira realising that she has to make a decission !!
Finally done with this !!
I have so many assignments to complete but then when you guys comment that you are waiting for the next Chapter. I just couldn’t stop myself from writting. Hope you all like this. Also ony one Chapter to go and then kaira would be together….. Please do comment guys as it feels bad when I get less comments. If its dragging at one point or you feel bored than also do tell me. Criticism is welcomed !!
Also pray for me that I won’t be kicked out of class tomorrow because of my incomplete assignments !!
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh.

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