Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 13)


Hello Everyone.
Chapter 13
Maybe we like the pain.
Maybe we are weird that way.
Because without it, maybe we just wouldn’t feel real !!

Naira’s POV .

Four days more, and then, I was going to be back in London. Back to my old life. I had University to attend. I had friends back there. And I thought, maybe that life could take my mind off Karthik .

I would be a big fat liar if I say I wasn’t in pain. It was hurting. The fact that he thought of me as some stupid and immature girl wasn’t hidden from me. To him, I may be that girl. But to me, it all made sense.

Back home, I was sitting on the kitchen counter. Crying and hogging on little ‘Dairy Milks’. I was down with five already and was eating the sixth one. I hadn’t even bothered to switch the lights on. I had once read in the food magazine, for a girl in depression, chocolates act as best friends. It was true.

Suddenly lights in the kitchen were turned on. I looked back to see mumma standing in the doorway. She looked horrified as she eyed the kitchen area. There were wrappers of chocolates thrown carelessly all over the floor.

“What’s all this,Naira ?!!” She asked.
“Wrappers.” I shrugged, now munching on a caramel bar. I probably had chocolate all over my face. Mumma sighed and picked them up one by one as she knew I was not gonna do that.
“May I ask why are you eating chocolates at midnight ?!! You didn’t even have the dinner.” She stated, crossing her arms across her chest.
“I wasn’t hungry.” I replied getting down from the counter. This time I made sure to throw the wrapper in the bin. I opened the refrigerator, looking for any more sweets to dine.

“We dont have any more chocolates.” She said sternly. I groaned internally and slammed the door shut. I was craving for more and more. It was getting worse.

“Naira , I know you are worried about Karthik .” She said. Not again. I didn’t want to think about him. I wanted to pretend like I never met him. But every person and thing around me, reminded me of him.

“No not now mumma.” I tiredly replied, checking the drawers for some snacks.

“Naira, you have to understand that this stubborn behaviour of yours is gonna lead you nowhere. You are not only ruining your life, but also his.” She said. She already knew the real reason behind me leaving this place. She was the only person who knew. Apart from Karthik now, of course.

“Its not my stubbornness mumma. Its my belief. That if I stay with him any longer, something’s gonna happen to him !!” I exclaimed, dramatically throwing my hands in the air.

“How can you be so sure ?!!” She challenged.

“Him getting into an accident was not a coincidence. It was a freaking sign !! Why can’t you see that ?!!” I was so hyped.

“No I can’t. From where I can see all this, I know that you and him clearly love each other. And if two people love each other there is nothing that can stop them from being together.” She said. She sounded like a love expert.

Nevertheless, those words of her wanted me to change my decision of going back. Just for a split second, I thought that I was wrong. But then taking again this risk and putting Karthik’s life in danger would be the last thing I wanted to do.

“That’s rubbish, mumma. If I love him, I can love him from a distance. But you have to accept the fact that I m nothing but sheer bad luck for him. I have almost lost him once. I cant do that again.” I said.

She heaved a deep sigh. I sensed a mother- daughter heart to heart conversation coming up. She straightened her position before speaking up.

“I never told you but your papa and I too had our problems. We have gone through some really tough times. There was a time, when I was stupid enough to let go off your dad’s love. But soon I realised that surviving without him is not possible for me.Naitik is the man wo has accepted me the way I m. No matter how much ever we fight or argue, we ll always love each other. And there’s nothing that can keep me away from him.Today I can see myself in you. That look in your eyes say you are dying to be with him. But you can’t. I have gone through this same phase before,Naira. And trust me, it sucks. I dont want my daughter to go with same patch that I have gone through before. I want you to be happy.” She said.

“I m happy. I ll be at least.” I said bluntly.

“Dont let go off your love. Because I know God is not so cruel to separate two people in love. Please Naira don’t do this to him and to yourself.” She said, taking my cold hand in her warm one. I pulled back immediately.

“I m letting him go off because I love him. And I m not changing my mind.” I said and started off to my room.

I m sure nothing could change my mind…..

Karthik’s POV.

It has been a whole day since I had last seen Naira. Spoken to her, heard from her or felt her. I was missing her too badly. Some part of me was hating her for being so immature. But the other part of me, which was dominant, urged me to forgive her. I loved her, after all, how was I supposed to let her go ?!!

‘But was forgiving and forgetting going to help ?!!’ I asked myself. The only answer I got was,no. It wasn’t gonna help. She was stubborn. She wasn’t going to stay, no matter what I did.

I had spent my whole day playing Xbox and eating junk.Nothing seemed to distract me from Naira ’s thoughts that day. To double up my frustration, was the headache I had caused myself due to lack of sleep.

I tossed and turned in the huge bean bag in my room. Nothing seems to calm down the throbbing pain in my head. I had to do something. I looked for painkillers in my room but could find one. I was barely at home, due to my work. So I had no idea where they are kept.

Asking mom for them was another option. But waking her up at midnight was not right. On top of that, her overprotective motherly nature was gonna earn me a long lecture of how I should not torture myself and what not. It was then, finally, when I decided to head out to the pharmacy myself.

Groaning and cursing, I drove my car to the nearest pharmacy.

“Thank god.” I mumbled spotting the pharmacy. I walked in, and was about to ask for what I wanted.

“What do you want ?!!” The shopkeeper snapped in a really bored tone. He eyed me like I was a guilty criminal out of jail. I instantly looked away from him.

“I need a Crocine for headache.” I said.

“Twenty bucks.” The shopkeeper announced sounding least interested. I checked my wallet and damn. . .there were no notes of ten or twenty bucks. All I had was five hundred bucks. I handed it to shopkeeper.

“Don’t fool around, man. I don’t have change for this.” He said. I guess, I knew it. I sighed, not knowing what to do. I had to head back home or buy something worth five hundred bucks. Shit. Who was gonna do that ?!!

Just as I was about to turn back to leave, someone stepped in and placed a twenty rupees note on the counter. It was Naira’s papa,Naitik sir.

“Sir,why did you pay ?!!” I asked astounded to see him there at such an odd timing. His lips curved into a polite smile which instantly reminded me of Naira.

“Its okay beta.” He exclaimed.

“Anyway, what are you doing here this late ?!! All okay ?!!” I asked, concerned.

“Yeah. Just Naira’s a little sick since morning.” He said. Suddenly, I could feel a deep knot in my stomach. I wondered what must have happened.

“What happened to her ?!! Is she okay ?!!” I asked showing my overprotective side. Sir shook his head in denial.

“No she’s been living on chocolates and candies and all the junk since yesterday. Now she’s not been able to digest it all. That’s what has caused the pains. And you know that this city sleeps by ten. No doctors are available at this time.” He said.

It struck me then, that Naira was stressed out. She had this bad habit of eating anything anytime whenever she was tensed or stressed about something. I just hoped she was okay.

“Stress. She’s still not gotten rid of that habit.” I sighed.

“No.” Her papa smiled weakly.

“Just put her to sleep. If she doesn’t, show her some of her fav melodramatic movies.Also, try to ease her out. Tell her, there is no need to stress about anything. Why am I telling this to you ?!! You are her papa.” I rambled nervously, while He just smiled at me.

“Karthik.Hey, its okay son. I know my daughter the best. But you know, who’s the closest to her after me ?!! It’s you. She loves you like anything.” He said. I nodded. But I couldn’t even deny the fact, that her love for me was separating us in the worst way.

“Look Karthik. I know its wrong of me to interfere between the two of you. But you both are my babies. I want the best for you both. I’m not saying you that you should forgive her. That’s your choice, and you are hundred percent correct on your part. But as a father I cannot see my daughter suffering so much. Neither can I see you like this.” He said.

“I’m fine Sir. Really. I’ll be okay.” I assured, even though I was myself not sure of it. I knew, I would never be the same person without Naira.

“See Karthik. You and I we both know how stubborn Naira is. She’s a little immature sometimes and makes wrong choices. She has already made one. As far as I can see, she is regretting it. But she won’t change her mind. I’m tired of convincing her now. You are the only one who can break the chains. She only listens to you. I’m asking you to help me there, because I want my daughter back. And I guess you are the only one who can help me with that.” he said.

I didn’t know what to say. How was I supposed to help ?!! Hadn’t I tried too much already ?!!
“I don’t think I can. Since, the day we have met again I have done every thing possible to convince her to stay back. Now when I know the reason of her leaving, I feel it was all very immature of her. Honestly Sir, I’m now trying to accept the fact that I have already lost her. Because that’s what she wants.” I said.

He laughed inwardly. “No.” He said. “Naira wants you.Naira wants her family, her friends. But she’s not able to see anything in front of the vow she had taken two years ago. As a father I can only do this much. But as a friend, and as a man who has always loved her, you can cross all the limits to make her realize the path she’s walking on is wrong. It’s superstitious. Please, don’t turn your face from her.Change her mind.” he concluded.

His words touched my heart and I couldn’t see my life falling apart. I couldn’t see my love going away from me.I had to do something.

“Okay.” I said.He smiled at me with a lot of hope in his eyes.

“Okay. I’ll do everything I can do to change her mind. I promise you Sir,that you’ll get your old Naira back.” I smiled.He nodded.

“Alright then !! I’ll take your leave now.Naira must be waiting.” He said.He hopped in his car and drove away.

Now all I had to do was stay strong. This was it. I had to do everything,that I could to make Naira realize that what she was doing was wrong. That we can write our own destinies. I had to win her back. For myself, and most importantly for us.

Precap : Naira calls Karthik.Karthik asking her to spend her last day in India with him. A Competition on its way !!
This Chapter didn’t have kaira as I wanted to write about their suffering. Also how Naitik and akshara make them realise each other’s worth.So now Karthik has decided to win back Naira. He would prove it to her that kaira are meant to be together. I would be showing Karthik making efforts to convince Naira that even if she leaves him he wouldn’t be alive !! She is his heart and how can someone live without their heart !!
As for the precap I want you all to guess what the competition would be and also between whom ?!!
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching yrkkh.

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