YAARIYAN…Episode 9

Nandini investigates about The Red Jacket guy and she comes to know..
His name is Manik. Scholarship student and his surname starts from M.
Nandini : Hmmm… So basically his identity is his secret. I hope this plan works.
She sends message for Manik by a fellow.
You are called to the auditorium.
He enters there.
Nandini welcomes him by making a Boom noise of a bursting balloon.
Manik : You think really I would get scared by this stupid tricks of yours..
Nandini : Ofcourse not.. But I know your secret Mr. M..
Manik : What secret ?
Nandini : Your identity secret..
Manik was tensed. Suddenly his expressions change. From wild monster he makes a puppy face.
Manik : Please don’t do this to me. Don’t reveal it to me.
Nandini : Then sign on these papers.
Manik : What the hell are these ?
Nandini : Contract. You will be the band manager of Fab Five ! Six months contract. Basically it means I ll be your boss.
Manik : Never ever. That’s not happening.
Nandini : Are you sure ? Mr. M. Okay this means I should leave..
Manik : No wait !! I agree.
Nandini goes laughing.

As she reaches the door se commands Manik
Nandini : Manik Come to the park near the campus in an hour.. Don’t be late coz Fab five hates late comers.
She winks at him and leaves. Manik had a broad smile on his face .
Manik : Manik Why are you smiling !
Nandu tells Fab five about her plans…
Alita : That will be too much !!!
She had a soft corner for Manik ever since she met him.
Nandini : You know what .. I kinda like this guy ..
All : What !!!
Nandu : Guyys what I mean is I would like making his life hell…
All have a great laugh..
Cabir : Guyys lets go to the campus park.
All head there. Manik was waiting for them.
Mukti : How desperate ! Waiting for us.
Manik was shocked. He saw them with bows and archery kit. So this is their plan he thinks..
All start aiming at him… It was all made of rubber. So it basically hit him hard and it did hurt him but it was just Nandu’s harmless prank.

All the time Manik glared at Nandini with an innocent face.
Nandini : Guyys lets go! He’s a total bore ! Raghav’s lecture is better than this. Lets go there. You too silly boy.
She pointed at Manik. Nandini was behind her friends. Manik walked quietly behind her. Nandini was climbing the stairs . she trips and was about to fall but Manik hold her waist tight. Both share an intense eye lock. The Fab five sees this and Cabir coughs hard. And both are embarrassed.
Nandini immediately gets rid off his hands.
Nandini : Thanks but no thanks.
She starts striding bigger steps. Raghav greets them.
Raghav : Fab five coming late is a normal thing for me now. But what about you the new guy. You really want to be punished…
Cabir : He can only be punished by Fab five Raghav .
Raghav : Get in..
So I was telling you guyys about the Music Gala.. The prestigious competition of music. The organisers are arranging a competition to decide about the host… So who all wanna participate.
Almost the whole class raise their hands.
Mukti :Me me me! Bldy sheep.
Nandini : Sir Fab five wants to participate.
Suddenly the enthusiasm ends as they knew fab five competing will leave no chance for them to win.
The class gets over.
The fab five were surprised at one thing.

They see Harshad..
Cabir : So Mr Jerk. Got scared of Fab five right. This is only one what you are. The sea might be yours only for namesake but we are the pirates. So next time don’t even try your silly games on anybody. And do not dare to harm anyone from our group.
Cabir whispers in his ears
Specially Nandu.
Harshad claps his hands.
Harshad : The biggest joke of century would be Harshad getting scare of Fab five. Yours is an amateur band who can never win big ones. And yeah.. The only reason I didn’t participate right now was I don’t like wasting my time on such small competitions. Lets see who wins the big Music Gala
Fab five leaves and so does Harshad.
Manik thinks Why do they always fight and why was Nandini sobbing.
Yes he had seen tears rolling from Nandu’s eyes. Her unwitnessed tears.. He thinks hard about this..
He gets a message from Nandini.
She had told him to get a A box of chocolates and ice cream . Why she needs it at this hour of night ! But I have no choice….

I always try for a longer update but it actually depends on the time I got for writing. And its really difficult for me to cope up with my studies and writing. Still I don’t like making you guyys waiting for the update so I update daily be it too short. I hope you guyys understand and please do tell me how you are finding the story.

Precap : Manik visits Nandu’s place. Fab five work on their new composition

Ignore the typoss

Credit to: Aish


  1. kavya

    It’s also awesome yar….
    Nd we can understand this….soo don’t worry about this…..we r happy in it…
    Thanx 4 this awesome episode……

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