YAARIYAN…Episode 8


So here i bring the first MaNan scene of my ff.. Ty Guyys for your support till now….

Time leap : 2 years
Fab five grew closer within these two years. And Nandini got to see the ugly face of the jerk in their life none other than Harshad but at the cost of getting hurt badly. Harshad had taken his revenge and Nandu was shattered but never showed it openly. Fab five could see her pain but never talked to her about it as their discussions could hurt her . That’s what true friends are like.

Nandini and her new start with life. But everything had changed then. From an adorable sweet girl she had turned to a man hater ! Now who could change her ?
Only our lovely Manik Malhotra !
The first meeting *****
The fab five were as usual ragging the new entrants. They see Harshad. He instigates Cabir by making dog faces. Mukti stops Cabir
Nandini leaves in anger.
Nandini goes to the Music room but is shocked. Someone was fiddling with her guitar !
Nandini : How dare you ! Who the hell you think you are ?
Manik didn’t answer.
Nandini : Oh stop playing and speak up man ! and by the way its my guitar ..Mr Red jacket.
Fab five enters the scene.
Mukti : What happened Nandu ?
Nandini : See na.. This guy was playing my guitar.
Cabir : You have invited your bad luck by messing with the Fab Five .
Aliya : Guyys looks like we don’t have to look out for our next target.
Nandini : Get ready to make your journey in Space a hell..
Manik : I love going to hell. You see I m a Monster for you all.
Nandini : Guyys I think we should spare him at least for today. Its his first day naa.
Hmmm. All agree.
The fab dive practiced in the music room. It was their daily routine.
Nandini : Guyys I m tired. I need my blueberry cup cake. See you guyys.
Mukti : Bye Nandu !
After she leaves.
Dhruv : How can you let her go alone ?
Mukti : She definitely needs some space… Its upsetting for her to deal with that jerk.
Aliya : I think you are right.
Nandini asked for her fav blueberry cup cake.
Sorry ma’am but that boy had taken the last piece.
The boy was about to gulp the whole in his mouth.
Nandini snatches it. She finds again Manik.
Manik : You got any manners miss whatever !
Nandini : Not again huh. I ll pay you for this Red Jacket
And she throws money on his face.
Manik gets angry and he corners her. His eyes meets her eyes. Both the eyes flashed anger.
Nandini : No one had dared to touch me like this.
Manik : You know what ? You are nothing without your friends.. So plz call them. Then only it would be fun.
Nandini punches him hard on his face and leaves.
Mukti asks Nandu if she is alright? Heard what that new guy did to you. We did a big mistake by sparing him today.
Nandini : Guys.. Don’t worry .. Now that monster is my and only mine new target ! Just don’t interfere. I have to get even with him…
Saying so she signs off.
Harshad sees all of this drama.
Harshad : Ohh.. I have to make friend with this new guy. He can help me out to mess with that Fab five..
I totally agree with the fact that all love stories start with fights. Do you agree too ??
Thank you so much guyys for liking my story ! I thank also the silent readers !!
I hope you guyys comment about this new track…
So my plans was to show what our jerk Harshad did to Nandu but then ppl started pairing Hanan which can Neva happen !! Its always gonna be Manan ! So I ll show that later when Manik investigates about her past..

Credit to: Aish

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  1. Aww…..awesome yar……
    Prefect start……
    Looovvvvveeee iiiiittttttty……
    Maza aa gya….
    Waiting 4 next update…..

  2. wt did harshad do that nandhu hates all men
    pls make it longer

  3. Ha ha ha manik was here its just awesome

  4. Yeah..coz I had d same doubt!!!!
    Anyways will b waiting eagerly to know what Harshad did to nandu…
    N Manik n nandu r awesome together!!!
    I totally agree wid u theory dat love begins wid fights…most of d times..? ?

  5. Plz make it longer it’s too short ☹

  6. This track seems 2 be nice…. but plzzzzz post PANI STORY also waiting for it

  7. nice story and manan first meeting was superb i hope story aage bhi interesting hogi the way your writting story is nice

  8. Loved itttt

  9. It’s awesome yar….
    Perfect start….
    Plz continue……

  10. Hey Aish kudos to u for coming up wid something like this nd entertaining us. Ur story is fab but i would just suggest that it should hav some seamliness in it.
    It is not flowing as is called in literary terms.
    Otherwise the storyline is awesome nd i wish u continue to post it .

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