YAARIYAN…Episode 7


Manik was in the auditorium. He sees a girl. She was about to fall. He saves her from falling. The girl was Soha. Manik’s only friend.
Manik : You should be careful..
Soha : Sorry yaar !! I was just thinking about the event.
Manik : Don’t worry it would be perfect.
Soha : Hope so..

Harshad suggests Aliya to host a dinner party for everyone.
Aliya : That would be perfect bhai !! Love you..
Harshad : Oh my sissy love ya too…
Harshad smirks.
Harshad thinks Come Nandini. Murthy come to your end. I would make your life like a heaven first and then a hell. A living hell.
He moves away with his doggish smirk.
Mukti was talking to Nandini about how should their next composition would be.
Nandini was lost thinking whether Harshad has really changed or is it just a trick??
Mukti : Halloo?!?!
Nandini : What should I wear for the dinner party ??
Mukti : Wear anything.. You are not going for a marriage or what !! Oh what’s the scene?? Dhruv haa??
Nandini : No yaar ! Never mind I will wear the ugliest dress from my closet. Now you wait and watch !!
Mukti : Sorry baba…
Nandini cuts the call.
Dhruv was in his home thinking about Nandini. What should I wear was the biggest question going in his mind..
He gets ready in a classic tuxedo..
Nandini wore a kurta just to make sure Mukti never teases her.
Aliya wore a little black dress. She looked really seductive. Mukti was as usual in her gothy look. Cabir was his usual cool avatar!
All hug each other. Harshad pretends to feel lonely.
Nandini notices this. She goes and asks Harshad about his whereabouts.. Harshad becomes cheerful.
The whole dinner time Harshad did his drama of being a good boy.
This irked Mukti. But she didn’t openly revolt. Nandini on the other hand started trusting Harshad.
Dhruv saw the sudden proximity between Nandini and Harshad and felt a little jealous.
After the dinner Harshad brought desert for everyone.
Cabir jokes : Our new waitress

Harshad drops the ice cream on Nandini’s clothes.
Harshad : I m so sorry… Wait I ll show you the way to washroom.
He takes her away from the sight of her friends.
Nandini : I think its enough.. You should stop behaving weird. I mean this sudden change.
Harshad : Nandini you made me change.
Nandini rushes to the washroom and leaves the room. The rest of the time she ignores Harshad.

Nex epi : The confessions !!

Guyys.. I know you are dying to see Manan meet. But I assure you its soon I have already written that update . And that moment is not too far. I want to go wit the flo. That’s why there’s so much of Harshad drama coz its imp for the story.. Keep reading

Credit to: Aish

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