YAARIYAN…Episode 5

Manik was talking to his cousin Ayaan. Ayaan had joined SPACE academy which is one of the most beautiful music academies. Manik couldnt concentrate on what he was saying as he was lost in the voice he heard on U tube.
Ayaan : You know what .. Here you can find any voice.
Manik : Any ??
Ayaan : Yesss..
Manik became determined. His next stop was SPACE Academy. But he didn’t know how his parents would react plus he thought it was too early..
Manik tried to sleep but that voice kept ringing in his ears. He checks U tube and finds out another video. This time it was more of male part but the female part was equally beautiful…

The music fest had started. The first five performances were okay types.
Just then enters the Eagles team one of the roughest competitor even for Harshad.
Harshad retorted to his evil plans. He messed up their performance by tampering the music system. The crowd booed at the Eagles. They were petrified.
Mukti : Oh this Harshad ! Guyyys we have to fight his evil plans too.
Nandu : Yup you are right. And I have a plan for this.
She whispers something in their ears.
Everyone hug each other.
Nandu sat in a corner away from her friends. Harshad notices this.
Harshad : You got your performance right ?
Nandu : Who told you m gonna perform…
Harshad : What do you mean.
Nandu : Planning plotting gaming. Whatever you say this. I will betray them. You know what. I hate Mukti and Aliya. I m really jealous of them. I ll make sure they are more embarrassed than last Music Fest

Aliya and Mukti see Nandini’s acting.
Mukti : Impressive na. I never knew Nandu is such a talented person.
Aliya : God knows how she manages it. Acting, singing etc.
Dhruv : She is just so perfect.
Cabir : You know what .. She is the firefly the angel the star of our group.
Exactly !! all agree.
Harshad thinks he does not need to plan anything against Fab Five as Nandini would destroy their performance. He goes happily carefree.
Bad boys performance… Saturday Saturday song. The crowd loves it.
Harshad : I know Nandini Murthy you are a great actress but you can never outwit me.
Nandini : Guyys don’t worry we will rock it out. Just play out your heart. Music from ones heart sounds the best.

They sing Bezubaan (ABCD). The crowd were mesmerised by their performance. Harshad thrashes his guitar.
The Principal announces Fab Five as the winner.
Fab five came running to the stage holding hands. Mukti boos at Harshad and Nandini calls him a loser. Harshad leaves the place.
Fab five decide to party hard and give a party.
Cabir : All you guyys are welcomed. Even our haters.
He definitely meant Harshad
Harshad decides to take his bitter revenge especially from Nandini.
He hits upon a plan.

Nex chap : Harshad apologises for all his mistakes. Fab five forgive him.

Just a few chapters and you will see the first meeting of Manan…

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  5. Wowwww awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. Its great pls bring manik to india and make manik and nandini meet faster waiting for their story

  7. Oh gosh! Aish!! Superbbb girl!!! Harshaddd… Arey ur a jerk na so u hav to lose any cost! Yayyiee fab 5 won!! And im lovin the effect of nandini’s voice on manik too much!! Piora dikhegi toh pta nhi kya hoga!!???
    Anyway im lovin it a lot!! And u know aish.. What clock does.. It keeps going ahead.. U too keep going ahead coz ik how awesome the journey’s gonna be!!

  8. Hey, good going yarr bt make sure manan track jaldi start ho hehe 😛 just kidding just write the way u want cuz you r a good narrator well done n ya cabirr is as alwys suprb.

  9. Nandhu good job .. Wow she did prank with harshad
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