YAARIYAN…Episode 4


It starts with Cabir annoying Mukti and Mukti hitting it hard..
Dhruv feels annoyed at their silly fight and so he leaves but just then Nandu enters. Both try to stop them.
Mukti : You boys always will be loser..
Dhruv : What do you mean Mukti.. Its always you girls who make life complicated !!
Nandu : Excuse Dhruv. I think you are highly mistaken.
Cabir : Dhruv is right yaar.
And all four of them start fighting.
Aliya sees all of this and tries to stop them but no one needs her words. So she hits the drums badly and all of them stop. All five laugh badly. And they hug each other.
Aliya : Guys now some seriousness. I think we should record our music as to see how it actually sounds.
Cabir : Not a bad idea.
All start their jamming session.It was just awesome. Everyone were happy to see their recording.
Mukti : Guyys.. Wait. We don’t know how will the audience find our music..
Dhruv : We should post it online and check out the response.
Nandu : By anonymous name.
Mukti : Yeahh…
Cabir posts it online.
Its almost a week and the song got a good response. Even Harshad liked the music of this anonymous band.
Manik hears the music.
Manik : Wow the girls voice is magical. Always wanted to hear such a soothing voice.
Nyonika ( She cares for Manik at least now )
Son. What happened
Manik : You hear this voice. Its beautiful. I feel a deep connection with this voice.
Nyonika laughs at his statement.
You are too small Manik to think about such silly matter. Concentrate on your studies.
Manik : ( grunts ) Okay mom.
Fab five were really happy. Ready to go for the music fest.
They decide to chill to brush out the nervousness.
Dhruv and Nandu had become close friends and always spent time with each other and Harshad never minding his business.
Next epi : The music fest..

Sorry guys I know you want the update to be longer but its difficult for me to cope up with writing and studies together. So I would update daily but in small parts. Tell me if i shud Continue. Only if you want.

Credit to: Aish

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  1. Oh nice dr

  2. Its the cutest of manik… And i always want nyonika to be good with manik… And which happening now… Its awsome story….. U know i am also writing astory…. But its different….. Any way this plot is awsome to have it….

  3. Aish i meab other story.. Not abt kyy.. So keep it up… I hope for the best

  4. Manik grunts at nyonika…. Oh wow… I can imagine the scene… Its the cutest of them all….

  5. plz continue .its awesome

  6. Awesome!!!!
    Plzzz continue..
    Liking d yaariaan thing!!

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  8. Sure….pls do continue

  9. Plz continue u it’s beautiful ?.I kinda liking it ?

  10. You r too good yar……
    Plz continue…..plz…..
    It’s amazing yar really ……..
    Update soon….we r waiting….

  11. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  12. Awwiieeee manik is shoo cute!!!! Wanna pull his cheeks! Fab 5!!! Haha u guyz rock!! Harshad also liked their music!! Fool he is!! And d starting ws superbbb!!! Alya ne kya fadu idea nikala unhe stop krne ko!! N all d credits goes to u aish 😀 keep it up girlll… U rockkk… Keep smiling
    stay blessed.

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