YAARIYAN…Episode 3


Nandini was at home.
Her mom enters.
Nandu : So finally you got some spare time for your only daughter ??
Mom : Oh common.you know that I don’t waste my time. I m tired. I wanna sleep.
Nandini goes crying to her bedroom. Chachi follows her.
Chachi : Nandu u know na.. She is ur Mom. How your dad left her.
Nandu : I know it Chachi. But she is like anything. She doesn’t treat me anymore like her lovable daughter. Its just a hello hi kind of relationship.
Chachaji calls Chachi and so she leaves. Nandu cries for hours.
Nandu thinks No one understands me. When I ll get someone who would heal my wounds. Who would make me realise what’s love.

A mansion is shown in Boston. The Malhotra Mansion. The great Malhotras stay here. Manik their only son was a handsome guy the guy of every girls dream. But Manik was loner. He didn’t talk much due to his past . ( soon to be revealed ).
Nandu was getting ready and she tried as hard as possible to hide her puffy eyes which looked terrible as she had cried the whole night.
Mukti arrives at her entrance and starts honking badly. Nandini’s mom notices this.
Mom : Terrible. What kind of friends you have ?
Nandu : Better than you.

She got some courage to say this. Maybe because she knew she was not alone anymore. She had her friends with her.
Mukti comes like a cyclone and takes away Nandu like a tornado. She notices her puffy eyes.
Mukti : Crying whole night ?
Nandu nods no. And takes Mukti’s shoulder and cries hard.
Nandu : My mean momma
Mukti : Don’t cry for that silly bx .
Nandu : Don’t call her that Mukti.
Mukti : Okay m sorry. I know this time it was too much.
you know that you have great friends. I Aliya Dhruv and Cabir .
Nandini smiles and they both drive away. The park the bike at Harshad’s spot.
Harshad : Why you guys like hearing insulted words from my mouth.
And he insults Mukti badly. Mouthing all rubbish.

Nandu : Stop. How dare you ! I thought you are really good and it was just the arrogance you had in ur character. But now when I see this face of yours I m really shocked. Tomorrow when I ll see you misbehaving with a girl I wont be surprised at all. That’s the kind of guy you are. Bludy loser.
Harshad tries to slap her but multi twists his arm.
Everyone see the fight in shock. And the news spread like a fire. Aliya, Dhruv and Cabir come to rescue them.
Aliya : Bhai. You challenged us that could we defeat you in the music fest. I wasn’t sure at all. But now I ll make sure we win this one. By hook or by crook.
Next chap : The practice and some jolly moments of fab five .

Guyys I hope you like this part. Actually I cant update long updates coz I hardly get anytime due to my studies. I ll try to write as much as possible coz I love reading your comments and yeah Ty sm for liking my story… I need more of your love..?

Credit to: Aish

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    Update soon dear..

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