YAARIYAN…Episode 2


Part 2 : FAB FIVE: The Beginning
Sorry Guyys I didn’t continue coz I thght my story was a bit silly. I ll continue it…
The music teacher was Mr Chaitanya. He was a brilliant teacher knowing everything about music and still was humble at heart. He was a chill pill kind of teacher. Always trying not to be serious but when it comes to music he was strict. He tells them
Okay .. New class and new students too. Except a few.
He glares at Harshad and Harshad gave him a I don’t care look.
Nandini thinks lot of attitude !!
He tells them that they are free to form music bands and..
May I come in sir ?
Two guys standing at the door. They were sweating badly. A guy was wearing a hoodie with silent eyes. And the other the more notorious one wearing a headphone ? .
After the lecture

the notorious guy stands on the podium and introduces himself..
Hello buddies!! I am Cabir and he is my friend Dhruv. Nice to meet you guys.
Harshad and his friends boo at him. Nandini walks to Dhruv and shakes hand with him.
Nandini was walking through the benches and drops her books. Dhruv help him out in picking.
Nandini : Thank you. Dhruv right ? Nice name.
Dhruv : Yeah. I m Dhruv. ( He takes out his hoodie )
The girls find him very handsome and start gossiping about him. Dhruv finds it weird and so leaves.
Nandini finds Dhruv really good. Cabir walks to her.
He giggles : You are so selective?
Nandu : Excuse me ?
Cabir : No greetings for me ? Fallen in love with him or what.
Nandini punches him hard on his stomach.
Cabir : Ouch. That was hard. So desperate.
She does it again and they shake hands and they be friends. Mukti and Aliya also join them.
Cabir : I think Dhruv is upset .
Nandu : Upset with ?

Aliya : I know the way the other girls were talking about him. He seems to be really shy.
Mukti : I don’t get these girls. Why they behave like toddlers. Haven’t they seen any hot guy before ..
Cabir : So you admit u are not a girl.
Mukti bangs his back with her guitar.
Mukti : You deserve this.
Dhruv was sitting in the stairs.
Nandini goes to him and tells him
You should not be affected by others what they say what they do. Just ignore them. That will be good.
Dhruv: I ll try next time.
They see music being played.
Aliya : Must be bhai. He and his band.
Always make bad music.
Nandu : Actually he’s not that bad singer. Just the correct attitude and he will be perfect.
Mukti : Whatever.. I m really hungry. Lets have something.
All the five head to the canteen.
Mukti : So basically we all love music.
Cabir : Yeah.. I love the drums.
Nandu and Mukti scream : Guitar.
Aliya : I love piano ofcourse.
Nandu : What about you Dhruv ??

Dhruv : I love guitar.
Aliya : Nice we all are passionate about music.
Harshad and his enters
Harshad : Passions nd talent you need both of them to be the best band like ours The Bad Boys.
Mukti : Oh shut up!! Loser.
Harshad : Let’s see who is the loser in this Music Fest Mukti.
Mukti : What do you mean ?
Harshad : You n me it will be a face off. Lets see who wins. Get your band ready Mukti.
The argument gets heated up and Nandini interrupt in the middle.
Harshad sees her and moves away.
Mukti : How adamant this Harshad is. I feel like kicking his ahz right now.
Aliya: Calm down Mukti. What was that. Why did you accept the challenge. You know last year. How humiliated we felt because of the defeat. I cant tolerate any more eggs and tomatoes on us. The crowd has forgot that day. But I cannot. I cant be with you this time.
Mukti: Oh common Aliya. I have a great idea.
Aliya : What ?

Mukti : Let us all I mean all of us perform at the Music Fest together.
Aliya : You mean we five. ?
Mukti : Yeah if you guys don’t mind.
Cabir: I m in. And vaise bhi I hate that guy. He is so …Forget it. Ready to buzz him off.
Nandu : Okay. Anything to prove him wrong.
Dhruv : Yeah okay.
And their first group hug. All of them looked at them. The new shining bright stars who were going to create history. But the hug was incomplete. it missed that bond of friendship.
They all head to Jam room. It was vacant. Cabir goes to the drums. Mukti, Nandini and Dhruv get their guitars. And Aliya switches to the piano.
They all work on a music. It sounded perfect.
Cabir : It lacks the soul yaar. We need two vocalists. One can be Dhruv but what about the female vocalist.
Aliya : I think Nandini will be perfect. She has great voice.
Nandini : No yaar. Are you serious. I sound like a donkey.
Mukti : Sing the lyrics Nandu.
She sings and all of them get mesmerised. Even Harshad follows the voice and gets to the jam room. He is shocked to see the five together.
Harshad: So planning to defeat me. This time I ll make sure you are defeated badly. Jokers.
Nandini’s face totally showed How annoyed she felt !
Aliya : Get lost bhai !
Harshad : Okay my darling sissy. As you wish.
Nandini: He is so annoying.
Mukti : I know yaar. But did you notice one thing. He came here on his own . Listening to ur voice. Your voice has that magic.
Dhruv : Yes Nandini. Your voice is mesmerising. We will sound great together.
Nandini : You think so ?
All together : Yaaa !!
Nandini : Okay then.
Mukti : Our first jam together. Ek selfie toh Banta hai yaar.
And they take a selfie. Aliya posts it on FB.
Cabir : Lets party guyss..
Mukti : Yesss !!
Aliya : My place. Bhai is also going out. So it will be fun.
Mukti : Alright then. See you guyys. She was walking away but her leg gets entangled with the wires and she was about to fall but Nandini balances her.
Mukti : Thanks yaar Nandu.
They hug each other.

Mukti thinks Nandini is really awesome. I think she is just pfft.
They make a chat group. And talk about everything. They become the talk of town.
All reach Aliya’s place. Nandini wore a tank top with her hairs tied with a high pony tail. Aliya was as usual in her sassy avatar and Mukti in her goth look. Cabir looked great in his pants and a fluid tee shirt. Dhruv was a wearing a classy jacket and formal jeans.
Aliya : We forgot an important thing.
What should we keep our bands name.?
Cabir : Maroon five.
Mukti : You want us to be sued Cabir ? Fab five it wud be perfect I guess. What do you think ?? We five Fab five.
Cabir : Sounds cool.
Nandu : Yep its great.
All give a hug to each other. This time with more passion as they had actually become good friends. All party and dance . They go near the pool.
Aliya finds Dhruv really cute whereas Dhruv felt the same for Nandini.
For Nandini they were all her friends !
Cabir as usual joking and trying to make the situation funny.
This was the start of their journey . The journey towards Immense friendship, love and hatred .
Nandini gets a call from her Mom.
Mom : I m back to India. Where are you my sweety ?
Nandini : Ohh Mom I m with my friends. How was your trip ?
Mom: It was perfect. Okay come back soon. Don’t be late. A lots of gifts waiting for you.
She cuts the call.
Mukti : What happened All fine ??
Nandini : Yes. All good.
Mukti : Tomorrow we have to practice sharp seven. Don’t be late. I ll pick you Nandu and Aliya.
Aliya : Okay.
Cabir : Okay I think we should leave. Its already late.
Dhruv : Yeah. Nandini should we drop you ?
Nandini : No. I have my driver. You guyys carry on. See ya tomorrow.

The next few chapters is about how these different people bond together and be the Fab Five who can even die for each other’s sake. N yeah you gotta wait for Manik’s grand entry which will only be a little afterwards !

Your comments let me know whether you liking it or not. And of couse I love reading your comments. So guyys comment if you like it or not liking it. Your response shall decide the fate of this story.

Next part : Harshad tries to humiliate Mukti but Nandini answers him back embarrassing him.

Credit to: Aish

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