YAARIYAN…Episode 17

Fab five had ordered their dearest friend to find their music teacher..
Okay .. But I don’t want to see your ugly faces around she joked.
Mukti : Thik hai ! We will go to Aliya’s place till then you find a teacher.
Nandini : Hmmm
She nodded.
Mukti : I was jus kidding. Don’t be so serious ! Remember we are Fab five. Not so serious spoilt brat.
They all hug. Aliya clucks their puc and posts it on insta.
#friendship _2_infinity
Nandini : No Guyys ! I think you should go somewhere. I cannot concentrate on finding the teacher if I see you around.
Cabir : Dost dost na raja….
Nandini punches him in the stomach.
Cabir : Okay baba ! We are leaving.
All leave for Aliya’s place.
Nandini makes an announcement.

“Fab five is searching for a fresh music taken ! And the auditions are open now in the amphitheatre.”
All rush to the amphitheatre and Manik was curious to know.
Manik : This cant be just an audition ! What’s her motto ? I needa find out what this Nandini Murthy is upto !
He also sets to the amphitheatre.
All the boys give their auditions and they were rejected badly.
Nandini : How will I find that voice. It had something.
She sees Manik . Her expressions change.
Harshad also goes for the audition.
Nandini controlled her anger.
Nandini : Be strong yaar. Show this dog you don’t care about him anymore.
Harshad starts singing. He was to Nandini’s dismay melodious enough to get an applause from the crowd.
But Nandini insults him.

Nandini : Uhh your cacophony ! Dude don’t try your luck ever in music industry otherwise people will make you a laughing stock.
This comment of hers was not liked by many. A guy stands.
Guy : I know Nandini you are a great singer but we also study in the same academy. You don’t have any right to insult us. Harshad was too good .
Nandini : I think you need to take a look around. There are many brilliant singers than Harshad.
Guy : I don’t think so ! Is there anyone who can challenge our bro Harshad ?
Everyone were scared. Nandini sees Harshad with disgust. And so does Manik. He thinks ” I have to help her ”
Manik gets up and walks upto Harshad. He snatches the mic from him and jerks him away.
He sings Jeena Jeena ( Badlapur )
The crowd was mesmerised by his voice and so was Nandini.
Harshad looks at Manik with disgust.

The crowd cheer : Manik Manik !! Once more once more.
And they boo at Harshad. Harshad leaves. He looks back at Manik. Manik also boos at him.
Harshad : Manik I ll never forget this insult!
Nandini : Oh so it was him. The voice I got my teacher. But its Manik.
She remembers about their fight in the morning.
Nandini finds herself sleeping on the bed and Manik on the couch. She gets up and Manik also gets up.
Nandini : I hope everything was good yesterday night.
Manik : I m sorry. I couldn’t control.
Nandini : You couldn’t control what ?
Manik : We slept together. It was only your wish.
Nandini : But I was drunk! How could you.
She leaves in anger.
FB ends…
Nandini sees him with anger .

Manik thinks ” I know you are angry with me but I had to this . To break this friendship of ours ! I don’t want any friends. Soha is enough for me. Nandini you are a very nice girl and you don’t deserve a guy like me. ”
Manik leaves. Nandini follows him.
She holds his hands.
Nandini : I know Manik . I was angry with you. But now I think it was okay.
Manik was perplexed.

Next episode : Nandini requests him to teach them classical music. Manik places his conditions.
I know its a small update.. This time. I had hardly any time. Monday morning blues you see. Hardly anytime left plus exams are coming near…!
Let me know your views if you are happy with this story or not. Silent readers especially. Your comments can help me with the ff.

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