YAARIYAN…Episode 16

Nandini was in the class with her mood totally off. She cuts every call she gets. Be it Mukti’s or Dhruv’s or Aliya’s or Cabir’s.
The reason : Fight with Manik !
Fab five scene ..
They didn’t know how yo react Nandini being in a boring lecture of traditional music which was gonna last for another two hours. They didn’t knew the reason !
Mukti : Man what’s up with Nandu ?
Dhruv : Yeah !! Nandu and traditional music! This cannot be my Nandini.
Aliya : Like seriously. What is this new drama of hers ?!
Cabir : I know there must be some reason definitely. Maybe its related to HIM.
Mukti : HIM ??
Aliya : No it cant be.
Dhruv : Why you always defend your jerk brother ?
Aliya : Its just this time coz he’s standing there.
Dhruv : Ohh..
Aliya gets angry with Dhruv.
Aliya : You are always judgemental !
She leaves the canteen. Dhruv follows her.
He tries to persuade her.
Cabir : I cant stand this anymore lets go..
Mukti : Where yaar ??
Cabir : Lecture by Pandit Chourasiya.
Mukti : Anything for Nandu yaar.
They stand near the lecture.
Pandit : So students this Taal I like this. Aur …
He notices Cabir Mukti standing near the door..
Pandit : You cant be here for the lecture . So let me know why you are here.
Cabir : Sir actually Nandu’s friend is pregnant. So she is having labour pain.
So she needs her help.
Pandit : Height of telling lies guys. And you have crossed it. I wonder how can such people play classical music !
Mukti : Sir we need Nandu.
Pandit : Don’t interfere when I talk !
And you Nandini Murthy ! I thought you had actually changed but now I can see. You and your wild friends.
Nandini gets up.
Nandini : Not a word against my friends.
Pandit : Leave my class right now ! Music doesn’t deserve students like you ! Get lost you three.
Nandini : You are too arrogant coz you think you are the only person who can sing perfect classical song.
Pandit : Of course that’s not a question which can be worth asking !
Nandini : So here’s my challenge ! We will sing a traditional.. I mean classical song in the completion for selection of music gala. And I bet you yourself would give us the ticket to the mega competition !
Pandit : Challenge accepted !
Nandini leaves in a hurry. Mukti and Cabir follow her.
” Aiyappa what did i do ! Classical That too fab five. Its not possible !! ”
Mukti twirls her.
Mukti : What was that Nandu !
Cabir defends Nandu ” cant you see. That dog was challenging us. The fab five ! ”
Mukti : I know but we need a Classical music teacher. And that Pandit wont help us at all.
Nandini : I ll find one. I ll ask my Ams.
Mukti squeezes her cheeks and leaves with Cabir saying
” wont talk to you till you get us the teacher ! ”
Nandini was walking just then she hears a melodious voice.
Nandini : Wow !!! Such a soothing voice. He is perfect.
She tries to follow the voice but the guy stops singing too. The guy was none other than Manik but Nandini was totally unaware
Precap : Nandini finds Manik behind the voice. She requests him to teach her friends classical music. Manik gives her some conditions.
I know you wanna know why Nandu was angry with Manik in the morning.
I will tell you the reason tmrw. Still any wild guesses ?!?


Credit to: aish


  1. Is it because Manik took Nandini to his house in that drunken state without asking her and indulged in another argument. Don’t blame me if it is wrong.
    Excellent update.
    Waiting for the faceoff between FAB5 and that jerk Pandit ??
    Luv u MANAN.
    Miss u a lot in 2016?

  2. kavya

    It’s really awesome yar…..
    Means, Manik with classical music…..
    U doing such a great job…
    Keep it up dr…..
    Love “MANAN”
    Love u….
    Nd miss u

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