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Hello guyys…
I just wanted to question u all. Are you happy with this story coz I feel the no. Of readers is decreasing. And it hurts me a lot. I put in a lot of time and effort in this story. I m in school so its really difficult for me to take out time and I do expect some feedback and friends comments ofcourse. Otherwise there’s no point. If you dnt like it plz let me know I ll wrap it soon with a justified end. I hope you don’t take it in any other way. Its just I need your opinion. Its very difficult for me to sometime bear this as ky2s2 is also ending. I ll miss ita lot . So are u ok with me continuing it seeing MaNan on be on TV at least for now. Plz tell me ur opinion !!
The decision is totally yours….
Okay enuf of this.

Back to epi…
Today only MaNan and a little MukBhi but no Cavya
Manan together.
Manik : Lets get back to the party .
Nandini: Oh yes ! The party . Fab five must be looking out for us.
Manik : Lets go .
Nandini: No wait. We cant go together. Fab five will get suspicious.
Let me go first!
Manik : Okay.
Nandini walks away. She turns back and smiles at him. She notices he was staring her. She walks away quickly.
Manik waits there for sometime.
He goes to the Room near Amphitheatre.
He hears the announcement “Fab Five will perform shortly guys.”
He gets excited but all his excitement vanishes as soon as he sees The Jerk I mean Harshad.
He spots him tampering with the lights. By then Fab five had started their performance.
Yaar milte hai… pyar milte hai humko yaaron naseeb se…
He could feel Nandini’s presence due to her melodious voice.
They start fighting like a hungry tiger and a mad dog. Manik being the tiger and Harshad the dog. Manik gives a hard punch on his head. He knocks down unconscious. He sees rope on verge of breaking. “Oh the lights are connected through this.” He tightens the rope with his bracelet.
He leaves as he gets worried for Nandini. Harshad regains consciousness.
Harshad : The accident done by me will have blame on you Manik !
He loosens the bracelet.
Manik had heaved a sigh of relief.
“Thank god she’s okay. That jerk can stoop so low. I had no idea. Now I get who stole their song. The jerk!!”
He sees the light falling on Nandini. He rushes to the stage and grabs her and the lights falls an inch away from her.
Manik : Are you okay?
The fab five surrounds them. Manik observes this and loosens his grip.
Nandini : Guyys I m totally fine.
She sees blood flowing from Manik’s hand. “Guys I need to go to the medical room. You guyys continue the performance. The show must go on.”
Dhruv : How can we perform without you ?
Aliya : Don’t forget Nandini ! Its fab five.
Nandini : Its our tradition. We never stop performing. You guyys carry on for my sake and saying so she leaves. The fab five couldn’t see her as the crowd was totally surrounding them.
Nandini takes Manik’s hand.
Manik : Ouch !
Nandini : I m so sorry !
They stopped at the medical room. Nandini gets the first aid box.
She gives him first aid. She could feel his pain. Her hands shivered as she dresses his wound. “The wound is deep ” So to diver his and her own attention she asks her a nonsense and stupid question.
Nandini : How could you save me at nick of time?
Manik : It seems to me all my reflexes are designed for you.
Nandini blushed . Manik noticed her rose pink cheeks.”## So Nandini Murthy can blush !!##” Thinks he.
Manik : Why are you not performing with your friends after everything was under control?
Nandini : You are also my friend. I saw you got hurt in the process of saving me from a disaster! So I just couldn’t leave you . And Fab Five. I m sure they wont take this seriously.
Manik : I don’t know how your friends would feel.
Nandini : Don’t wore they are my friends. Now get up ! I have to sleep instead of u otherwise fab five will get to know about the fishiness around.
Manik : Dude what’s fishy here?
Nandini : Our friendship. You know FAb five hates you coz they think you stole the song plus they are really protective about me.
She gives her hand to him. Manik gets up and she lies on the bed.
So please don’t let them know about this friendship.we have to hide it from everyone. Its our secret.
They hear the foot taps of people. Manik hides behind the curtain. Nandini thinks” I worry about you Manik. They might play pranks on you. I can never let that happen.”
Fab five arrive with Abhi.
Mukti : So hows my doll feeling.
Nandini : Better.
Dhruv : Is it still hurting ? God knows what would have happened if that guy didn’t come to save you.
Aliya : Babe. Did you eat something.
Nandini : Now that’s the question I had been waiting for all the time !
Cabir : Bhukkad number one. Wait I ll bring you favourite cheese cake and blue berry muffin.
Nandini : Thanks Cabir yaar ! You are indeed my true friend.
Mukti : Achha toh hum ? We don’t matter you right ?
Nandini : Thank god you understood it now finally!
Mukti : Ek number nautanki.
Mukti tickles her.
Dhruv : Mukti yaar leave her. She has already hurted herself.
Okay then I ll tickle you. Aliya also joins her. To Dhruv’s surprise Nandini also tickles her.
Dhruv : Acha so you are quite god. Wait then.
He tickles her
Manik was dying to see her laughing and so he peeps from the curtain . He fumes in jealousy.
But Abhimanyu sees him peeping from there.
Abhi : Nandu you do not have even a single wound then how come you are acting like a patient.
Mukti : Oh hello. Not a word. What do you know how it feels lying in a hospital.
Abhi : Yeah. I can never feel such pain.
Her statement had pricked his heart. No one other than Abhi could feel the pain better. He was suffering from Blood cancer. He knew he was going to die soon. Maybe in a year or two.
Abhi : Guys I think Nandu should rest alone for sometime.
Mukti : First time you used your brain I think. Chal aliya lets leave.
And they were just leaving when Cabir comes with the food. All see him and then Nandu.
Nandini : Don’t stay here and put your bad eye on my food !
Cabir : Lets leave this Mad Cow here ! Eat alone. Don’t Talk to me tomorrow.
And they go. Abhi winks at her and teasingly points his finger to the curtain.
Abhi (softly) : I know your secret !
Nandini throws a pillow at him.

Precap : The watchman closes the door and so no one can enter and no one can leave.

Credit to: aish

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