YAARIYAN…Episode 15 Manan Night and a cute fight !


MaNan Night
Heres a long update as i could not stop writing. I want to inform you before only that i m like really bad at writing romantic stuff. My first try ! Hope you like it. Please let me know your views and input !
Especially the silent readers !
So here the epi goes
Nandini gazes at Manik.
Nandini : Manik. Come out !
Manik comes out. He was still angry at her.

Nandini : Are you okay ? And what kind of friend you are. Leaving me in such a distress. My whole body is paining. And you… You don’t even bother to get some water for me. I can see your friendship

Manik : Now I see why Mukti called you Ek Number Nautanki.

Nandini : Why ?
Questioning him with eyes of a child or to be more precise an infant.

Manik thinks ” Awwh her eyes. ”
Manik: Coz you are really one. You tantrums make you a drama queen.

Manik gets her water in a glass. Nandini takes the glass and drinks it.
Tushhhh….. A sound is heard. Nandini spits the entire water she had gulped in one go.
Nandini : Oh no ! The gates are closed.
Manik : No this cant happen. Lets check out yaar.
They run to the gate. Indeed the gates were closed. No one could go out and no one could get in.
Manik was happy inside. Spending time with her would be lovely.
Nandini rushes to the terrace.
Nandini : Maybe we could spot anyone from here. But there is hardly anyone out there. Why do people always have to spend time at home.

Manik : Coz they have homes. Their beautiful wife wonderful parents and naughty children like you.

Nandini rolled her eyes and turned away with her mouth blown out.

Manik : Ease ! I was just kidding. Now don’t start your drama. Drama queen.
He starts singing badly cacophonic song.
Adaayein badi funky .. Karein hai nautanki..
Nandini : Not a word.
She keeps her finger on his lips. They share another eye lock for five minutes but realise the situation.
Nandini : Okay I m really tired and I even couldn’t drink water. Time for me to have my reserved drink. Please handle me after this.
Manik didn’t understand what she meant and the last thing he saw was Nandini running. His reflexes didn’t work as he was in a confused state.
Manik : Now where this lady go ! I wish we weren’t locked here. Nandini ? Nandini !!!! Nandini?!?!?
He called her name several times.
Manik : Its impossible to search her in SPACE.
Nandini was in a corner near the canteen. She was getting drunk thanks to the Fab Five’s secret reserves which they could use in their mood swings. And she swings her bottle and dances in the canteen with the bottle on her head. In short she was totally DRUNK and it was quite a task for Manik to control this MAD LADY.
Nandini started playing hide and seek with Manik. She makes Manik roam the whole SPACE. She did all her naughtiness .

Nandini screams ” Manik you should be called monkey.”
Manik : There you are ! Now please stay there ..
But as soon as he reached Nandini vanished like Genie.
Then he stumbles and falls hard on the floor. It was Nandini’s trick.
Manik : So you don’t stop all this even if you are drunk. It seems its in your blood.
Nandini was staring his nose continuously.
Manik : Don’t tell me you want to chop off my nose. I wont let you do that ! Mind it. I love my nose . After all its my mom’s. Nyonika..
Nandini : Who are you ?
Manik : As if you don’t know ?!
Nandini : No baba. I really don’t know. Your surname is M. I didn’t get the whole thing in the form.
Manik : Then how about that contract. I being your manager for six months.
Nandini : Ehahhh. That was my trick ! You seriously fell for that.
Manik : I m glad you dint know that I m Manik Malhotra. I don’t want anyone to know about this. I don’t want that unwanted attention which people would give me once they come to know about the truth. I being a heir of one of the richest person in this world. You know I lost my dearest buddy coz of being Manik Malhotra.
Manik had tears in his eyes. Nandini wipes it off and kisses his eyes. Manik feels better. He takes her face away from his.
Manik : Control yaar.
Nandini gets up and starts running again. Manik was really tired and so he does not follow her. She comes back again.
Nandini: You got tired so easily ?

Manik : Look at the stars. They look so beautiful ! You know after people die they become stars.
Nandini : I hate these stars. They took my dad away. And my mom totally changed after my dad’s death. I hate you. (stars) you know what you should lve the fireflies. They are so beautiful. They never you leave alone lonely shattered.
Manik could see the pain in her eyes. He wraps his hand on her shoulder. Both lie on the ground facing the sky.
Nandini : How many times will I have to tell you ! I don’t like gazing at the horizon. its better I see you face rather. (looking at him) you know you are quite handsome !
Manik blushes.
That’s the first time I saw a guy blushing. But I like it.
Manik : Okay chatter box now please sleep.
She falls asleep.
Manik stares at her ” you look beautiful with eyes and mouth shut ! I mean when you sleep ”
He finds the watchman back. He takes Nandini in his arms and goes towards the gate.
Manik : You should check na whether all the students leave or not.
Watchman : Sorry sir. Kya hua Nandini beta ko.
Manik : Kuch nahi kaka. Pata hai na woh light gir Gaya tha nandini par. But don’t worry she’s not badly wounded.
Manik thinks should I take her my home or to her home.
She was telling me that she informed her Chachi about being out whole night. And if she sees her in this drunken state she would definitely not spare her. I ll take her my home.
He calls his driver and takes her his home.

Next epi : Not again ! Another cute fight!

Ty guyys for showering your love. I hope it continues like this

Credit to: aish

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