YAARIYAN…Episode 13 ManlNan Dance !!


Mask man brings a cake. Mukti takes out his mask. He turns out to be Abhi.
Nandini : Abhi ! Omg thank you so much for this cake.
Abhi : This is not only for you. Its for the whole Fab five. Heard that you won the competition. That definitely calls out for celebrations.
Head enters.
Head : Celebrations are a must and it would be big ! We are hosting a party. Fab five you made us the proud hosts for a second time ! You totally deserve this.
Nandini : Thank you sir.
He leaves.

Mukti takes the first piece of cake and rubs it on Nandu. Nandu does the same on Aliya. Aliya smothers Dhruv’s face .
Abhi : I feel so incomplete.
He tastes the cake and applies on himself. Mukti has a hearty laugh.

Mukti : Guyys where’s the monkey ?
Nandini : Don’t know yaar.
Cabir had dropped Navya. Navya thanks him in chaste Hindi. Cabir does not get it what she just said and says
Cabir : See ya tomorrow. I have great surprise for you Madhubala.
And he leaves. Navya feels good. She thinks she had fallen in love so soon !
Cabir enters the college but is not able to trace anyone
he looks out for his friends in music room .

Just then it clicks to his mind.
Amphitheatre ! He enters and is totally shocked
He gets a warm welcome with Mukti giving him a big tight hug.
the longest and warmest hug ever. Harshad felt painful seeing their happiness.
Dont be so happy. This is a short lived happiness.

..Manik thinks
I wish I had such a friend . When I met you Nandini i thought I got one here but no. You don’t trust me. And when there’s no trust there’s no question of being friends.
Mukti : (excitedly) so guyys what are you waiting for !! Lets start the music and groove.
Nandini paired with Dhruv. Aliya was jealous and she pairs up with Cabir. Mukti was left alone. Harshad tries to take advantage of this. If not Nandu then her bestie and he walks to him.
Harshad: Shall we dance ? I think you are left alone !
A voice came from the back . Who told you she’s alone and he twirls Mukti to his side. It was Abhi. Harshad leaves in anger.
Mukti : That jerk !! But thank you Mr.
Abhi : Abhimanyu but you can call me Abhi.
Mukti : Abhi. She smiles and they dance romantically.
Dhruv was happy to be so close to Nandu but someone was fuming in jealousy !!
It was Manik. But then started the partner exchange dance. Manik desperately waited for Nandini.
And finally they get paired. Nandini true to avoid eye contact.
The song played.. Ishq wala love..
Nandini finally sees his eyes. And then they are separated. Nandini then encounters someone whom she hates the most. The jerk!!
Harshad tries to be too close to her. Nandini left the dance floor teary eyed.
Cabir talks in action to Mukti.
See she left.
Mukti in action Give her sometime.

Manik was worried about Nandini so he too leaves.
Nandini sees him.
Nandini : I m glad you came here.
Manik : I thought you don’t want to talk to me.
Nandini : Why ?
Manik : Coz of that song stolen.
He showed his angry young man expression
Nandini : Did you steal our song ? No na then why would I be angry with you.
Manik : How can you trust me so easily ?
Nandini : Manik. Your eyes speaks a lot.
Manik finally felt calm and composed.
He wants to dance . She trusts me yay !!! This thought came running in his mind.
They stare each other for five minutes.
Finally the silence is broken by Nandini.
Nandini : You want to see how much I trust you then follow me.
They go the Stadium of SPACE. Nandini quickly climbs the seats and she stretches her hands. And there I go she screams loudly . Nandini falls from the top most seat.
Manik rushes and she falls in his arms.
Nandini : See this is trust .
Manik : I m glad to have a friend like you but next time don’t ever try such stunts.
Nandini smiles at points to his hands.
Manik realised he was still holding her and so lands her on the ground.
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Credit to: aish

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