YAARIYAN…Episode 11


The day starts with Cabir asking his friends..
Cabir : When I ll find my girl ?
Mukti : Very soon. She might be on her way searching your address.
Cabir : Very funny… Be serious
Aliya : I never knew that Cabir could be so serious. What kind of girl you looking out for ?
Cabir : Hot beautiful lovable Modern not like some behenji…
Mukti : Yeah… Right.
Aliya : I never saw Mukti flirting with guyys.
Cabir : Are you straight Mukti ?
Mukti : What do you mean !
She punches him hard on his back.
Dhruv looks at Nandini and asks
What kind of guy you long for ?
Nandini : I don’t know. I ll tell you after I find him.
Manik Was passing by and Nandini runs after him.
Nandini : Red jacket !!

Manik didn’t hear. And he goes to the Campus park. Nandini follows him and turns him around.
It was a sunny day. Sweat tripped from Nandini’s head. She was perspiring. Manik offers her his Handkerchief. She uses it and returns him .Nandini shows him his watch. You forgot it yesterday.
Manik : Stop calling me Red Jacket first.! I have a nice name Manik ma..
Nandini: What were you doing revealing your secret ?
Manik : ( whispers in her ears ) I share secrets only with my friends..
Nandini puts forward her hand.
Nandini : I know we didn’t started well . But friends ?
Manik : Sure..

And they hug each other. The hug was veryy tight and no one was ready to leave but finally Nandini breaks the contact.
Dhruv sees all of this and fumes in jealousy. He calms down himself and goes to Nandini.
Dhruv : We have to practice Nandini.
Nandini : Yeah coming. Manik you also join us.
Dhruv who was holding her hand leaves it. He wanted to revolt but how could he being a shy guy.
Manik goes with them to the jam room.
Nandini : He’s our new band manager.
Aliya : Cool.
Mukti : Lets get started guyys.
They work hard on their composition. Manik was utterly shocked seeing their hard work.
Manik : Its perfect guyys.

Dhruv : We don’t need any opinion that too from you.
Nandini felt it a rude reply but didn’t speak against him.
Manik leaves as he didn’t want to interfere in their matters.
Everyone were hooting for Fab five even when someone else was performing.
Mukti : We will win it this time too.
All were getting ready.. Nandini’s guitar strings were broken — a silly trick by Harshad.
Manik offers her his guitar.
Nandini : Thanks.
Manik : But no thanks.

Nandini smiles. No yaar only thanks like really this time. She plays his guitar. Nice guitar… Says she.
Just then she sees her composition being played. Fab five performing without her. Just then fab five comes to that room.
Cabir : Did you hear this ? Its our song. Bldy cheaters.
Mukti : But hows it possible ??
Harshad smirks..
Dhruv : Only we knew about our song. No wait that Manik he also knew about our song !
Aliya : I don’t think he would stoop so low.
Mukti : Guyys we will lose this time.
Nandini : Guys guys guys .. Remember one thing. Fab five can beat anyone anytime.
Mukti : No yaar its impossible this time.
Everyone had lost hope.
Nandini : Remember how we defeated Harshad for the first time ? How good was that day. We had so many challenges but we didn’t lose hope and we conquered them all. Guys this is just another day another challenge.

Dhruv is angry with Manik and he holds him by his collar. Manik and he get involved in a tussle.
Aliya : Stop it guyys !
Manik : Nandini trust me . I have not betrayed you.
Nandini : Manik you leave now. We will talk to you later.
Fab five hear their name being called out . All were tensed but Nandini gives them all her Jadoo Ki Jhappi followed by a group hug
They perform Yaaro dosti…
Everyone applaud at their wonderful performance. Fab five confront the band who stole their song.
Cabir : How dare you mess with us. Who gave you our song ?
Harshad talks in action with the leader of that band . No….

Leader : Who just now but hr left. He wore a black blazer
Dhruv : Manik wore a black blazer See I told you it was Manik.
Nandini couldn’t believe what she just hear. She wanted to confront Manik right now but they were called on stage as they were announced the winners.
For the first time Nandini was not happy holding a trophy. All the time she thought of Manik.

Nex epi : New entries ! Abhimanyu and Navya

Cavya and Mukbhi moments!

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Credit to: aish

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    Well, it’s good yar….
    I hope manik or nadani ki bich ki ye misunderstanding jaldi khatam hoo jaiye….
    Keep it up…..
    Waiting for next update…….

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    plzzz check wid tht. but the story is quite good

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  9. I hope they become friends again. And Nandu show some trust

  10. sab se important thing that is trust jo koi bhi relation ko mazbot bhi banata hai ya tod bhi sakta hai,but i must say your writting the story superb one more thing aaj ki story utni perfect nahi lagi jitni aaj se phele ki but nice story thoda different karo it will be superb.

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