YAARIYAN…Episode 10


Manik was pissed off at Nandini’s tantrums. Who eats ice cream at this hour of night ? Thoughts revolved in his mind. But he wanted to meet her and he wanted to know her. How she was without her bunch of friends interfering. And he felt this was a perfect chance for him to extend this Scout Guide relationship to the level of friendship. He had reached her house and presses the door bell.
Chachi opens the door and hearing the doorbell Nandini rushes to the stairs. Why am I so excited as if some prince is going to arrive. Be what you really are and that I an adamant egoistic selfish person.

Chachi : Welcome. But sorry beta. I don’t recognise you ?
Manik : Actually m new in SPACE. I m ..
Nandini : He is my friend Chachi and we wanted to discuss about our music composition .
Chachi : But I thought you only perform with Fab five ?
Nandini: Yes its true but we both are performing at an old age home just raise funds.
Chachi : Oh that’s great. But practicing at this time ?
Nandini : Chachi you ask too many questions !
Manik : Actually m usually busy. And she is also busy with Fab five so we found this time suitable.
Manik couldn’t believe. A perfect lie.
Nandini : We are going to my room.
Manik follows Nandini and manages to hide the ice cream and chocolates from Chachi.
Nandini : Thank god ! You brought this here. Chachi would never allow me to eat ice cream at night. And I really need it.
She grabs the box of ice cream and smothers her fingers with the cold ice cream. She offers Manik with her hands.
Nandini : Want some ?
Manik : Sure..
He also tries takes the ice cream with his hands.
Manik : Oh gosh ! This is damn cold. How you are eating this.
Nandini brings two spoons. And both empty the whole box.
Nandini : Loved it ! Listen we cant lie to Chachi.
Manik : But we already lied to her.
Nandini : That’s what I am saying. We needa change this lie to a truth. You have to perform with me in the Vriddhashram. Its my order
Manik : Alright…
Manik checks out his room. He spots a glass jar of fire flies.
Manik : Beautiful.
Nandini hold his hand. The fire flies glow.
Nandini : That’s mine !

She tries to keep it back but almost was going to drop it. Thanks to the pillows that lied on the floor. Manik hold them. They again glow.
Nandini feels this strange. She remembers how she scoffed when her mother told her That fire flies glow when you meet your soul mate.
She thinks He can never be the one ! No one can ever be the one infact !
All this time Manik was staring her .He admired the innocence in her face. He went breathless staring her. But soon stops it. I hope she didn’t notice that long stare went through his mind.
Nandini : Thank you so much ! You made my day. Come I ll escort you till the gate.
Both start heading towards the door. Nandini opens the door quietly. She starts walking but stumbles because of the pebbles and falls in Manik’s arms. Under the beautiful mist and moonlight laid Nandini I the arms of Manik.
Chachi hears the noise and comes out and witnesses this scene !
She coughs hard.
Chachi: Ahemm… I though Manik left.
Both get rid off each other and stand poles apart totally embarrassed.
Chachi : Bye Manik. Keep coming here.
Manik scratches his head and leaves.

Precap : Manan become friends officially

Credit to: aish

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  1. Ohhhh it was so cute

  2. super cute story!!!!! manan rocks!!!!

  3. You story is going in right direction…..
    Plz continue…

  4. Aish!!! Oh dear! This was written hell beautifully!!! Loved it so much!!! Lying to chachi ws cute! Aww nandu eating ice cream.. Baby she is!! So cute!! Ah! The true love theory! The glowing fireflies!!
    Loved it a lot!!
    Its so nice of u to update daily just coz u dont wanna bore us n managing studies n this is surely not easy!! Love u dear!
    Stay blessed!

  5. Plz more manan
    Btw nice keep it up

  6. Amazing truly ?

  7. Best Manan ff ever I have read ⌒.⌒

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