YAARIYAN…Episode 12

Navya was happy. She always wanted to study in space.
Navya : Mata rani. Thank you so much. You fulfil all my wishes.
Cabir sees this new girl in her rags and out dated trunk.
Cabir : Woah .!
He spots the fab five and they hug. Then Cabir points to Navya. Mukti drags Navya to the music room. Aliya fiddles with her plaits. All make fun of her. Mukti empties her bowl of of noodles . And guess what it lands on Navya’s hair.
Navya : Who are you ?

Cabir : Fab Five..
Navya : Fab five .!
She faints.
Cabir: Oh she’s a total Madhubala.
He picks her in her arms.
Cabir : She stinks!!
Cabir leaves her in the room.
Cabir comes with a disgusted face.
Mukti : See you finally.met the girl of your dreams. Haha..
Cabir : Don’t show your face to me Mukti today.
Mukti leaves laughing terribly. Dhruv goes bear Cabir.
Dhruv : Eww.. Which perfume did you use.
Cabir : You too ? Huh.

Nandini was lost. She was thinking about Manik. How could he do this ? I thought he was a nice guy.
Mukti was frustrated with Cabir. Ok I ll also not see his face today.
She bumps into a guy. A guy who had a teddy in his hands. He was Abhimanyu.
Abhi : So you are the lottery winner.
Mukti : What ?
Abhi : I had decided in the morning. The person I first het struck with would get this teddy bear.
Mukti : How sweet.
She takes it and throws it on his face.
Abhi : So much anger ! I promise I ll make you accept this soft toy.
Nandini was looking out for Manik. But she couldn’t find him. Finally she sees him in the store room.
She holds him by collar. They were too close.
Nandini: How could you ?
Manik : How could I what ?
Nandini : You cheated me. Had it been only me i would have forgiven you.but you betrayed my friends. They can forget it but i cannot. I wont ever forget this.
Manik : I m not getting it. What are you talking about ?
Nandini : You stole our song and gave it to that band.
Manik was shocked on her allegations. He corners and keeps his hand on her shoulder.
Manik : Do you think i can do this ?

Nandini gets nostalgic. She remembers how Harshad also said the same thing. At that time she had said no amd was broken when she realised Harshad had broken her trust.
Nandini : Yes. U can do this. You are no different. You are a selfish person. i m ashamed how i made you my friend.
Manik leaves in anger. Nandini serenades om the floor and cries badly.
Abhimanyu sees this.
Abhi : Are you okay Nandini?
Nandini : Abhi ?
Abhi : Yesss.
They had known each other side childhood. Abhi wiped her tears. Tell me what’s the issue ?
Nandini : A friend. He broke my trust.
Abhi : Then why are you crying ? He should cry coz he lost someone who believed him more than anyone. He should cry.
He shows him the teddy bear.
Nandini : Aww its so sweet.
He gives it to her.
Nandini : Fab five must be looking out for me. I must rush. See you around.
She spots Aliya and Dhruv .
Nandini : Where are Cabir and Mukti ?
Dhruv : Don’t know.
Cabir was in the medical room waiting for Navya to regain consciousness.
Finally she wakes up.
Cabir : So miss Madhubala. You are okay and my job is done.
Navya : Navya Naveli . Not Madhubala.

Cabir : Your name is more filmy than Madhubala.
Navya gets up.
Navya : I have to go to the hostel.
Cabir : Wait I ll drop you.
They both go.
Mukti reaches the music room.
Mukti : What does that guy think of himself ? Loser ! Playing with that silly soft toy.
She sees the teddy in Nandu’s hands. She snatches it from her.
Mukti : Where did you get this ?
Nandini : My childhood friend gifted me this.
A guy in mask enters the room with a cake.
Manik was in his home. He thinks about the whole day.
Well I m also stubborn Nandini. I wont talk to you and come running behind you like a puppy. This time its you and not me.

Next epi : Head tells the students that SPACE is hosting a party for the winning Fab five. Manan dance. !!

who you think is that guy in mask ?
Manik or Abhi or Cabir or Harshad ?
Manan dance means misunderstandings cleared….
By the way, thank you so much for your suggestions. Am happy that you are commenting . It helps me a lot. Love you all.

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