Yaariyan tashan wali – OS

Hey guys it’s me sameera here I come with my another OS yaariyan tashn wali I have a request
Plzz aamu n sayeeda don’t end ur ff plzz plzz yaar it’s a humble Request

So here we go
A beautiful house is shown decorated with full
flower n blue n white curtains n having mandap in the middle it’s is looking like someone wedding is going to happen here
Scene shits to a room where is girl is seen
getting ready by group of girls she is looking like a fairy
Now stop yaar it’s bright see I am full ready said
the bride no u don’t see twinkle see u have to
get ready said the other girl acha bachu sayeeda said twinkle smiling yeah i have to get ready more said another girl ” yes Aamu u said
it right said sayeeda they both tease twinkle
Stop don’t tease her said rashi while pulling twinkle cheeks “her make up will get spoiled says saby “no no tease her said sidmin while
entering her room “see how beautiful she is
looking said kruti ” u all forgot me said zikra while making puppy face “no how can we forgot u idiot says shatakshi lover n purnima together
now let’s go down see baraat is coming says
zaku yeah let’s go said lama wait apply kala teeka to twinkle says baby yeah we all forgot about it says arundati they see twinkle n see
wow she is looking too beautiful kunj jiju must
faint after seeing her beauty they all laugh n teases twinkle n giggles
Twinkle gets teard eyes n all ask her about it
she says I am so lucky to get frnds like u they
all hug her n says don’t cry or else make up will get spoiled they laugh n hug

6 month before :
In England a beautiful university is shown it is
written science exhibition for one month
A girl enters there talking on phone n says yes maa I reached here I will t.c of my self u don’t
worry she turns n its twinkle
She goes inside n get tensed seeing so many students another girl comes there n collides
with twinkle she says sorry
Twinkle : it’s my name is twinkle n u
Girl : my name is sayeeda nice to meet u
Another girl comes there n Pat’s on sayeeda shoulder she turns n says aamu they hug
sayeeda introduces aamu to twinkle n they
become friends they enters the university while taking they see a girl full scared n goes towards her n says don’t get scared we a r with u
Twinkle : what ur name
Girl : rashi n u all
They all introduces each other n went for entrance exm where they meet saby lama Anita
arundati zaku lover purnima shreya zikra baby
kruti ritzi shatakshi Ayesha
Days passes they all gets qualified in entrance

One days twinkle was going somewhere when
she collides with kunj and falls in his arms sajna ve plays they look in each other eyes n sameera notices this
She tells this to everyone of her group
They all decides to tease twinkle after she comes
Sayeeda someone is blushing so badly
Saby yeah u think someone has find his love
Twinkle : what u r both telling
Sameera kruti aamu shatakshi lama coughs
We r taking about u n that guys said shreya
What’s his name ask ritzi “kunj kunj said lover n
zaku ohoo kunj nice name said angita teasingly
No kunj yaar plzz call him jiju said Ayesha
And riaA they all tease twinkle n she runs to
beat them
Twinkle : now study tomorrow we have to go lab
They all sleep

Next day
They go to the lab as they have a experiment when suddenly a chemical falls on twinkle kunj comes there running n apply cream on twinkle hand they sees each other
Days passes twinj falls in love but didn’t confess
One day
Twinkle saby sayeeda aamu sameera lama angita rashi shatakshi arundati zikra baby shreya ritzi purnima lover shatakshi kruti sidmin r sitting when zikra says I am feeling hungry
Twinkle : it’s late now see its 1 o clock at night
Saby : we have to eat tomorrow only
Shatakshi : bear ur hunger till morning
Zikra : no I can’t bear
Sameera kruti sidmin : me too
Suddenly twinkle gets kunj call
Sayeeda: who is calling late night
Shreya : our jiju only
Everyone : ohooo ??
Twinkle : shut up
Angita : say kunj that u r feeling hungry
Twinkle : hi kunj
Kunj : hi twinkle why R U sounding so low
Twinkle : I am feeling hungry
Kunj : ok we will go n eat something
Twinkle : but this late
Kunj : it’s England not India we will go
Twinkle : ok n smiles
Kunj was waiting outside twinkle hostel n she comes comes there
Kunj : let’s go twinkle
Twinkle : hmm ok but we r not alone
Kunj : means
Twinkle turns n kunj sees her group n opens his mouth
Aamu : sorry jiju for spoiling ur date
They all tease twinj n laugh twinj blushes
They go to some restaurant n do their dinner
When they R coming back they forgot their route
Kunj : we came from which side
Twinkle : don’t know
They all laughs n says wow it’s too fun to missed in England
Kunj : now how will we go to our hostel
Kruti : it’s easy we can toss if heads come we will go right if tails we will go left
All agrees

After roaming for 2 hours they reached hostel
Shatakshi : finally we reached
Kunj sees hostel gate locked n says how will we enter
Twinkle gets tended too
Sameera : we can climb wall n go
Shreya : yep we can do that
They all climb wall n kunj left in shock n ask them u r girls or what
They all together : we r girls we can do anything
They all laugh n goes inside
Only twinj were left kunj sits on his knees n confess his love twinkle too confess they say I love u to each other n goes from there
Next day
Sidmin : it’s our last day
Twinkle : yep we will meet in India too
Sayeeda : we will be in touch with each other
They all agrees n goes to do final task
Lecturer announces final rslt n they all paas
Lectures: there is a awards ceremony at tonight
They go for shopping n wear each other choice clothes
They all get ready n r looking like fairies
They all enter in grand way n gets their trophy n takes a group photo
Flashback ends
They all see their group photo n smiles shreya angita ritzi ria comes there n says kunj family has come
They takes twinkle down kunj is sees in white n couple combination beautiful sherwani he smiles looking at twinkle
Saby (whispers ) : see I told u all na kunj will faint after seeing twinkle
They took twinkle down ???
Twinj gets married will all rituals they take elders blessings
Sayeeda aamu saby sameera lama sidmin angita shatakshi ritzi arundati zikra baby shreya kruti says we have a surprise for you they show their journey of yaariyan
Twinkle gets teard eyes n they all group hug
Kunj says aisi hoti hai

Guys I hope u all like it n I wanted to request once again to aamu n sayeeda dont end ur ff
See guys we dint know each other how we look how we R we R younger or elders but we all regarded each other as friends plzz just for one reason don’t leave us
Byee take care love u all do comment on this
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Angita

    Very different and super super amazing. A standing ovation

    1. Sameera

      Thank you angita

  2. Yes sameera u are right this so true and pure relation so plz don’t get influenced and ur is is just amazing

    1. Sameera

      Thank you bulbul

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous os….lovely…..

    1. Sameera

      Thank you purnima

  4. Kruti

    Outstanding……just loved it

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  5. Amazing………..different

  6. Sayeeda

    Ab rulogi kya yrr…..
    Seriously while reading this OS I was crying ….nd still I’m having tears …tears of happiness …..tears of love ..
    tears of realizing how much u all love me ….though I got into the words of that other person but u all made me to realize my worth in ur life nd for that how much I thank u is less…
    Ur OS depicted clearly the power of Frndship nd yes we all r bind very tightly with the relation nd no one has right to judge it…
    Love u Sam ..nd all of u ….love u

    1. Sameera

      Thank you sayu n dont get more senti warna india Me baad aajayegi love u too babes???

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Hy sameera thanks for including me….loved it….superb…muahhh??????

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  8. It wz soooo superb!!!

  9. SidMin

    Sameera Thank you for writing my name in the os and I loved it ,it was so sweet Love you 🙂

    1. Sameera

      Thank you sidmin

  10. Saby

    I m in love with uh……??
    Thank you so much for this friendly gesture…..?
    May we guys be unknown to each other….?
    May we are miles away from each other…..?
    But there is a unseen chord which is holding us…..?
    That is this TU page….?
    The friendship we share over here…..?
    The way we all fought with that unknown girl just for sayuuuu and amuu…..?
    This made me realize…..?
    We don’t need known faces to become frnds…. Its a matter of pure heart…..???
    All the TU ppl….. Love uh all…. ????
    Sam uh have already stole my heart…..
    And ty ty ty ty so much merese Kunj ko jiju nahi bulvaya…??

    1. Sameera

      Hahaha yes saby u said it right we share a cute bond ???n love u too

  11. wow wow…yaariaan tashan waali is vry swt…plz do contd. twinj rab miliya… plz…

    1. Sameera

      Thank you?

  12. Baby

    omg sameera yr luvly wow sameera evn i ws dre in dere marriage thnks fr invviting me n i enjoyed d trip in england n muaaahhh luvly episode osm u nailed it

  13. sorry for commenting late I mean hell late i hope you don’t mind now coming to your os I loved the it thanks for mentioning my name I am glad you haven’t forgotten me.love you

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