||YAARIYAN|| A New Story (Intro)

Hi! Guys. This is my first ff ever. Its all my imagination with reference to one of the most hit teen dramas of the WEST i.e CW’s One Tree Hill.

The characters are:-
MANIK MALHOTRA – one year younger than Varun- his step brother: they both study in same college but don’t see each other eye to eye, rich, cool, handsome boy of Excel College, gud in academics, captain of college’s basketball team, singer but sings rarely, plays guitar, in an on-again off-again relationship with Aliya- actually confused whether he is in love with her or not but cares for her genuinely as a gud frnd. Has a rough relation with his DAD.

VARUN MALHOTRA – elder brother of Manik, tall, handsome boy, equally gud as his brother. Actually they are both competing with each other unknowingly, the whole college always compares them, basketball player. Best Friends with Nandini (no love angle b/w them). Secretly loves Aliya but never had the guts to tell her. Very close to his MOM and UNCLE.

NANDINI MURTHY – sweet, simple, mature, studious girl of Excel. Best Friends with Varun. Hates manik b’coz he always tries to hurt Varun, tutor at the Tutor Centre of the college, singer (hidden talent), can play guitar and piano, younger child in her family and also most loved kid of her parents.

ALIA SAXENA – rich, beautiful girl of Excel, in relationship with Manik but also confused abt. Her relationship status same as her BF. Best friend of Mukti actually they r soul-sisters. Her mom died when she was just 11 but she is close to her dad though he rarely spends time with her as he is in navy but whenever he is home its just both of them and no one else. Loves music though not a singer but understands every type of music.

MUKTI VARDHAN – rich, beautiful, diva of college, dream of every boy, Alia’s best frnd, had a troubled childhood b’coz of her parents-they used to always fight with each other but never divorced. That’s why when it comes the question of love in her life she is not sure with either she is ready to be in love or loved by someone.

RAJ MALHOTRA – rich, arrogant businessmen. Varun & Manik’s dad, married Smita- manik’s mom. It was a forced marriage, his parents forced him, never loved her. Was in love with Piyali Khanna- Varun’s mom in college.

SMITA MALHOTRA – raj’s wife, manik’s mom, bearing the marriage only for her son. She finds solace in alcohol though not a complete junky.

PIYALI KHANNA – Varun’s mom, runs a café called FRIENDS CORNER, raised varun alone with help of Anirudh her best friend but have some unrealised feelings for him as well.

ANIRUDH MALHOTRA – raj’s elder brother, Varun & Manik’s uncle but really close to varun- consider him as his own son. Never married b’coz he is still in love wid Piyali oblivious to everyone but not to her.Fond of cars. He is the owner of many car showrooms. Equally rich as his brother.

Guyys I’m gonna write the episodes season wise but don’t accept a regular update as I’m really busy with my studies as of now. So wait for Episode 1 of Season 1.
Please do comment and sorry for any misprint….

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  1. raji-tamil magal

    all the best
    go ahead frnd

  2. Seems very interesting. . Pls update whenever u get time. .take care ?

  3. Nycccc intro reallllly…. Waiting nd t c. ?

  4. wht a grt start…..plz plz plz cont. asap….i jst cnt wait nw fr the nxt chappy…..nandu hates manik…nd manik is nt sure abt alya nd his relationship….superb plot….cnt wait to read the nxt chapter…gud luck

  5. Wowww nice start it’s ok dear as you wish…

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