YAARIYAN…Episode 1



Yaariyan is the story about the journey of Fab Five. How they crossed each hurdle to reach the ninth cloud and their individual story about their Journey to the Centre of Love.
A girl enters her new school. She is in ninth grade. With her comes her dad. She doesn’t want to leave his hand and holds it tight.
Dad : Nandu!! Leave it beta. You are getting late..
Nandini : No papa. Don’t go away from me. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.
She starts crying. She gets up. It was all her dream.
Nandini : I wish dad you were here. I miss you a lot. See dad I have decided to move on. Tomorrow I will go to my new school. I ll make new friends. I ll try to be the beat daughter for the best dad. She prays to god to make her tomorrow the best day.
Its morning..
Chachi : Nandu wake up!! Beta you are getting late…
Nandini : Oh no !!! I m too late.
She rushes to get ready.
Chachi : Have some breakfast..
Nandu : No Chachi. I ll have it in the school.
Chachi : You sure ??
Nandu : Yeahh..
Saying so she leaves. She reaches the entrance of the school WARRIOR HIGH..
As soon as she enters she gets a football on her face.
She thinks What a welcome.
She sees a handsome guy coming towards her totally staring her.
He says Excuse me miss. Ball please.
Poetic !! She thinks and she kicks the ball.
Nandini becomes the centre of attention or should I say attraction. All the boys totally smitten by her.
Nandini felt awkward plus she found that guy really ignorant.
The girl : Hey !! I m Aliya ..
She was a pretty girl. Totally girlish with beautiful locks and awesome figure.
Nandu : Hi I am Nandini.
Aliya : I m sorry. That was rude I know. I m really sorry for that ( referring to the ball incident)
Nandu : Why are you sorry. It is that guy’s fault. Not yours.
Aliya : I forgot to tell you. He is my bro.. Harshad Saxena.
Nandu : Oh.. Still O think you should not say sorry. When its not you its not you.
Aliya : Friends. ?
Nandu : Ofcourse!!
And they shake hands.
Aliya : Wait I ll make you meet my best friend Mukti.
An equally hot girl enters the ground.
Mukti : Some called me ??
Aliya : Yo Mukti. Meet her Nandini.
Mukti : Hello and she drags Aliya to the Amphitheatre of the school.
Nandini had always been passionate about singing. She gets a form.
Nandini A hobby class? No doubt I ll go for music.
She enters the class and she is surprised to see Mukti Aliya and that Harshad too in the class. She waves at Aliya and Aliya asks her to sit with her in action. She goes and sits with them.

Well this is my take on the story of fab five. No doubt you would ve wondering where is our Manik. He will be entering soon. The story first focusses on the story of fab five how they become friends and then form a band. And Harshad will definitely be the villain of the story.
Looking forward whether you like it and want me to continue or not. Tell me about your reviews. And suggestions are always welcomed. And Yeahh Ignore the typos.

Next part : Entry of Dhruv and Cabir !!!

Credit to: Aish

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