Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Intro)


Hey i am a big fan of kyy and manan so i thought of writting this ff.
It will not be exactly as the serial although the characters would be the same.

Manik Malhotra :- Lead singer of Fab 5. Rude maybe to other but loves his friends dearly.Family relations are not dat well since his mother is only intrested in money and dad happy in his buisness.Upto a certain limit he is a spoilt brat WHATS HIS IS HIS.

Cabir Dhawan:- He is the most funloving crazy but the most sensible person in fab5. Loves his friends dearly. Protective mainly for mukti bcoz of her past.

Dhruv : Shy but open in front of his friends loves aliya and is in relationship with her. He cares for all his frnds but more care towards is manik since he knows he is hard outside and so soft inside.

Mukti vardhan:- carefree, tom boyish, but cute and juvenile(in good sense). She is little conserved bcoz of her past but maintain a smile on face.

Aliya saxena:- The fashionista cute bubbly and Dhruv’s life. Lyk a sis to Cabir. Takes care of everyone.

Nandini:- She is a ambitious determined girl. Currently studying in South cross hospital in auckland nz. Belongs to a middle class family. Has a big brother and mom dad. Wantd to become best surgeon. And is a closet singer.

Navya :- Nandu’s bff. Loves her a lot doesnt have a family but stays her uncle aunty. Very determined got admission on scholarship.

I really u guys lyk the characters. Am waiting for ur reply and will continue only if u say so.

Thank u 🙂

Credit to: neha

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  1. cool wud wait for next

  2. Amazing intro dear….
    Plz continue….

  3. nestle joseph

    gud start.pls continue

  4. Interesting continue yaar

  5. Plz do continue….. Lyked the intro

  6. Continue dear nice

  7. Thank u guys

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