Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Epi 7)

hey guys am back. Hope u didnot forget me actually i got chickenpox so could not write an epi. Chalo wont bore u much. Happy reading

Dhruv had just come back from his shopping spree with nandu and navya. He had got all the things he needed and he was all ready with his plan to surprise aliya.
He and nandu had exchanged no. Too.

At the new aura hotel.

Fab4 had their lunch and were sleepiing in one of the rooms. Dhruv entered the room and woke up cabir and manik. He took them out without disturbing the sleeping princesses. All three came out and dhruv narrated hos entire plan to them. Although they agrees to help him but not for free. They teased him all along as he did his work.
Dhruv went into the girls room placed the dress he had brougt on the bed with a note.
Same he did for the acessories.
Jewellery on the dressing table.
Purse on the door hook and sandels near the door. Each one had a note.

Manik,cabir and dhruv came out. Then they decided to wake up the girls. When the girls where awake the left for their room.

At the girls room.
As soon as mukti entered the rrom she was shocked and stood right at the door. Aliya had to push her to get in. Her reaction was quite diff. Than that of mukti’s she was happy emotional almost crying.
Mukti was slready sleepy then the room and now aloo’s reaction all was a shock.

Mukti: Hey stop being senti man. And what the hell is happening y is this room filled balloons.

Aliya: U duffer its because i lyk balloons. And its my and dhruv’s anniversary. I thought he forgot.

Mukti : Oh.. Yeah ryt now pick up this dress i need to sleep. Cmon fast….and yeah goodnyt.

Saying this she jumped on the bed and went asleep. Aliya looked at the dress it was really beautiful and in her favourite color blue. She then read the note.

“” u love blue… And i love u…””

She wore the dress and them went to the dressing table to do makeup and see if she has any accessories to pair with it. But she didnt need to find it was kept on table.
Sheopened the box to find silver colored chain with heart pendant and heart shaped earring. She again found a note.

“” Could have given my real heart but…..Wanna live with U and for U””

She wore the set did the make up and opened tbe drawer only to find one more gift and yes one more note l. Her happiness knew no bounds. She was on cloud 9. It was the happiest day of her life but little did she know that many more surprises awaited her.

The box had a beautiful and delicate bracelet and

“”Cause u got the best partner……..and ur wrists needs one too.””

She smiled at his antics and the way he praised himself. She woke up mukti by shouting at her highes pitch. Mukti this tym too really sleepy just said awesome and went to sleep again.

Aliya started to move out of the room when she saw the most beautiful pair of heels near her saide table. And yes a NOTE too

“” Your feet just deserve the best…since u walked in my life with these feet””

She jumped in amusement and wore the sandles and came out of the room.
She saw dhruv already standing their in dark blue jeans and while shirt with a casual blazer. His outfit maybe simple but he looked breath taking. Manik and cabir were atanding with dhriv had already started teasing them but our love birds were lost in each others eyes.

Manik and cabir understood this and let them have their special day.

At the yacht.

Dhruv brought aliyan at the yacht in a mercedes and blindfolded her before getting down. He made her sit in the car for some time and went to call nandu.
He checked with her abt the arangements and asked her were she was. She told him that she was at night shift in her hospital.

Dhruv brought aloo out of the car and took her on the yacht still blindfolded. Once on the yacht he opened the blindfold. Aliya was really amazed stunned happy emotional. All the words from the dictionar would also not be enough to describe her feelings she walked slowly as dhruv guided her to the table. He made her sit on the chair lyk a gentleman and sat ryt in front of her on one knee.

Dhruv: U know i was really nervouse abt how can i make this day special. But seeing look on ur face i guess i did my job perfectly. I have not reallt prepared anything as i thought i will speak my heart but now i dont really find words. Our relationship its always been so beautiful wonderful its ……

He stopped noticing the look on aliyas face tears were formed in her eyes it was lyk if she wasnt even listening to him. Bute before he could ask aliya bent down and kissed him passionately.

Dhruv hesitated for a moment but reciprocated with the same passion love and care. This kiss was something diff. Both felt lyk in heaven.

When they broke their kiss before dhruv could speak aliya said.

Aliya: u dont have to say anything cause ur heart itself speaks to me.

She waited for dhruv respanse but the kiss and her statement had already caught dhruv ofguard and he just kept staring at her with all the love and passion. Finally to make him say something.

Aliya: now have u brought ring or not.

Dhruv (chuckles): yes my dear.
He said with ultimate overacting. He took out the solitaire and put it on her fingers.

They had a great tym together had dinner but went back to hotel early as they had a concert tomorrow.

Precap: manan second meet and cavya second meet.

Sry guys for a short update i have still not recovered completely i hope u guys understand pls keep supporting. And i am really very sorry.

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