Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Epi 6)


Hey guys am back hope u guys lyk this episode. Keep comenting and supporting love u all. Happy reading.

Navu and nandu got ready. They had breakfast and left for their shopping spree.

On the other hand fab 5 had been practising since morning and tomorrow they had their 1st concert. They were all very excited and happy but aliya was the only one who had sadness on her face. Everyone asked her the reason but she didnt say anything.

After the early morning practice they all had breakfast and were gonna take a break as they were really confident for their performance.

Everyone was chilling and relaxing however dhruv made some excuse and went out.

Here nandu and navu had been shopping for almost two hours. They still werent tired. Then they decided to visit the artificial jewellery store owned by their frnd jack.

Jack had always used nandu help abt selecting the jewellery that should be placed on display. Here again nandu and navu were helping him decide the collection when a boy came there.

Boy: xcuse me.

Jack immediately went to attend him. But before he could speak nandu screamed DHRUV!!!!

Dhruv: Hey i guess u know me.

Nandu: obviously iam a big fan of ur band. Well hi am nandini.

Dhruv: i am dhruv. Actually u seem to have a good sense in choosing jewellery can u help me?

Nandu: yeah y not. Well u want to buy jewellery for aliya ryt.

Dhruv:( blushing really hard) yes its our anniversary.

Nandu: and u remember. I am really impressed. Well this is my friend navu i mean navya.

Navya and dhruv had a formal introdection.

Nandu had now decided to help dhruv which really irked navu. Not just did she want to spend some tym with her bestie but she didnt lyk the coincidences of accidental meeting of fab 5 member with nandu. She never did lyk fab 5 and now she hated them even more.

Dhruv kept on showing different jewellery sets to nandu. But she didnt like any one of them. She thought they would suit aliya.

Nandu: dhruv do u mind me suggesting something?

Dhruv: no not at all.

Nandu: see if u want to make this day really special i suggest u take an entire outfit for her. And also take her on a wonderful date. What say.

Dhruv: thats a great idea.

So nandu made him roam a no of shops untill she decided onto one dress that she thought was perfect for aloo as dhruv asked her to call aliya.

It was a royal blue short dress it had a pretty deep neck at back and frill below the waist.

She paires the dress with silver chain having a small heart shape pendant and heart shaped earring. She also suggested dhruv to buy a solitaire to propose and dhruv too agreed.

Dhruv: thank u so much nandu. I can call u nandu ryt. Now the only thing remaining is to find a nice place.

Nandu: i can help u with that too. See i have a friend who owns this beautiful yacht. I will get it decorated u hust take aloo their. Ok??

Dhruv: really but y r u helping me so much.

Nandu: cause from the tym when i started following ur band i always had this brotherly feeling for u. I dont know y.

Dhruv: thats so sweet. Either ways i dont have a sis. Well what can i give u in return.

Nandu: well u can make me meet the fab 5. I have already met 2 of them but its ok.

Dhruv: two???

Nandu: ya u and manik.

Dhruv kept mum at her reply he just said ok. They exchanged nos. And dhruv went after hugging and thanking nandu. He also promise her that he will take her to their concert and make her meet everyone personally since she was now officially his sis.

Precap Dhruv and alya date. Manan meet again!!!

Credit to: neha

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    1. Guys thank u for ur love support and comments. I really want to disclose something i know u guys love manan a lot i too love them but this story as the name suggests will also focus on frndship. Plus their would be some bad and sad patch too. Lets hope u guys love it keep supporting.

  5. Hey druni moment was toooo good… Loved today’s update… N yes we also would like if u give importance to their friendship too.. But jo bhe Ho kisi she mujhe problem Nahi hai but manan ko sath rakhna…. Kisi aur ke sath pair mat karna plzzzzzzzx… N btw.. Thanks for the update…

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