Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Epi 5)


now am behaving lyk a jerk and making u all wait for so long but its my 12th na so classes take all the tym. Wont bore u much lets start the epi. Happy reading.

At the new aura hotel
Manik woke up ryt at six in the morning. He freshned up dressed himself in track pants and a casual tee. He went for his morning walk. The rest of fab 4 were still asleep atleast thats wat manik thought.
As soon as manik went out dhruv got up from his bed wore a jacket on his tee put the hoodie over hos head and followed manik.

Manik was running quite fast by now dhruv was already tired and disappointed as he thought he would be see nandini which he didnt.

Suddenly dhruv noticed that manik had stopped he stood there for a while. Dhruv also kept watching him from behind a tree.

Manik’s POV

This is where i collided wid her yesterday. Well she hasnt come for walk it seems. Why am i thinking abt her?? Do i want to meet her??

Still in his thoughts manik sat down on a bench and dhruv kept observing him.

Manik’s POV
She really was weird. She took me to her house without even knowing me properly. Thats so careless of her. But i could also have said no ryt. But then y didnt I. Maybe am overthinking it. She said she was a big fan, will she come to the concert. ? Manik man stop thinking abt her.

He ordered his mind and resumed his walk. Dhruv had by now figured that this was the place where his buddy met nandini. He was happy to see his frnd taking a girl he once met so seriously. He happily went back to hotel as he had got what he wanted.

At nandu’s house.

Our regular early bird was today fast asleep. Navu also didnt wake up nandu as she knew nandu doesnt sleep so late often. She let nandu have some rest and went to kitchen.
When our early bird opened her eyes she became and angry bird . shouted at herself for sleeping so late and missing her daily walk.
Well walk did remind her of something.
That lucky moment of life when she met
her favourite singer. How she collided and cursed herself for that. a small smile decorated her angelic face. Navu came in
with coffee and informed nandu that izzie
and eddie have gone out for the entire weekend.

Nandu: am gonna kill those idiotic love

Navu: thats y they didnt tell u personally.so whats the plan for today.

Nandu: nothing.

Navu: lets go shopping

They both freshned up and got ready for shopping.

Shopping fun and dhruvni meeting.

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Credit to: neha

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